Join us for the opening of the new tennis courts at Cumbre del Sol Residential Resort!

Join us for the opening of the new tennis courts at Cumbre del Sol Residential Resort!

Living at Cumbre del Sol Residential Resort is an awakening for all five senses! Not only for the  wonderful weather we have, but also for its proximity to the ocean and the possibility of being in full contact with nature and its benefits year-round.

If you are already a resident here, you know that in addition to finding a wide range of services and facilities, Cumbre del Sol is the ideal place for those who lead a sporty lifestyle. In addition to being surrounded by a natural paradise that offers athletes infinite possibilities, the urbanisation has a complete sports facility, including the Cumbre del Sol Tennis and Paddle Courts. If you are a tennis lover, we have good news! The weekend of the 1st and 2nd of June we are inaugurating two new clay tennis courts on a special day that you don’t want to miss! We will be offering complementary wine to all attendees as we celebrate the 1st VAPF Tennis Tournament together.

Are you interested in participating int the tournament and putting your best serve to the test? All you have to do is send us an email to indicating your full name, email, telephone number, and the category that you’d like to participate in:

– Women’s Singles

– Men’s Singles

– Mixed Doubles

From VAPF, we encourage all our residents to participate in the VAPF Tennis Tournament, either as a player or attendee for the inauguration. These new courts are an indication that at Cumbre del Sol Residential Resort, we aren’t slowing down as we continue to grow and evolve every day in order to offer you, our neighbours, the best quality life. Don’t sit this one out. We’ll see you there!

Celebrate the II Day of the Tree with us at Cumbre del Sol Residential Resort

Celebrate the II Day of the Tree with us at Cumbre del Sol Residential Resort

If you live at Cumbre del Sol Residential Resort, we know besides enjoying the luxury and design of our homes, you also value living oceanfront, surrounded by nature and incredible views. This means that on May 21st, you have a date with us! Mark it in red on your calendar because you are invited to the 2nd Annual Day of the Tree at Cumbre del Sol Residential Resort!

During the event, we will plant around 150 trees with the collaboration of professors, 1st year students of the Lady Elizabeth International School, between 5 and 6 years old, VAPF workers, and all the residents who want to accompany us on this special day. We not only want to do our part in protecting the environment, we also want to help foster a connection between the neighbours, students, and workers at Cumbre del Sol Residential Resort with the nature that surrounds us. This is an important part in addition to reinforcing the message of respect for the world around us. We thought that the best way to do this would be through a gesture as simple but as effective as tree planting.

Last year, the 1st edition of the Day of the Tree took place, in which we also collaborated with Cumbre del Sol Residential Resort residents and the students of Lady Elizabeth School in planting 100 trees. This year we wanted to repeat the experience, as we think that these types of events are very important, considering that Cumbre del Sol is located in a unique natural enclave; a paradise along the Mediterranean ocean that we must work to preserve.

If you are interested in forming a part of this project and joining us on this special day, please confirm your attendance by sending an email to including: name, telephone number, and the number of people in your group. The location of the plantation and meeting will be sent to all those that have signed up via email. We can’t wait to see you!

Join us for the upcoming events at Cumbre del Sol Residential Resort!

Join us for the upcoming events at Cumbre del Sol Residential Resort!

Even though summer hasn´t official started yet, we are already celebrating at Cumbre del Sol! We have various events planned with the idea of fostering a sense of community that so well characterises Cumbre del Sol Residential Resort. Residents will have the chance to come together and participate in many activities. Make a note in your calendar so that you don’t miss any of them!

The first event will be the 2nd Annual Arbour Day at Cumbre del Sol Residential Resort, taking place on May 21st. It is such a privilege to live surrounded by nature. Therefore, at VAPF, we want to do our part by planting 100 trees at Cumbre del Sol. This will be an event in which both students of the Lady Elizabeth School and Cumbre del Sol neighbours will have the opportunity to connect with nature and learn about the importance of respecting and protecting the environment. Do not miss this opportunity! To participate, all you have to do is confirm your attendance by sending an e-mail with your information to

The first edition of the Colosos del Mediterráneo 2019 event will take place at the Moraira Yacht Club, from May 28 to June 1st. We will be also be sponsoring this event. It’s not to be missed if you are a lover of recreational fishing! It will follow a catch and release model, bringing together the best international fishermen and the largest fish of the Mediterranean.

Tennis lovers also have a date in their agenda. The first VAPF Tennis Tournament will take place the weekend of the 1st and 2nd of June, in which we will officially inaugurate the two new clay tennis courts at Cumbre del Sol.

At the end of June, the first Cumbre del Sol Photography Contest will take place, ideal for those whose hobby is photography and who want to capture the beauty of the area. Those interested should send an e-mail to to sign up and request more detailed information.

We celebrate the magical Noche de San Juan, on June 23rd, an event where we officially welcome summer with lively music and the best atmosphere around. All of our residents are invited, so if you want to be part of this annual tradition, just send us an e-mail confirming your attendance to cumbredelsol@vapfcom.

If you’d like to participate in one of our events, don’t hesitate! Sign up to join our large and active community of residents at Cumbre del Sol Residential Resort. We hope to see you there!

The Costa Blanca now has 84 Blue Flag beaches! Discover the ones closest to Cumbre del Sol!

The Costa Blanca now has 84 Blue Flag beaches! Discover the ones closest to Cumbre del Sol!

Summer is right around the corner and many of our residents have already kicked off the beach season. We are sure you are also ready to take advantage of the wonderful weather by the beach, so take note! The complete list of beaches and marinas awarded Blue Flags for 2019 is finally out. For one more year, Cumbre del Sol Residential Resort is surrounded by some of the most picturesque places to live your best life along the Mediterranean! How about a route along the main Blue Flag beaches in the area? Let’s go!

Before we dive in, do you know what it means to have a Blue Flag? This recognition is synonymous with quality, as there are a series of environmental and operational standards needed to receive the award. These standards are divided into 4 groups:

  • Environmental Education and Information
  • Water Quality
  • Environmental Management
  • Safety and Services

The Autonomous Community of Valencia leads once again in the Spanish ranking this year with a total of 135 Blue Flag beaches, three more than in 2018. In the Costa Blanca region alone, there are 71 beaches and 13 marinas with Blue Flags!

Cala Moraig, in Poble Nou de Benitatxell, is one of the most well-known beaches close to the Cumbre del Sol Residential Resort. This year, it has once again received a Blue Flag award, surpassing the requirements listed above and demonstrating that this area continues to be a little piece of paradise right at our front doorstep!

In Teulada, close to Cumbre del Sol, there are three Blue Flag beaches awaiting you: El Portet, L’Ampolla and Les Platgetes. Half an hour from Cumbre del Sol, you will discover Cala Fustera, in Benissa and if you continue towards Calpe, you will find three other blue flag beaches: La Fossa, Cantal Roig and Arenal Bol. Travelling south, a little over half an hour’s drive from Cumbre del Sol Residential Resort, you will find the picturesque town of Altea. Altea was awarded a new blue flag this year, bringing the total to three blue flags: La Roda, Cap Blanc and L’Espigó.

Now that you know all the major Blue Flag beaches in the Cumbre del Sol Residential Resort area, it’s time to go venture out and see them for yourself! Get your towels and beach bag and set out on a new adventure every day. Whether it be relaxing or taking part in one of the many water sports that are offered in the area, such as diving, snorkelling or kayaking; on the Costa Blanca you’ll find a new corner to fall in love with every day.

Remember that the beaches are not only ours to enjoy, but are also home to many different animal and plant species. Please be respectful of these beautiful natural landscapes so that they can continue to be a paradise available to everyone.

What our clients are saying about us: Discover what life is like at Cumbre del Sol

What our clients are saying about us: Discover what life is like at Cumbre del Sol

At VAPF, we specialize in luxury homes on the Costa Blanca; designer oceanfront apartments and villas surrounded by nature and close to internationally recognized municipalities such as Altea, Benissa, and Poble Nou de Benitatxell. We have over 55 years of experience in building and developing homes on the Costa Blanca, however, we believe our customers are our best spokespeople. Their satisfaction is our main priority, and it speaks directly to who we are.

Our work philosophy is that clients always come first and for this reason, we offer excellent customer service and personalized attention depending on your specific needs: multilingual services, extranet for customers, supplier management, keyholding, etc.

As we are dedicated to our customers, their opinions matter greatly to us and we want you to discover who we are through them. Therefore, we are sharing some of the homeowners’ testimonials that describe what their experience has been like living on the Costa Blanca and how they turned their dreams into a reality.

If you’re looking for a new home, but undecided about the location, Paul and Beatrice’s review will interest you. The Breton couple was busy looking for a summer home in Andalusia, when they fell in love with the Cumbre del Sol Residential Resort for its location, luxurious villas, and incredible ocean views. At first they thought this would be a seasonal home, but now their feelings have changed. They’ve opted to make their Lirios Design apartment their main home and return to France only for vacation. They knew they wanted a modern one-floor villa with all the conveniences and this is exactly what they have found in their home at Cumbre del Sol. Moreover, they tell us that they are thrilled with the layout, with its open dining room overlooking the sea and a terrace that allows them to admire beautiful sunrises and sunsets every day. They can even see Ibiza on very clear days.


Felice and Tina were sure about what they were looking for in a new home: quality, modern style, and a peaceful and tight-knit community. They didn’t want to be isolated and one of their biggest fears was discovering their dream home in an area with no development. In their testimonial, they discuss having found exactly what they needed with VAPF; a home surrounded by nature, perfect for any type of activity with family, friends and neighbours: horseback riding, hiking, scuba-diving, boat trips or even mountain biking trails. They describe the Cumbre del Sol Residential Resort as the perfect place to be close to both the mountains and water. They also confirm that the Costa Blanca is the ideal region to live in, due to the great cultural variety that has been passed down throughout its various periods of history. As Tina explains, two great examples are the region’s Arabic-Muslim history and the large number of archaeological remains found throughout the province. Moreover, Felice and Tina also emphasize that living at Cumbre del Sol Residential Resort means having enough personal space but also having all the possible services and amenities at your fingertips: the supermarket, hairdresser, and pharmacy, etc. You even have the possibility to enjoy some of the best cuisine in Spain, as several restaurants close by that hold Michelin Stars.


There is one thing that our homeowners’ testimonials have in common; they highlight the ideal location of our homes, the careful design and quality of our luxury villas and apartments, and our top-notch customer service. All agree that VAPF is synonymous with trust and that we have been able to satisfy all their wishes and needs. In their own words, “the company has great employees who are there to help you in any language and who understand your needs perfectly”. When discussing our comprehensive local and multilingual customer service, they highlight that “VAPF manages everything, from start to finish: from construction to the delivery of keys, as well as an ongoing service because after several years, the staff is still always there and ready to help.” If our customers have any problem, they call us and we solve the issue as quickly as possible.

Our homeowners describe their new life at Cumbre del Sol as the following: peaceful, private, modern, rejuvenating, and an all-around good quality life. If they had everything to do over again, they wouldn’t change a thing nor trade in anything about their life on the Costa Blanca. As they’ve stated so beautifully: “Your well-being is priceless!”

All our homeowners agree: whether you are looking for a regular residence or a secondary home to escape the everyday routine, you won’t be able to resist the charms of the Costa Blanca and its warm Mediterranean weather, giving you the opportunity to make the most of your life year round. If you want to discover for yourself what life is like at Cumbre del Sol Residential Resort, please fill out our contact form!

Enjoying sport and exercise at Cumbre del Sol Residential Resort

Enjoying sport and exercise at Cumbre del Sol Residential Resort

For outdoor sports lovers, one of the great advantages of living on the Costa Blanca is the warm Mediterranean climate and the abundant hours of sunshine. Living at the Cumbre del Sol Residential Resort is a paradise for those who value having many sport options close to home. If sport is your thing, we’re here to tell you about all the possibilities!

If you love biking, Cumbre del Sol Residential Resort is your place! Cycling fans likely already know this region, as it has formed part of the Tour of Spain on several occasions. You can make use of the various cycling trails available close to the development, as well those in the surrounding areas. Options for cyclists are endless; the Cumbre del Sol location is unbeatable for its natural surroundings and the main national parks in the area. For users with a different fitness level, you will find two perfect trails: the Puig Llorença and the Calistros-Abiar trails from Benitatxell. The more experienced cyclists will also find more challenging routes, like the one that reaches the Font de la Mata.

Racquet lovers will feel right at home on the Cumbre del Sol Tennis and Paddle courts, also where the Dylan Mary Tennis Academy is located. The owner, Dylan, has extensive experience in the sector and teaches classes adapted to different ages and levels. There are classes for toddlers from ages 2 to 3; a great way for them to come in contact with their first sport, elite training programs for teenagers who are looking for intensive preparation, as well as classes for adults. In addition, tennis and paddle tennis tournaments are organized for those looking for a challenge and a little competition. If you’d like to be informed about upcoming tournaments, write to us at

For those who enjoy hiking, the Costa Blanca offers a variety of trails. One of the most well-known trails is the Ruta de los acantilados (The Cliff Route), where you can enjoy unique ocean views starting from the Cala del Moraig, a stone’s throw from the Cumbre del Sol Residential Resort. For this sport, all you need are comfortable clothes and shoes. Put on your boots and begin your adventure!

Water sports fans will find their favorite place to swim and practice their scuba diving skills at the Cala del Moraig. In fact, there are several diving routes for all levels. One of the most unique routes is the Cueva de los Arcos, made for mid-level divers where you can observe the incredible marine ecosystem of the area, from moray eels to octopus. Remember, you don’t have to wait for summer to arrive to enjoy the water! With the warm temperatures on the Costa Blanca and a good wetsuit, you can enjoy the water 365 days a year.

If you are looking for a place to practice golf and improve your strokes, you are in luck! Jávea Golf Club is located less than 20 minutes from Cumbre del Sol. Though its fairway containing 9 holes, on the back nine many holes are played from different tees, essentially turning it into a fairway with 18 holes.

If horseback riding is your thing, you will be able to train at any time thanks to the Cañada del Sol equestrian centre, where they offer excursions as well as horseback riding classes. A great way to enjoy the wonderful weather of the area!

If you’re a sports lover, you’ll have everything you need at Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol to practice your sport of choice. If you want to keep up-to-date with all the latest news events going on in the area, stay tuned to our blog and social networks. We hope to hear from you!