Cumbre del Sol has all your needs covered

Cumbre del Sol has all your needs covered

Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol is so much more than just a residential development. This exclusive complex in Costa Blanca Norte has welcomed citizens from all over the world, creating a dynamic and lively community with an unconditional love of the sea, peace and tranquillity. Some come to enjoy the place for just a few weeks a year, while others spend longer periods here and many have made it their main residence.

Beaches, coves, mountains, golf courses, with towns and major cities a few kilometres away by car, and excellent connections with airports, ports and motorways. We have frequently mentioned the great communications at the residential complex, however, did you know that that it can cover practically all your needs? From the basic essentials to more specific services, you will find them all very close to your home in Cumbre del Sol. In this blog post we’ll tell you about all the things you can find in the streets there.


Health and wellbeing

Health is always paramount. And in the Cumbre del Sol pharmacy, in the Adelfas area, they will always provide you with guidance and advice to keep you healthy, as well as dispensing any medicines that you may need.

Next to the pharmacy you will find cardiologist Dr. Dobrucki’s clinic, and he is always at your service, providing therapeutic activities, diagnoses, and his clinic is also equipped with a hyperbaric chamber for treatment of numerous ailments.

And for a little pampering and a relaxing time, you can find just what you need in the Pure Wellness centres which are ideal for a relaxing massage as well as offering services that include manicure, microblading and laser depilation, and also a V.I.P. hairdressing salon.


Sport and education

At Lady Elizabeth School, future generations of Cumbre del Sol residents receive the best education available at one of the finest international schools in Spain. It provides a comprehensive education from infant classes to university entrance, covering the compulsory education syllabus from start to finish.

There are a host of outdoor sports activities to make the most of the excellent climate all year round, including the North Costa Blanca Padel Club and the Cumbre del Sol Horseback Riding Centre, not to mention the tennis and paddle courts that are part of the residential development. However, for enjoying the outdoors there is nothing like one of the hiking trails nearby (the Clifftops route, the Falla del Moraig route or La Granadella Natural Park adjacent to the Development) or going down to the sea for some snorkelling in one of the nearby beaches such as Cala Tiestos or Cala Moraig).


Plenty of Leisure, entertainment and fine dining

Gastronomy in Costa Blanca Norte is exemplified in two renowned local restaurants namely, Como en Casa (close to the paddle and tennis courts) and Restaurante La Cumbre. Both establishments welcome visitors and residents alike. However, if you like to have guests round and cook for them at home, you can find everything you need at Supermercado Pepe La Sal.

Although living in Cumbre del Sol is an experience in itself, we recommend a visit to Dreamsea Mediterranean. A luxury glamping centre in «Cala Moraig». A delightful place for those who want to spend some time making some new friends in a welcoming atmosphere and in close contact with nature.


Living in a residential complex with sandy beaches and countryside all round, does not necessarily mean difficult communications. The company Ibérica de Redes, which also has an office in Cumbre del Sol, makes sure that your internet connection works with the speed of light, thanks to their optic fibre service.

And finally, you can always find us at our VAPF Store North and South for anything you need. Look out for our upcoming blog posts where we’ll be telling you more about this paradise in Costa Blanca Norte.

¿Costa Blanca North or South? Which one is for you?

¿Costa Blanca North or South? Which one is for you?

The Spanish Levante is one of the most attractive and charming parts of Spain. We’re talking about the Costa Blanca, obviously a popular destination in summer, but which can become your own private paradise at any season of the year.

From north to south, the Costa Blanca is pure beauty and nature. The climate is one of the main attractions in this area as it has many hours of sunshine for most of the year, along with mild winters which, for people from northern and central Europe are pleasantly bearable. In fact, a curious little snippet of information from the World Health Organisation has singled out this region as the healthiest place in Europe, thanks to the excellent climate that we mentioned.

The Costa Blanca includes the Alicante coast from Denia to Pilar de la Horadada, around 220 km of coastline, with a surface area of 5.817 Km² and with 141 municipal districts. And which is best? Would you choose north or south? We tell you about some of the differences and the advantages of living in both zones of the Costa Blanca.


Costa Blanca Norte

Both the north and south of the Costa Blanca have some amazing places to visit and offer some unique experiences. However, there are significant differences between the two areas.

The Costa Blanca Norte extends from Benidorm to Denia. One of the main features that distinguishes the north from the south is the countryside, in particular the mountains that are so close to the sea. Can you imagine paddling in the sea yet surrounded by mountains? It’s amazing! The Costa Blanca Norte is a unique place to enjoy this spectacle of nature where sea and mountains meet (Montgó Natural Park and the Sierra de Altea) with a geography that has produced an infinite number of coves, beaches, caves (such as the Cova dels Arcs) and pine forested hills sweeping down to cliff tops that afford impressive sea views, and what’s more, here in the Costa Blanca Norte you will find the highest peaks in Alicante province.


playas costa blanca norte


The most popular and picturesque stretch of coastline here begins in the municipal district of Altea. In the Costa Blanca Norte, there is much less tourist development than in the south, and the area boasts towns and villages with all the beauty and charm of the province that are Mediterranean 100% which, while unquestionably remaining a tourist attraction, are places that have nevertheless managed to retain their “Mediterranean VILLAGE identity””. Life on the Costa Blanca Norte is synonymous with quality, luxury and tranquillity, evidenced in towns and municipalities like Altea, Calpe, Jávea, Benissa and TeuladaMoraira. Their old town centres are replete with centuries of history, and their coastal areas include beaches, natural coves and inlets, and cliffs sweeping down to the sea, all spectacularly beautiful. An example are the famous rocky coves of Moraig, Llebeig and la Granadella although you can find many more in this article.


Costa Blanca Sur

The southern end of the Costa Blanca is typically a much flatter landscape. The high mountains and hills give way to salt water lagoons, as in Torrevieja, where salt is extracted, and extensive sand dunes (between Alicante and Torrevieja).
The coastline has long stretches of sandy beach (Playa del Cura, Las Higuericas, El Campello). These beaches are perfect for tourists of every kind, and so they are practically full during the summer. The Southern Costa Blanca is one of the most popular destinations for both national and international tourists.



The area has many apartment blocks and enormous residential complexes, and a wide range of varied tourist accommodation. The Costa Blanca Sur has become one of the biggest areas for second homes in Spain, and consequently has a huge provision of real estate and properties available. The standard features of the homes and the extensive range of properties means that the average price per m2 is much lower than in the Costa Blanca Norte, where construction is far more exclusive, characterised by blocks of fewer, yet more spacious apartments, with luxury services such as SPAs, gymnasiums or Wellness areas, or villas with contemporary architecture on the mountain slopes, large gardens, terraces and private pools that merge with views of the sea in the distance.

Nature, culture and the architectural style in the southern Costa Blanca are all very different from the north, as this post has shown.

The Costa Blanca is life, nature, and unique surroundings. An enormously heterogeneous place where you can lose yourself in its sandy coves or climb to the highest point in Alicante province in the Costa Blanca Norte, or you can enjoy long walks along its endless beaches and admiring its landscape of dunes and salt pans.  However, there is one thing shared by both north and south that we mentioned at the start of this post, and that is the Mediterranean climate. The Costa Blanca enjoys over 300 days of sunshine annually and the temperature is ideal for living there all year round. A perfect microclimate

North or south? We know which we would choose. Now it’s your turn.

Look out for our future blog posts where we will be informing you all about what’s going on in the Costa Blanca Norte and in and around Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol.


Special moments: Brunch with parents of Lady Elizabeth School pupils

Special moments: Brunch with parents of Lady Elizabeth School pupils

Maybe it’s the great weather all your round, or that special blue of the Mediterranean at Costa Blanca Norte. Perhaps it’s the peace and tranquillity that pervades the atmosphere… Or it could be an accumulation of all those things. What is certain is that at Cumbre del Sol every single moment is special. And as we love to have an excuse for an event, we thought what could be better to celebrate the start of the new school year at Lady Elizabeth School than holding a brunch and inviting the parents of the pupils at the best international school in the area? And it proved to be one of the most special days of recent weeks!


Villa Veleta: the perfect scenario

Once classes had begun at 9 am in the morning, the parents of pupils headed to the event. Villa Veleta was the venue chosen to host the brunch.  The terrace of this impressive villa, designed by VAPF in the heart of Residencial Jazmines, and with wonderful sea views was the ideal place for parents to meet up after the summer break. In turn, the new residents of Cumbre del Sol  and the parents of the new students got together to chat and discuss things in a healthy and relaxed atmosphere along with representatives of Lady Elizabeth School  and agents from the VAPF Group, while they enjoyed a buffet-style brunch with a sumptuous array of food and drinks.


colegio internacional costa blanca


The event ended around 12 am and the guests left the villa and returned to their daily routines after spending a morning with a difference.


Lady Elizabeth School: a benchmark in Costa Blanca Norte

Lady Elizabeth School, which has a collaboration agreement with the VAPF Group, is one of the best international schools in Spain. It offers a complete education from infant school to university entrance level, which means that your children can spend their entire school days there with compulsory education requirements fully covered, so that there is no need for them to change school, thus ensuring an atmosphere and environment that prepares them perfectly for university. With students of all nationalities, classes are given in English and Spanish, as well as other languages, both as part of the academic syllabus and in any extracurricular activities, and this makes Lady Elizabeth the perfect school for families living in Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol.


As we mentioned at the start of this post, at Cumbre del Sol every moment is special. Follow our upcoming blog entries to find out all about future events, activities and things to do at Costa Blanca Norte.

Fibre optics in Cumbre del Sol: Everything you need to know

Fibre optics in Cumbre del Sol: Everything you need to know

As many of you already know, in 2019 Cumbre del Sol was connected to internet with a fibre optics service. Residents in the area were able to benefit from the most reliable and powerful connection available to date, and to celebrate the occasion a special event was held by the telecommunications company Ibérica de Redes, the service provider that invested in the installation of the network that year. Since then, we have received several comments on that blog post and we thought it would be a great idea to provide a renewed version with more information and details on how to contract the service in 2022. So here goes!


Remote working and home entertainment

You know, that idea you have sometimes that really appeals: You’re spending a peaceful evening in your lovely home at Cumbre del Sol, when you feel like watching a film and just chilling out. Once you’ve decided what you fancy seeing on Netflix, HBO or your favourite platform, you can’t get the film to upload properly or the quality is quite bad because of your internet connection. And what about those days when you have a video conference for work, or you need to do something urgent and quickly online and the internet is taking forever?  It has to be said that with the pandemic, remote working has become a permanent fixture in many sectors, making it easier to reconcile work and family and social life for lots of people. What better way to work than from your office or terrace in Cumbre del Sol and with the internet speed you need?

Just out of interest, and if you have ever wondered what it actually is, fibre optics is the technology used to transmit information in the form of light pulses through glass or plastic fibres and over long distances. In other words, it is a technology that provides your home with with internet, telephone and television in the fastest way currently possible.

If you are interested in obtaining information to contract the service for your home, there are several ways you can go about it. Ibérica de Redes has an office in Cumbre del Sol, and we suggest that you pay them a visit, and they will be happy to tell you all about the different options, speed rates and prices. You can find them in the Adelfas service zone, next to the pharmacy and Doctor Dobrucki’s clinic (who, by the way, granted us an extremely interesting interview published in the most recent issue of our  Cumbre del Sol magazine).

You can also visit their website or email them at with your name, address, and contact number and they will get in touch with you to resolve any queries you may have.

Ibérica de Redes offers you a connection worthy of your magical home in Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol.  As always, look out for our future blog posts full of news, inspirational ideas and activities on Costa Blanca Norte.


Discover the latest trends in interior and exterior decoration

Discover the latest trends in interior and exterior decoration

We create modern, elegant, clean, and idyllic designs following the most avant-garde trends. We do this in perfect locations where light and the Mediterranean are the main focus. But, above all, we create homes. We put all our efforts into designing a unique space in which you and your loved ones will feel at home like never before.

At VAPF we work on taking care of the interior and exterior of your home. Discover in this article the new trends in interior and exterior decoration for your home, all of them present in the Montecala Gardens apartments at Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol.

Wood and black have always gone well together and are becoming an almost timeless trend. The sophistication, elegance, strength, and character of black together with the warmth and connection to nature that wood brings creates interesting, contrasting and visually striking spaces that work equally well in both large and smaller spaces.

decoración en madera y negro tendencia

A very popular 2022 trend in decoration is blending and mixing different elements. A trend that combines design and functionality, such as having a dining table integrated into your kitchen worktop. Perfect for cooking and serving and thus being able to make the most of all the spaces in the house.

Decoration and style can also be seen in the bathrooms. The use of imitation marble ceramics with a white background is very much in vogue and combined with black taps it provides a very elegant contrast that gives the bathroom a personality of its own.

The most special feature of these bathrooms is how they lead into the master bedroom. You feel totally consumed in its space with its glazed walls, giving a sensation of greater surface and amplitude to this space.

montecala garden apartamento costa blanca norte

The 70s are back – Wallpaper and reliefs are back with a vengeance.

There is no better way to highlight part of a room than with a design that is different from the rest. Wallpaper offers you a wealth of options: geometric prints, floral, imitation stone… The use of this material can be used on the wall where the bed is located to reinforce the headboard, or in the case of a more minimalist decoration, as a substitute for it. On the other hand, for more daring decorations, the use of reliefs on walls is a technique that has been used since ancient times. Since Ancient Egypt, artisans drawing images on walls was only available to the great elites of society, synonymous with wealth and luxury. Today it is used to replicate that craftsmanship, although its designs are much cleaner and adapt to the rest of the house, always in harmony with the rest of the decoration.

habitación tono pastel tendencia decoración interior

The garden is a fundamental part of VAPF homes as it plays very important part of our clients’ lives. Incorporating nature into the home is essential, connecting indoors and outdoors, with the aim of creating a comfortable place to enjoy every day. One of the main trends is to opt for a low-maintenance garden, planting native flowers that don’t require much water, letting the seasons take effect. Lighting should also be considered in designing the garden, creating different atmospheres according to your preferences. And, so that everything works together, it’s necessary to support the garden with some light construction for it to take shape, making the most of natural elements such as wood and stone that tie it all in.

Cumbre del Sol, and specifically the Montecala Gardens apartments, are the best example of the latest trends in interior and exterior decoration this year. We hope you have enjoyed this article and that it has inspired you to give your home a modern twist. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to receive information about our villas, apartments, and inspirational content and upcoming blog posts where we will keep you informed about tips and ideas for your home.

Costa Blanca – A Paradise for Cyclists

Costa Blanca – A Paradise for Cyclists

We enjoy one of the best climates in the world here in Costa Blanca. Approximately 300 days of sun and mild temperatures for most of the year.

This, along with a backdrop of mountains and beaches, make the area a top choice for people. For tourists, athletes, and even professional sports teams. In fact, many professional atheletes have chosen to stay at Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol as a temporary residence for their training sessions, where they can enjoy a home here. In this area of the province, they go on routes, train, or prepare for competitions. In fact, some championships, such as the La Vuelta a España cycling race, have passed through this area. For example, the 2019 edition crossed the Alto del Puig Llorença, in Residential Resort Cumbre Del Sol.

Of course, there must be something special about this area for both professional and amateur athletes alike to have a soft spot for the place. From Alicante to Dénia, in this article we will tell you some of the reasons why the Costa Blanca is a cyclist’s paradise.

The Climate

We’ve already talked about how wonderful the climate is. But even though we enjoy this weather, and we may consider it normal, it is far from the norm. It’s not easy to find an area with so many hours of sunshine and ideal temperatures for outdoor sports all year round.

Sea and Mountain – Two Sides of The Same Coin

The blend and, sometimes, mimicry of sea and mountain along the more than 100 kilometres that run along the North of Costa Blanca offers cyclists a plethora of possibilities to adapt the routes according to their level as an athlete. As well as the characteristics of their bikes such as wheels, suspension and frame.


A Safe Environment

Safety for cyclists is a number one priority. Many coastal areas don’t have the proper infrastructure for cycling tracks. The Comunidad Valenciana and different localities within Costa Blanca (particularly in the North) have spent years working on creating a safe system that’s always up to scratch for practicing sport.

Not only do they look after the roads, which go from flat planes for beginners to more demanding climbs on stretches with hardly any traffic, but they also take care of the mountains. Mountain biking is one of the most promoted activities in North Costa Blanca due to the sea and mountains we mentioned earlier. In fact, there are two MTB centres in Vall de Pop and El Comtat.

Cyclists’ Territory

The Costa Blanca North is an area which, over the years, has become a reference point for cyclists. The hotel sector has benefited from this by knowing how to prepare its facilities to meet the needs of an athlete. In most of them you can find swimming pools and spas. These are the ideal place to rest and relax the muscles after a day’s cycling. Other hotels include gyms for training and cycling centres for repairing bicycles.

MTB en Costa Blanca Norte

After this series of features that make North Costa Blanca an ideal destination for cyclists, doesn’t it make you want to start cycling? In this article you can see several routes around Cumbre del Sol to get you going.