Welcome the new season through the Cycle of Spring Concerts in Benitatxell!

Welcome the new season through the Cycle of Spring Concerts in Benitatxell!

The arrival of spring doesn’t just bring us more pleasant temperatures, it also means the arrival of interesting activities like the 13th Cycle of Spring Concerts in Poble Nou de Benitatxell. Every Saturday in March, at 8pm, you will have the chance to enjoy some live music at the Santa María Magdalena church where the Marina Alta orchestra got this musical month off to the best start with their tribute to Mozart.

The music genres that attendees will enjoy are undoubtedly varied: the programme offers traditional, with regional music heard in celebrations, more classical music, and modern sounds like jazz.

After the Marina Alta Orchestra concert, on the 9th March, there is something a bit different – the 7th Young Performers Competition. This contest aims to boost the interest of Benitatxell’s young people in music and the study of music.

On Saturday 16th March, the saxophone quartet Púrpura Dansa will fill the Santa María Magdalena church with the music of famous composers such as Grieg, Dvorak, Valero-Castells and Piazzolla. The quintet Reversió Grup brings the traditional sound of the dulzaina to the present day, accompanied by piano and percussion.

The 30th March brings the turn of local music from the Costa Blanca with two-step pieces and music from the Festivals of Moors and Christians. Finally, the municipal music group of Santa María Magdalena will be responsible for saying farewell to the 13th Cycle of Spring Concerts in Benitatxell.

If you want to stay up to date with all the news about events taking place close to Cumbre del Sol Residential Resort, follow our blog… and you won’t miss a thing! Every month we highlight the most relevant events so that you can choose the plans which suit you best.

Taste Moscatel wine with all 5 senses

Taste Moscatel wine with all 5 senses

If there is anything that truly characterises the Costa Blanca, it’s the excellent quality of life and wellbeing provided by the warm Mediterranean climate, as well as its rich culture and varied gastronomy, all of which are a big attraction both for tourists and for inhabitants of the area.

Thanks to its weather conditions, it’s no surprise that on the Costa Blanca there is a great wine tradition which brings together wines of very different characteristics. Among these, the production of Moscatel wine stands out. Made with the Moscatel grape, it is one of the most characteristic wine varieties in the Marina Alta region. If you would like a unique experience and the chance to discover one of the most deep-rooted traditions in the area, don’t hesitate! Throw yourself into a route that will take you to taste Moscatel with all five senses.

Live this experience on a guided walking tour on which you will learn techniques for the cultivation and collection of grapes from professionals in the sector and taste the best examples from the region.

This route, created by the BioMoscatell project along with farmers from the area, aims to create a comprehensive experience in which visitors don’t only taste Moscatel wine, they immerse themselves in the process of creating this delicious wine by employing all five senses.

Through sight and touch, you will experience the pruning and collection of the grapes in an unrivalled environment with views of the Mediterranean.

Through taste and smell, you will savour products derived from Moscatel and participate in a tasting of wine and Mistela in the Benitatxell Municipal Market.

So, what about the fifth sense? Through sound, you will hear the magical sounds of nature which surround the vineyards and the process of grape collection.

If you want to enjoy an unforgettable day, don’t miss this unique experience! It costs €35 and takes place from February to May, from 11:00 to 14:30. Routes are offered in English, Spanish, and Valencian. To book your place or get more information, send an email to info@moscatell.org or call directly on 615 398 238 or 96 649 35 46. Savour the tastes of the Costa Blanca! 😊

Discover Benitatxell’s delicious dishes

Discover Benitatxell’s delicious dishes

Gastronomy is one of the Costa Blanca’s main attractions; enjoying the famous Mediterranean diet, which is so rich and varied when it comes to rice, meat, fish, seafood, vegetables, and fruit is a big attraction not only for tourists but also for residents of the area, including those in Cumbre del Sol Residential Resort! Join us on a tour of Benitatxell’s typical dishes.

One of the most common dishes in Benitatxell is puchero. This is a type of stew with meat and different vegetables, typically presented in three courses. The first is the broth of the stew, accompanied by rice or noodles. Second, the meat and vegetables used to make the stew. Lastly, you will be served a sweet “ball” made from sugar, almond, sweet potato, cinnamon, and lemon. Although puchero is a typical dish in the area, this sweet dessert gives the dish its local touch, as it is only made in Benitatxell. This dish is normally enjoyed with family on Sundays or bank holidays and is very common at Christmas time.

Coca is typical in Mediterranean cuisine, also found in the region of Marina Alta. Its creation begins with flour, water, oil, and salt, and this dough is then accompanied by different ingredients. The most typical in the area are anchovies, pepper, onion, and aubergine.

Fish is a must in this coastal region and if there is one typical dish from Benitatxell’s fishing traditions, it’s cruet. This is made with rock fish, a typical fish in the area which adds a distinct and intense flavour, accompanied by potatoes and tomato. Other seafood dishes to sample in Benitatxell are arroz a banda, rice with cuttlefish, and octopus puchero, though these are not exclusive to the municipality and can be enjoyed throughout the entire Mediterranean area.

A typical product of the area is broad beans, known more often in the region as faves thanks to the influence of the Valencian language. The beans are used to make dishes such as rice with broad beans or the famous faves sacsades in which the beans are accompanied by sautéed vegetables with poached eggs, cold meat, and rice. A good way to discover some of the area’s typical dishes made with broad beans is by attending the Wine and Broad Beans Festival, held every year in April, in which these beans take centre stage. There are talks and a tapas fair to tell people about this local product and the different ways in which it is used.

As with all types of cuisine, sweet treats are a must! One of the most well known in the area are pasteles de boniato (sweet potato cakes), which have a similar shape to empanadillas but a very sweet flavour. It’s very common to see these around Christmas time.

Buñuelos (doughnuts) are another of the area’s typical sweet dishes. They are made with pumpkin mixed with flour and have a distinctive ring shape. They are normally served with sugar or chocolate sauce and can be found at fairs and markets such as the Christmas Market on the 16th December.

Caspell is another sweet dish which is typical in the area, made with flour, oil, muscatel raisins, and almond sugar.

If your taste buds are tingling and you would like to taste the typical dishes in Benitatxell for yourself, visit the restaurants in the area. For example, at Restaurant La Cumbre in Cumbre del Sol Residential Resort, you will always find high quality, local products. And, if you don’t want to miss out on the news and latest events in the area, follow our blog and our social media channels!

The Three Wise Men are coming to Benitatxell!

The Three Wise Men are coming to Benitatxell!

Christmas is still in the air! And, in Benitatxell, this year it’s more noticeable than ever: in addition to the programme of events, the Reyes Association has been formed once more, aiming to fill Benitatxell’s streets and houses with magic. Something new for this year is the creation of a tent in Plaça de les Pesqueres which aims to encourage the participation of residents and will become a meeting point during this special time.

This Christmas period, it’s all about the little ones in the house! On the 2nd January, children can give their letters to the messenger who will send them to the Three Wise Men so that they can get the presents ready in time.

The Three Wise Men will arrive in Benitatxell on Saturday 5th January at 6:30pm. Their route will begin at the town hall and they will be accompanied by all those who want to join them to the Plaça de les Pesqueres where they will give out presents for the little ones. Since we are all young at heart, don’t miss this parade! Benitatxell is home to people from all over the world and Three Kings Day is a memorable event and a time to appreciate one of the most important Spanish traditions. It’s an experience which must be enjoyed at least once in a lifetime!

In addition, here at VAPF we believe that while Cumbre del Sol Residential Resort is a spectacular place to live all year long, during the Christmas period its magic is clearer than ever. Come to enjoy it with us!

Third edition of our Cumbre del Sol Residential Resort magazine now available

Third edition of our Cumbre del Sol Residential Resort magazine now available

One of our goals is to keep the residents of Cumbre del Sol Residential Resort up to date with what’s going on and with the events happening in the community. That’s why we decided to create this magazine… and we’re now on our third issue!

The Cumbre del Sol Residential Resort magazine comes out once every six months, so we have lots to tell you! In this third issue you’ll find detailed information about our Lirios Sunrise development of luxury properties as well as a preview of the Montecala Gardens apartments, something new for 2019.

In this issue, you will also find an article about our Corporate Social Responsibility department and the actions we have carried out in this field, the main organisations we collaborate with, and why we dedicate a large part of our efforts to the different causes that we are involved with.

Of course, we’ll also be telling you about the best events we have experienced over the last few months: we’ll remember the magic of Saint John’s Eve in Cala Moraig, the Belgian National Day party in Restaurant La Cumbre, and the 2nd Classic Car Rally. You’ll also find information about the opening of our new office, VAPF Store Moraira, because we want to be closer to you! There was also the fantastic party for the inauguration of our Blue Infinity luxury apartments in which we welcomed the new owners in this development and enjoyed music and the wonderful views of the Mediterranean Sea.

In addition, this Christmas we invite you to participate in the 2nd Cumbre del Sol Residential Resort Christmas Decoration Contest.

In this third issue of the magazine, we also talk about the different services that you can find in the area of Cumbre del Sol, such as Restaurant La Cumbre and Costa Blanca Expeditions excursions. You can also find out about changes at the Lady Elizabeth international school: the new secondary school campus facilities and the new headmaster, Chris Akin – read all about him in the interview we prepared for the magazine! You’ll also get to know Candy Cantillon, owner of VIP Salon in Cumbre del Sol, who did an interview with us about her career and the beauty services she offers.

Download the digital version of our magazine or pick up your print copy from our offices or other locations around Cumbre del Sol Residential Resort.

And, if you want to stay up to date with all our news, follow us on social media or subscribe to our newsletter by emailing us at cumbredelsol@vapf.com with the subject line “Subscribe to newsletter”, indicating your full name, telephone number and address as well as the email where you want to receive the newsletter.

Benitatxell’s programme of Christmas events fills the area with magic

Benitatxell’s programme of Christmas events fills the area with magic

Immerse yourself in the magic of Christmas in Benitatxell! This year, December’s calendar will be full of Christmas events. The programme kicked off on the 8th December with the opening of the Nativity scene and the decorating of the Christmas tree and, from here on out, Benitatxell is offering a huge variety of Christmas activities. In many, music is the star of the show! For example, on the 12th December, don’t miss the performance by the Benitachell Christian Fellowship Evangelical Church choir, which will be taking place at 11am in the Plaça del Mercat. Later that day, at 7pm, there will be a concert by the Costa Blanca Male Voice Choir in the church.

In addition to music, this holiday season also has room for sports! On the weekend of the 14th to the 16th December, the Christmas Padel Tournament will be taking place in the La Font sports centre.

On the 16th December, don’t miss the much-awaited Christmas Market on Calle Mayor and Calle la Pau. There will be a variety of stalls where you can find everything from food to jewellery and clothes. The market will run from 10am until 2pm, during which time there will be something for everyone, such as activities and workshops for the little ones. Don’t miss the children’s batucada by the Music School at 11:30am or the traditional “Burreta de Nadal”, the Christmas donkey, accompanied by la Colla “La Llebetjà”. If you love Christmas markets, why not also make the most of this time of year to explore some of the best in the area?

Music lovers, don’t forget the Music and Dance School performances from the 17th to the 19th December at 7pm, taking place in the school itself. Similarly, on the 19th December at 3pm in the church, pupils in the international Lady Elizabeth School choir will be performing their Christmas concert.

On the 24th December at 5pm, Benitatxell will receive a special visit from Santa Claus and his elves, with a parade from Avenida de Alicante to Calle Mercado.

Then, on the 27th December at 7:30pm in the Plaça de les Pesqueres, there will be a fun Christmas snack time with activities as well as a performance by Wendo the Magician at 8:30pm.

On the 28th December at 7:30pm, don’t miss the Festival “Canta a la Navidad” in the church, with Christmas carols and poems. On the same day, also at 7:30pm, you can attend the award ceremony for the Nativity Scene contest. This will be an exciting moment, as the inhabitants of Benitatxell have displayed their most creative sides. In fact, the participants can choose whether they want the Nativity scene to be visited by the general public.

On the 29th December at 7pm, there will be a Christmas Circus and the comedy musical “Mi Prima Americana” will bring the programme of Christmas events to a close on the 30th December at 7pm.

While Cumbre del Sol Residential Resort is already the perfect place to be all year round, thanks to its Mediterranean climate and views of the sea, just imagine being here during the most magical time of year! Celebrate the holiday season in your own paradise on the Costa Blanca.