“Fira i Porrat de Sant Antoni” 2019 in Benissa

“Fira i Porrat de Sant Antoni” 2019 in Benissa

Cumbre del Sol Residential Resort is part of the municipality of Benitatxell and boasts a perfect location in the north of the Costa Blanca, thanks to both the impressive views of the sea and the proximity to Benissa and other main cities in the area. Here, there is always an event going on! This January, you can’t miss the “Fira i Porrat de Sant Antoni” in Benissa, which has been named a local fiesta of tourist interest. It is a Valencian festival tradition whose origins are found in worshipping saints to ask for good harvests and the fertility of animals.

All those who love traditions have a date for their diaries! This unique event will be taking place from the 11th – 27th January, with a full schedule of events and a range of activities organised throughout the month.

If you still haven’t tried the area’s typical dishes, you’re in luck! From the 18th – 20th January you can go to the Wine Tunnel, a unique offering which provides the chance to sample several different wines and tapas dishes, while on Sunday 20th there is the spinach and cod paella competition.

As well as discovering new flavours, you’ll also be able to visit temporary exhibitions, stroll through the travelling craft fair, go up to some of the attractions, attend a concert or watch traditional dancing, go to a film screening, and even attend exhibitions of new and classic vehicles. If you would prefer to do some exercise before sampling the local cuisine, sign up to participate in Bicycle Day on the 20th, whose itinerary will take you all over the city.

The festivities don’t end this weekend! They will continue all next week, with Benissa travelling back in time on Friday 25th January to host the Medieval Market. Here, you will find over 40 stalls selling handcrafted items, workshops for children, a food zone, an Arabic souk, a puppet theatre, exhibitions, and even medieval performances. And, if you don’t find what you’re looking for here, you can also go to the animal fair, a concert, or Benissa’s museums, or even attend a Valencian Pilota match.

This fair is a fantastic opportunity to experience typical Valencian traditions in Costa Blanca North, with activities both for adults and the little ones, while you enjoy the area’s wonderful climate.

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Lady Elizabeth School: international education in Cumbre del Sol Residential Resort

Lady Elizabeth School: international education in Cumbre del Sol Residential Resort

Cumbre del Sol Residential Resort is the place you have always dreamed of: luxury homes in an enviable natural environment, with incredible views of the sea. It is also the perfect place for your family to begin a new life together, as you will have a range of leisure options, services, and facilities available to you. Among these, the Lady Elizabeth School, one of the best international schools in the country, stands out.

We spoke to several people who form part of the school’s community so that they could tell us about day-to-day life at this establishment and the work that is done there.

Jorge Huerga, who works here at VAPF, has a daughter who is studying at the Lady Elizabeth School. He tells us that as a father he is very happy, both with the teaching staff and with the educational project. He believes that the fact that English is the vehicular language is an educational advantage and will be key in his daughter’s future. In addition, he told us that the school makes sure that parents are kept informed about all events to do with the school via newsletters, through which parents receive first-hand information about the activities the pupils take part in: from events carried out with the participation of the school, such as the Day of the Tree, to excursions the pupils go on to other cities. For Jorge, the international environment is, without doubt, one of the main reasons which led him to choose the school for his daughter’s education.

For Ella Chard, mother of two pupils in the Lady Elizabeth School, one of the things that she values most in the education taught at the school is the fact that the subjects are all interrelated. In other words, in Primary Education they do not have subjects such as Maths or History; they study topics. For example, when it’s time to learn about the solar system, the pupils study all the subjects related to this topic. She believes that this is a fun way to learn which motivates the pupils and teaches them about connections within the world. In addition, she states that the fact that her daughters are growing up in the international environment offered by the Lady Elizabeth School offers numerous benefits for them. Ella is also president of a group of parents called LES Amigos and tells us that this association also helps to improve the environment at school, as both the pupils and their families stop being strangers to instead all become part of one community.

We also spoke to Juanco, one of the head boys at the school, who told us about the pupils’ opinion of the new facilities offered at the school, which “transmit a sense of modernity, order and seriousness”. Furthermore, he points out that the sporting facilities have helped to improve the pupils’ free time outside, which in the long term also leads to greater wellbeing.

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Discover Benitatxell’s delicious dishes

Discover Benitatxell’s delicious dishes

Gastronomy is one of the Costa Blanca’s main attractions; enjoying the famous Mediterranean diet, which is so rich and varied when it comes to rice, meat, fish, seafood, vegetables, and fruit is a big attraction not only for tourists but also for residents of the area, including those in Cumbre del Sol Residential Resort! Join us on a tour of Benitatxell’s typical dishes.

One of the most common dishes in Benitatxell is puchero. This is a type of stew with meat and different vegetables, typically presented in three courses. The first is the broth of the stew, accompanied by rice or noodles. Second, the meat and vegetables used to make the stew. Lastly, you will be served a sweet “ball” made from sugar, almond, sweet potato, cinnamon, and lemon. Although puchero is a typical dish in the area, this sweet dessert gives the dish its local touch, as it is only made in Benitatxell. This dish is normally enjoyed with family on Sundays or bank holidays and is very common at Christmas time.

Coca is typical in Mediterranean cuisine, also found in the region of Marina Alta. Its creation begins with flour, water, oil, and salt, and this dough is then accompanied by different ingredients. The most typical in the area are anchovies, pepper, onion, and aubergine.

Fish is a must in this coastal region and if there is one typical dish from Benitatxell’s fishing traditions, it’s cruet. This is made with rock fish, a typical fish in the area which adds a distinct and intense flavour, accompanied by potatoes and tomato. Other seafood dishes to sample in Benitatxell are arroz a banda, rice with cuttlefish, and octopus puchero, though these are not exclusive to the municipality and can be enjoyed throughout the entire Mediterranean area.

A typical product of the area is broad beans, known more often in the region as faves thanks to the influence of the Valencian language. The beans are used to make dishes such as rice with broad beans or the famous faves sacsades in which the beans are accompanied by sautéed vegetables with poached eggs, cold meat, and rice. A good way to discover some of the area’s typical dishes made with broad beans is by attending the Wine and Broad Beans Festival, held every year in April, in which these beans take centre stage. There are talks and a tapas fair to tell people about this local product and the different ways in which it is used.

As with all types of cuisine, sweet treats are a must! One of the most well known in the area are pasteles de boniato (sweet potato cakes), which have a similar shape to empanadillas but a very sweet flavour. It’s very common to see these around Christmas time.

Buñuelos (doughnuts) are another of the area’s typical sweet dishes. They are made with pumpkin mixed with flour and have a distinctive ring shape. They are normally served with sugar or chocolate sauce and can be found at fairs and markets such as the Christmas Market on the 16th December.

Homemade donuts with icing sugar powder on a wooden background

Caspell is another sweet dish which is typical in the area, made with flour, oil, muscatel raisins, and almond sugar.

If your taste buds are tingling and you would like to taste the typical dishes in Benitatxell for yourself, visit the restaurants in the area. For example, at Restaurant La Cumbre in Cumbre del Sol Residential Resort, you will always find high quality, local products. And, if you don’t want to miss out on the news and latest events in the area, follow our blog and our social media channels!

The Three Wise Men are coming to Benitatxell!

The Three Wise Men are coming to Benitatxell!

Christmas is still in the air! And, in Benitatxell, this year it’s more noticeable than ever: in addition to the programme of events, the Reyes Association has been formed once more, aiming to fill Benitatxell’s streets and houses with magic. Something new for this year is the creation of a tent in Plaça de les Pesqueres which aims to encourage the participation of residents and will become a meeting point during this special time.

This Christmas period, it’s all about the little ones in the house! On the 2nd January, children can give their letters to the messenger who will send them to the Three Wise Men so that they can get the presents ready in time.

The Three Wise Men will arrive in Benitatxell on Saturday 5th January at 6:30pm. Their route will begin at the town hall and they will be accompanied by all those who want to join them to the Plaça de les Pesqueres where they will give out presents for the little ones. Since we are all young at heart, don’t miss this parade! Benitatxell is home to people from all over the world and Three Kings Day is a memorable event and a time to appreciate one of the most important Spanish traditions. It’s an experience which must be enjoyed at least once in a lifetime!

In addition, here at VAPF we believe that while Cumbre del Sol Residential Resort is a spectacular place to live all year long, during the Christmas period its magic is clearer than ever. Come to enjoy it with us!

The Vuelta a España returns to Cumbre de Sol!

The Vuelta a España returns to Cumbre de Sol!

The Vuelta a España has revealed the route for their next edition, which will be returning, for the third time, to Cumbre del Sol. So, cycling lovers in the area have a date for their diaries: the 25th August.

Stage 2 of the Vuelta 2019, which begins in the locality of Benidorm and ends in Calpe, includes a stretch in Alto de Puig Llorença, in Cumbre del Sol. Unlike in previous years, on this occasion the cyclists will not ascend to the highest point of the mountain (400 metres) but will cycle up to 340 metres to then continue on to the city of Peñon de Ifach.

The climb up Alto de Puig Llorença to the highest point has been the end of this stage on two occasions, while in 2019 it will be an important section which will separate a peloton which has already travelled a great distance.

With just two appearances in the Vuelta a España, Cumbre del Sol has already become a legendary setting within the Spanish round; the cyclists who pedalled to victory in El Poble Nou de Benitatxell are highly successful: Tom Dumoulin and Chris Froome.

The victory of the Dutch national, in 2015, took place after an exciting final in which three cyclists (Joaquim Rodriguez, Chris Froome, and Dumoulin) were almost neck and neck with only 100 metres to go. Just when it appeared that British Froome would take the victory, Tom Dumoulin snatched it away at the last moment.

Two years later, in 2017, winner of four Tours Chris Froome showed that he had come to win. He led for 19 days of the 21 in total and in Cumbre del Sol he achieved a memorable triumph, reaching the line alone after a change of speed in the last kilometre.

With these events to look back on, we know that the Vuelta’s journey through Cumbre del Sol will bring us an exciting day of cycling. Here at VAPF, we already have the 25th August marked on our calendars!

We awarded the prizes for our 2nd Christmas Decoration Contest

We awarded the prizes for our 2nd Christmas Decoration Contest

Christmas has now completely taken over in Cumbre del Sol Residential Resort, not just because of the time of year, but because many of our neighbours have shown their more creative side by decorating their homes and filling them with colour and light. We are delighted with the results!

Here at VAPF, we want to thank all those who took part in this magical contest – it has filled our streets with Christmas spirit and allowed us to get together and share one of the most valuable things we can offer: time. For this reason, it was a real pleasure that we were all able to come together, both neighbours and those who work at VAPF, to give out the prizes for the best decorations.

This year, the level of all entries in the 2nd Christmas Decoration contest was high, so choosing our winners wasn’t easy. We love that our neighbours took our Christmas challenge so seriously! First prize for outside decoration went to Mr. and Mrs. Hough, second prize to Mr. and Mrs. Pálsson, third to Mr. and Mrs. Mussmann, and fourth to Mr. and Mrs. Schrijnemakers. Congratulations to all our winners! Again, many, many thanks to all those who took part.

All the winners received a Christmas hamper and the rest of the participants were also given a small token gift. While the prizes were being awarded, at Restaurant La Cumbre, we enjoyed a Christmas appetiser with all those who participated. It was, without doubt, the best way to celebrate this special time of year with our neighbours!

Here at VAPF, we would like to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy new year. We promise that there will be lots of new things to come in 2019… and we can’t wait to tell you about them!