We celebrated the most magical night of the year in Cala del Moraig

We celebrated the most magical night of the year in Cala del Moraig

Last Saturday, we had the chance to experience the most magical night of the year at Chiringuito Cala de Moraig. Almost 100 neighbours came together to enjoy a spectacular dinner and dance at an event characterised by traditional rituals which leaves bad omens behind and attracts good luck.

In addition, to make this celebration an even more memorable event, Cala del Moraig turned white: a colour of good luck which made for some stylish, ethnic looks.

This magical night also coincides with the Pagan Summer Solstice festival, which is normally the shortest night of the year. From this date onwards, the days start to become shorter, and the nights longer.

As with any event, food became the star of the show thanks to a delicious dinner in the Chiringuito Cala de Moraig, with tasty starters which amazed attendees. When it came to the main course, both those who ordered fresh tuna with vegetables and those who ordered Iberian sirloin with mushroom sauce, were delighted. After dinner, there was a dance which ended with a toast at the end of the night.

Here at VAPF Group, as well as organising the event, we wanted to be present on such a special evening and celebrate with our neighbours in the Cumbre del Sol Residential Resort.

A touch of humour came from a fun photo session full of laughter thanks to some attention-grabbing accessories: hats, umbrellas, and masks which gave us some fun photos as a souvenir of the night.

We hope that we’ll be able to get together again to enjoy a magical Saint John’s Eve next year, and that this celebration will become a tradition for our community of neighbours.

Live in Cumbre del Sol and connect with nature

Live in Cumbre del Sol and connect with nature

The Cumbre del Sol Residential Resort is a paradise for the senses, not just because of its proximity to the sea and impressive views of the Mediterranean, but also its strategic location for nature lovers and all those who want to enjoy the outside world as much as they can.

From Cumbre del Sol, you’ll have a wide variety of options through which to connect with nature. There are cycling routes, activities such as diving, and various hiking routes. It also enjoys close proximity to Granadella Natural Park, a location that any nature lover would be glad to have nearby.

In terms of cycling routes, there are several options with differing levels of difficulty. One of the most popular routes, which is suitable for beginners, is known as the Abiar-Los Molinos route. It’s ideal to do with the family, since it enables you to discover the wonderful landscapes in the zone furthest from the coastline. On this route you’ll see the fields of vineyards and other crops, as well as typical agricultural constructions such as riuraus. This route is circular, starting and ending at the Calle del Mercado, is 6km long, and normally takes around 30 minutes to complete.

Another of the cycling routes in the area is known as Calistros. It is fairly similar to the previous route, though of a shorter distance: it is 3.85km long and takes around 20 minutes. The starting point for this route is also at the Calle del Mercado, and it is circular, ending at this same location. This route is close to the town centre, and allows you to discover the area’s rural surroundings.

More experienced cyclists will enjoy the Puig Llorença Route. This route is 9.4km long, with an approximate duration of 90 minutes. The difficulty comes from the steep incline, but the route is worth doing since it’s the perfect excuse to enjoy the coastal area by bike while you admire the huge cliffs. This route begins and ends in the same place as the previous two.

Here at VAPF Group we’d like to remind you of the importance of respecting, whether we’re walking or cycling, both other people enjoying the routes as well as the fauna and flora we find on our way.

This part of the Mediterranean Coast is well known for its underwater beauty, and there are different snorkelling and scuba diving routes to go on here. One of the snorkelling routes is found in the cove at the Playa del Moraig beach, where diving fans will be able to enjoy the different species of animals in the area: the Ornate wrasse, sea urchins, and even sea bass. Another possible route is in Cala Llebeig, considered one of the most beautiful coves along the Costa Blanca coastline. On this easy route you’ll find marine species such as sea bass and striped seabream. One of the most famous snorkelling routes in the area is known as Testos, since it is in the cove of the same name. The difficulty level is medium, and you’ll have the chance to see species from starfish to fish such as the sargo.

If you’re a more experienced scuba diver looking to go on an underwater route, there’s the one at Raco de I’illot, inside the Cova del Arcs cove on Moraig beach. Experts advise choosing to go in the afternoon when there is shade in the area, with the use of a torch.

Hiking lovers can also choose from a variety of routes on which to connect with nature. The most well known is undoubtedly the “Ruta de los Acantilados” or “Cliff Route”. This trail is ideal for enjoying the spectacular sea views as well as discovering the old caves used by fisherman. It’s linear and takes around an hour, so completing the walk and returning to the same starting point would take around two hours in total. The route is 4km long and begins from the car park above Cala del Moraig. Another option is the Falla del Moraig route, whose name comes from the monument at the end of the trail. On this walk, which is only 276 metres long, the most spectacular feature is the chance to see the entire Moraig beach with the Cap de la Nau in the background. A difficult route, the ruta dels Testos, takes place in what is known as the Barranc de l’Infern. The distance of this route is 500m one way, and if we take into account the return journey, it would take around 40 minutes to complete. On the last section of this route, it is necessary to use ropes to make the final descent safely. The Abiar-Abastros route is fairly similar to the one mentioned previously which is completed by bike, though on foot it would take around two hours.

To connect with nature, there’s nothing purer or more special than a walk through Granadella Natural Park, within easy distance of Cumbre del Sol. A true paradise for the senses and the perfect place to breathe in the fresh air and indulge in your love of the Mediterranean Sea views.

We are launching the second issue of our magazine, Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol

We are launching the second issue of our magazine, Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol

We are delighted to announce that the second issue of our magazine, Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol, has just been released. Discover the latest news from Cumbre del Sol! Our first issue included an interview with Vicente Mestre, our sales and marketing director, he is back to welcome you in this issue.

What’s more, we also talk about the Blue Infinity luxury apartments. We can already let you know that by now block A is finished and that we have started to give the keys to some of the new owners, which means we are also welcoming new neighbours.  Block B has some new features in comparison with block A, such as the choice of a breakfast bar or a table in the kitchen.

One of the main objectives of the magazine is to update you briefly on what has been going on over the last six months. That’s why in this issue you’ll find an article dedicated to our Christmas decoration contest, which was very popular with our neighbours. You’ll also find an article on the extension of the Lady Elizabeth School.

Although we’ve already talked about it on the blog, you’ll also find more information on our first tree day which was held on the 27th April. This issue also includes a brief summary of the inauguration of the tennis courts and of the restaurant “Como en casa”.

Furthermore, in this issue you’ll be able to read our interview with Josep Femenia, mayor of Poble Nou de Benitatxell, in which he underlines the importance of Cumbre del Sol for the town.

You’ll also discover the upcoming events taking place at the Cumbre del Sol Residential Resort, among them, the Belgian festivities on the 21st July and the classic car rally on the 29th July.

If you’re interested in reading our new issue, it is available in both digital and printed format. You’ll find it at our offices, at the supermarket Pepe La Sal, in the stores of the Adelfas shopping centre, at the restaurant La Cumbre as well as at the beach bars Como en casa and Cala Moraig. We hope you’ll find it interesting!

A greener future at Cumbre del Sol

A greener future at Cumbre del Sol

Recycling is one of the best ways to help the environment, and something in which we can all do our bit.

In the Lirios area of the Cumbre del Sol Residential Resort, a new green point has been installed next to the shopping centre. The Councillor for Benitatxell has promoted this initiative, which will both encourage recycling and facilitate the process, and it will be exclusively for the use of residents of the Cumbre del Sol Residential Resort.

A green point is a collection point for different types of waste which is managed by the Council. It enables residents to deposit their household waste in specific containers. There is one for lightweight plastic packaging, cans, and cartons; one for paper and cardboard; one for glass; one for organic material; and one for garden waste. The council has opted to close the area. To access the containers, you must present a request proving that you live in the Cumbre del Sol Residential Resort. Once it is approved, you will be given a key for personal use with which to access the enclosed area.

On the packaging of the majority of the products we buy, there is a round, green symbol which indicates that the packaging can and should have a cycle of recovery and recycling. This allows the reuse of the materials used to make it. It appears on products such as water bottles, cans of soft drink, jars of cream, milk cartons, washing powder packaging…

Residents of Cumbre del Sol are fully aware of the importance of recycling and are putting a great deal of effort into separating waste. The council has installed a sign at the entrance of the green point which offers a detailed explanation on how to use the facilities and which materials go in each container.

Furthermore, the green point in Cumbre del Sol helps to improve the urban image of the municipality. Promoting these initiatives is a positive measure which creates savings and is beneficial for the neighbours, the environment, and the municipality.

A new and dynamic headmaster with global experience will begin a new chapter at the Lady Elizabeth School

A new and dynamic headmaster with global experience will begin a new chapter at the Lady Elizabeth School

After a worldwide search for a new Head of School for one of the most outstanding international schools in Spain, the International Schools Partnership is pleased to announce the appointment of Chris Akin as new headmaster of The Lady Elizabeth school. Chris will take up this new post in September this year, when the secondary school’s new campus in Cumbre del Sol, Benitachell, is inaugurated – the perfect time to begin a new chapter in the life of this great school.

Regional Director of Europe, Nick Rugg, said: “Chris joins us with a wealth of international leadership experience. He is currently the Head of Beijing City International School and has previous Headship and Senior Leadership experience in countries as diverse as Peru, Indonesia, Ecuador, Paraguay and Switzerland. His wife is Peruvian and they have two teenage children. Chris was the standout candidate in our search and will be a real asset to the School, to ISP and to the whole learning agenda.”

During his interview, Chris met a cross-section of the school community, including the management team, teaching and non-teaching staff, and some of the pupils. It was a unanimous decision and everyone is looking forward to Chris and his family becoming part of the strong Lady Elizabeth family.

When asked about his new role, Chris said: “I am delighted to be joining The Lady Elizabeth School, as Head of School, this September!  During my visit for interviews I saw a thriving and very busy learning community – with wonderful and warm relationships between students and teachers, a clear and evident focus on learning and support for each and every student.  The clearest indicator of the health of a school is how happy the students and staff are to be there, and that is exactly what you find when you visit LES.  Sandra and I look forward to calling LES our home for our next exciting chapter in our lives!”

If you choose to live in one of our houses in Cumbre del Sol, you will be offering your children the opportunity to attend one of the best schools in the world, with a new headmaster who, thanks to his great experience, will help them to guarantee themselves a prosperous future.

Enjoy Saint John’s Eve at chiringuito Cala de Moraig

Enjoy Saint John’s Eve at chiringuito Cala de Moraig

If you want to enjoy a unique and magical Saint John’s Eve, come to celebrate it at Chiringuito Cala de Moraig. Take advantage of the occasion to get together with friends and family, or to celebrate this magical night getting to know your neighbours in the Cumbre del Sol Residential Resort. We hope to see you here with us on the evening of the 23rd June to enjoy a wonderful dinner with sea views, to dance, and to unwind as you listen to the sound of the waves.

As the longest day of the year, Saint John’s Eve is one of summer’s most magical times – so there’s no excuse not to go out and enjoy it. This is also the very first Saint John’s Eve to be celebrated at Chiringuito Cala de Moraig.

If you don’t want to miss this spectacular event, come to spend it with us at Chiringuito Cala de Moraig. The event will begin at 8:00pm with a welcome drink and a gift. An hour later, at 9:00pm, dinner will be served. There will be the following dishes to share:

Goat’s cheese salad with duck ham

Smoked cod served on a bed of tomato

Grilled calamari with green sauce


For the main course, attendees can choose from:

Fresh tuna with vegetables

Iberian sirloin with mushroom sauce


And, for dessert, there is:


Seasonal fruits.


Water and half a bottle of wine (Rueda White, Navarra Rosé, or Sangre de Toro Red) are also included. After dinner, at 11pm, the dance will begin, before we add the final touch to this magical night with a toast at midnight.

To make this event even more special, there’s also a dress code: to dress in white. In many places this is considered a ritual while in others, it has become a tradition.

Given that the maximum capacity is 80 people, attendees will need to make an advance payment of 40 euros per person. We recommend booking your place as soon as possible either at Chiringuito Cala de Moraig, or via bank transfer. Request our account details at the email address com@yater.es to make your payment. To book your place, it will also be necessary to send the names of the attendees and their choice of main course in the same email. As places are limited, it is important to send your email and make your payment before the 20th June. See you there!