Opting for a Life at Cumbre del Sol: A Wonderful Decision for Felice and Tina

Opting for a Life at Cumbre del Sol: A Wonderful Decision for Felice and Tina

At VAPF, we believe that our homeowners are the ones that know our developments best and for this reason, are the most suitable to describe how content they are with their lives at Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol. Today, we would like to introduce our French-speaking neighbours Felice and Tina.

At the time of this interview, they had already been enjoying this wonderful life on the Costa Blanca for three years. Besides the fact that Tina is Spanish, they decided to buy a house in Spain because of its kind residents and the laid-back lifestyle, but why did they choose Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol? “Because we like to enjoy these wonderful views, the tranquillity of this place, and the fact that we are close to everything. Plus, the people are very friendly”. It is also worth noting that the climate is perfect, as February is the only month in which you can really feel the cold and the sun shines almost every day. You can enjoy these natural surroundings at any time of the year, which is a real luxury.

As for VAPF, they consider it a unique opportunity as they were impressed by what was offered and by the trust that VAPF conveyed in launching this project. They have no regrets as this house is not just a summer home. They come here often, and as they’ve stated: “it’s much better than we had expected. We knew that the views were impressive, but we actually have so much more than that. We feel at home and get to watch a beautiful nature show unfold every day before our eyes: the sunrise, the sunset and the moon reflecting on the sea. It’s pure emotion and it’s extraordinary.” The house is perfect and VAPF offers unconditional support. Tine and Felice know that whatever they need is right at their fingertips. Their workers are very friendly, they react very quickly to help us, and its notable that “they offer on-going support from the beginning to the end of the construction process, and even afterwards. Language is also not a problem because of the multilingual service they offer.”

It’s not just about VAPF and its luxurious homes at Cumbre del Sol Residential Resort, but also about the natural surroundings and the history of the region. “We have gotten to know wonderful people and been introduced to a delicious gastronomy and a variety of activities. We never get bored.” The trails that we have at Cumbre del Sol and also those that are inland stand out. These paths allow you to walk along the coast and enjoy impressive views, but if you go a little further into the mountains, the landscape is completely different and just as beautiful. Tina loves both culture and history and she emphasises that this province is perfect for discovering Spain’s Arab-Muslim past as it is still very present. “The names are a good example: Benissa, Benitatxell, Benidorm and there are also traces of Spanish culture from past centuries, which is very interesting”.

Land activities are not the only options, as the Mediterranean Sea is another one of the area’s main attractions. At Cumbre del Sol, there are some wonderful coves that offer crystal-clear blue waters with nice temperatures all year round. You can also ride a jet ski or even a boat. One doesn’t have to go very far enjoy these activities and “we never get bored”.

To conclude, they explain that “you shouldn’t be hesitant about starting this new life on the Costa Blanca as VAPF looks after everything and takes care of every detail. They are very well organised and have a lot of experience.” The natural surroundings, the sea views and the house models meant that they couldn’t resist, but the final determining factor was VAPF. “To be able to enjoy this well-balanced life is priceless and if we had to do it all over again, we are sure we wouldn’t change a thing.”

If our resident testimonials have made you curious and you’re interested in discovering our luxury apartments and housing developments at Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol, then come and see for yourself! Just fill out this form to make an appointment and don’t forget to follow us on our social media networks to attend our events and keep up-to-date with all our news.

Enjoy Your Mornings at Kiosko del Sol

Enjoy Your Mornings at Kiosko del Sol

There are countless reasons to consider the Costa Blanca paradise on Earth. From its stunning beaches and coves to its moderate year-round temperatures, you will be absolutely captivated by all this area has to offer. Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol gives you the unique opportunity to make this paradise your home. Its exceptional position at the heart of the Costa Blanca, nestled between mountains and the Mediterranean Sea, means you’re always surrounded by the most beautiful sights. All our homes on the coast are a dream come true, ensuring that your day-to-day to will be just like a beachside holiday.

However, our neighbourhood is an idyllic setting thanks to much more than its gorgeous natural surroundings. Every detail was accounted for when building our luxurious homes and villas, ensuring that you are never lacking for anything. You will find every service and amenity you might need just a few minutes away from your home, such as a supermarket, a pharmacy, a hairdresser’s, as well as Michelin star restaurants and bars. That’s not all; there are also sports facilities, an equestrian centre, tennis courts and more! We even have your children in mind, as we’ve ensured they can have a first-rate education at one of the best international schools in Spain: The Lady Elizabeth School, which welcomes students from pre-school all the way to sixth form.

In addition, to fully ensure that everything you need is within reach, there is also the Kiosko del Sol. It has freshly baked bread every morning, as well as a wide selection of beverages, coffee, sandwiches and Germany delicacies. The establishment also provides an exclusive service for those who have busy mornings and still want to get a healthy meal in. The service allows you to save time by placing your order online and simply passing by the next day to pick it up without having to queue up. You can indicate any allergies beforehand, and even save money by opting for one of the two ‘LunchBox’ monthly meal plans. Save time and start your and your family’s day out on food that’s not only delicious but also nutritious.

All of this and more is at your fingertips at Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol. To stay up to date with all our latest news and never miss out on the events taking place around and in our wonderful neighbourhood, follow us on our social networks and regularly check our blog.

Discover all the Educational Benefits of the Lady Elizabeth School

Discover all the Educational Benefits of the Lady Elizabeth School

Living at Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol has many advantages: sunny days year-round, mild temperatures, impressive sea views and beautiful natural surroundings. However, those aren’t the only benefits of living in this idyllic setting. There is also a variety of services within your reach, everything from a supermarket to a pharmacy, as well as hairdresser’s, sports facilities and more. We’ve made sure that the very best is always in reach, which is why it is also important to us that this includes your children’s education. To ensure the best for your family, VAPF has a collaboration agreement with the International Lady Elizabeth School, which is one of the top international schools in Spain.

The school offers every stage of education, from pre-school to sixth form, which means children of all ages can receive a prestigious education and not have to change schools to continue their educational pathway. The Lady Elizabeth School is as international as our neighbourhood, with students from over 20 different nationalities. Classes are conducted in English, however, Spanish is compulsory until the age of 16, while other languages are given as main and extracurricular subjects.

If you want to learn more about this wonderful educational opportunity, then you’re in luck! The Lady Elizabeth School has different open days planned throughout the next few weeks, starting on the 4th of February. The open days aim to offer prospective students and parents more information on each educational stage. You can consult the schedule here.

Cumbre del Sol is an ideal place to live, not only because it’s a fantastic location where you can spend your day to day surrounded by beaches and nature, but also because its residents can benefit from the collaboration agreement that was signed by the Lady Elizabeth School and VAPF last year. Don’t hesitate any longer; join our community and start making the most of all the advantages we have in store for you.

For more information about our partnership with the Lady Elizabeth School, call 900 123 323 or send an email to telemarketing@vapf.com. If you do not live in this idyllic setting and are interested in finding the home of your dreams, as well as the best education for your children, don’t hesitate to fill out our contact form!

The magic of wintertime along the Costa Blanca

The magic of wintertime along the Costa Blanca

The cold, wind, and rain often make for a perfect wintertime plan: sofa, blanket, and a movie. Although we love to spend time at home with our loved ones, on the Costa Blanca you will have many other options, thanks to its average temperature of 18 °C and more than 300 days of sunshine a year. The climate is perfect to enjoy its landscapes and activities all year round. In summer it’s always easy to find a good plan; head for any of the dreamy coves that we have close by for a swim, either at midday or to enjoy the evening breeze. However, in winter you might have to get more creative, so we decided to compile a series of interesting plans for this time of year. Ready to discover them?

  • The most charming inland villages: You can visit them any time of the year, but their beautiful mountain landscapes, castles and old towns make these villages even more special during the wintertime. Here are some examples not far from home: Guadalest, Teulada and Polop de la Marina.
  • Jávea’s route of 15 lookout points: In winter we enjoy the coast in a much more leisurely and relaxed way, which allows us to contemplate the beauty of its landscapes. This is the perfect time to do this route and discover beaches like Granadella or Portitxol from up high. Don’t miss Cala Blanca or the Creu del Portitxol, with views of Cap Prim and one of Jávea’s most peaceful beaches, Cala Sardinera.
  • The most lovely museums: During the summer you can enjoy the nice weather by going for a swim in the sea or having a drink on the terrace, so we recommend that you take advantage of the chilly winter weather to visit those museums you have pending. There is something for everyone, such as the Chocolate Museum in Villajoyosa for those with a sweet tooth, the Comic Museum in Calpe, or the Abargues House Museum (Casa Museo Abargues) in Benissa, where you can travel back in time as it is a replica of a stately home from the 18th-19th centuries.
  • A 5-star plan: Winter brings with it new seasonal foods and what better place to taste them than in the best restaurants of the area? You are in luck, because our Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol is surrounded by Michelin Star restaurants. Which one do you want to try first?

As you can see, options for activities along the Costa Blanca are endless, regardless of the time of year. You can follow our blog and our social media accounts to get the most out of the area and find out about activities taking place both in the surrounding area and at Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol. We’ll see you soon!

The best photos you can take at Cumbre del Sol

The best photos you can take at Cumbre del Sol

There are two types of tourists: those who stroll and take in the surroundings, and then there’s those who go camera in hand, trying to find the best views for the perfect snapshot. The latter proudly share these moments with their friends and family on social media or keep the memories in a scrapbook to always remember. If you are a nostalgic person who loves to reminisce over photographs collected from all of your travels, we recommend you start viewing the Costa Blanca through the eyes of a tourist. Enjoy its dreamlike landscapes, there’s something for everyone: from beaches and coastal towns full of small white houses to heart-stopping skyscrapers and medieval castles with so much history. Get a pen and paper and write down all the exceptional spots just a few minutes away from your new home at Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol.

  • Cala del Moraig: You’ll find this wonderful cove at the foot of Cumbre del Sol, where we host many of our events throughout the year. Besides the beach, you can’t miss out on the Cova del Arcs, where you can take a breathtaking photo of the sea framed by the rocks.

File:Cala del Moraig del Poble Nou de Bernitatxell.JPG

  • Granadella natural park: 750 hectares just a few meters away from your home, this natural park is the perfect harmony of flora and fauna. It is an idyllic setting, with cliffs that have the most beautiful views of Mediterranean landscapes. See the blue of the ocean contrasting against the greenery of the land. You’ll find seabirds and birds of prey among its wildlife, as well as boars and foxes. In addition to all of this, you’ll also be able to capture traditional architectural structures like caves that were once used as a refuge, lime kilns, and ochre mines.
  • It’s all about the sea and lighthouses: The lighthouse in Denia is famous for its beauty. Its blue and white hues match its surroundings perfectly: the sea and the sky. And if we’re talking about lighthouses, then the one in Santa Pola is without a doubt one of the most visited ones in the province. It usually isn’t the focus of the photograph though, instead, sea views from its walkway is featured all over social media. Incidentally, if you’re visiting Santa Pola, then you can’t forget to go to Las Salinas, where there are real flamingos to catch on film.
  • The most modern and special architecture: The geometric and colourful La Muralla Roja in Calpe has been featured in many ad campaigns from internationally renowned brands, which is why you can’t miss out on having a snapshot of those pink walls in your collection. Your collection also needs to have photos of Benidorm’s highest skyscrapers. A piece of advice? The Cross lookout (el mirador La Cruz) is the best spot to capture the entire coast and the city’s most spectacular buildings according to photography-lovers.

  • Picturesque houses: Do you love bold colours or do you gravitate towards neutral tones? Either way, the multicoloured houses in Villajoyosa and Altea’s old town full of white-washed homes at the highest point of the city should definitely be in your film roll.
  • So much history: If the walls of Santa Barbara’s castle could talk… This fortress is both the star of many photographs and a star location to take photos of Alicante from great heights.
  • Your terrace: And why not? Wake up early and make the most of the sunrise; step out onto your terrace and take a photo of the view. Why not shoot a time-lapse too?

As you can tell, you live in an authentic paradise, surrounded by special landscapes which leave you no excuse to not take out your camera and take the best photos. Remember, our blog and our social media will keep you informed on all the novelties at Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol. Don’t forget to follow us!

Let’s Look After the Nature That Surrounds Cumbre del Sol Together

Let’s Look After the Nature That Surrounds Cumbre del Sol Together

Living at Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol, located between the sea and the mountains, you are immersed in a unique natural setting on the Costa Blanca. For this reason, we’d like to suggest some measures to take care of the environment and to preserve this earthly paradise that allows us to live out our dreams.

At VAPF, we know that the nature that surrounds us is important because, thanks to it, our residential complex has a special charm, which is also why it deserves to be looked after by all of us. That’s why we like to carry out actions to raise awareness among residents, such as our Day of the Tree, which we organised for the second consecutive year and during which we planted 100 trees with Lady Elizabeth School students and some neighbours. With this project, we want to have as many green areas as possible at Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol, but it’s also a way to make the youngest generations aware of the ecological challenges of our era and to instil values in them that include looking after and respecting the environment in which we live.

The climate at Cumbre del Sol is something we benefit from greatly because it is quite easy to grow trees in this region with a hot climate in the summer and a mild climate during the winter. Therefore, under the same principle just as our Day of the Tree, we invite you to plant different types of vegetation in your garden and take the opportunity to reconnect with nature.

To bring more vegetation and greenery to Cumbre del Sol, you can reorganise the outdoor spaces of your home to enjoy a good Mediterranean garden. To do this, you have to choose plants that don’t need a lot of water and are very resistant. It is also important to create shaded areas, which will allow them to be protected from the sun and where you can take a nap without getting too hot. In addition to the classic palm trees, you can plant pines, cypresses, eucalyptus, olive trees, arborvitaes, laurels, red shrubs…And to give it a slightly wilder touch, you can introduce some agaves, aloe vera plants and also cacti and succulent plants.

Once you have chosen the plants you like the most, you can add a little colour to your garden with lilies, daisies, lantanas, red valerian, gauras, hibiscus, gazanias, geraniums, African daisies or vincas. Another option is to dedicate a portion of your garden to cultivating aromatic plants. Some possible options are mint, thyme, oregano, basil or rosemary plants to season your dishes and enjoy an explosion of flavors. And for those who really have a green thumb, they can have their own vegetable patch.

We all must work together to take care of the environment and preserve this natural paradise, in order to live in harmony with nature. Moreover, if the little ones grow up with the values we pass down, there is no doubt that they will always take care of the environment that surrounds them as well. The Day of the Tree is already a tradition among all Lady Elizabeth School students and Cumbre del Sol residents, but we would also love to see all the villas with green oasis gardens that would offer lovely spring photographs. Let’s join together and help take care of our surroundings!