Discover the magical Castle of l’Olla in Altea

Discover the magical Castle of l’Olla in Altea

Altea, a colourful coastal town in the region of Alicante, Spain, has become the setting for one of the most exciting and highly acclaimed performances: the Castell de l’Olla. This wonderful festival, which attracts more than 50,000 people every year, is much more than just a fireworks display; it is a magical experience that takes place in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea that laps the Altea coastline. From a special platform, the Castell de l’Olla is launched, rising from the sea itself and reflecting in its water, enhancing its charm.

A historic and emotional event

The Castell de l’Olla has a history of more than 30 years and has been gaining popularity over time. It originated as a tribute to the beloved local pyrotechnician Blas Aznar, affectionately known as “el tío Blai, el coheter”, who sadly passed away a few years ago. In his memory, a special fireworks display was launched, and since then, this celebration has grown into the magnificent show it is today.

A unique and award-winning experience

The charm and emotion that surround Castell de l’Olla have been recognised at the tourist level. In 1999, it was awarded the prize for Tourist Merit in the gold category by the Costa Blanca County Tourist Board. And in 2007, it was declared a Festival of Tourist Interest of the ‘Comunitat’ by the Generalitat Valenciana, which further consolidated its status as an outstanding event in the region.

The show takes place on the Saturday closest to the San Lorenzo festival in August, this year on the 12th of August, and the views from the spectacular villas of Azure Altea Homes 2 are simply spectacular. Lucky clients who own a property in this area will have the privilege of enjoying the fireworks display from the comfort of their own home, making the night a truly unforgettable experience.

A party that brings everyone together

What makes the Castell de l’Olla so special is its ability to bring people together. The bay of Altea fills with different boats, each looking for the perfect place to contemplate the display of lights and colours in the sky. This union of people, sea and fire creates a unique and exciting atmosphere that never fails to amaze those who attend.

The Castillo de l’Olla in Altea is an event that combines history, tradition and entertainment in one place. The magic of the fireworks that emerge from the Mediterranean Sea and are reflected in its waters is an experience that should be had at least once in a lifetime. If you have the opportunity to be in Altea at this time of the year, don’t miss the chance to witness this wonderful event that has captivated thousands of people and has been deservedly awarded. The Castell de l’Olla festival is a true treasure of the Costa Blanca that will never cease to amaze and thrill you. Don’t miss it!

Cumbre del Sol: everything you need close at hand

Cumbre del Sol: everything you need close at hand

Cumbre del Sol means life in a residential development in an exclusive location in the Costa Blanca Norte, with views of the sea and the Granadella Nature Reserve. It means life in a place with an enviable climate, over 300 days of sunshine, beaches and nature…. Living in Cumbre del Sol also means being part of an extremely active and multicultural international community where absolutely everything you need is at hand. In today’s blog post we provide an overview of the enormous range of services that you will find in the residential development that will make your life in Costa Blanca Norte as easy and as comfortable as possible.


Health and wellbeing

Health and wellbeing are two fundamental aspects of life in Cumbre del Sol and you can count on the services of Dr. Tomasz Dobrucki’s, clinic in the Adelfas area. He is a doctor of health sciences and a cardiologist with several years’ professional experience. In addition, the staff at  Cumbre del Sol Pharmacy can guide and advise you on how to stay fit and healthy. And if you feel like pampering yourself a little with one of those special treats that we all deserve from time to time, the Pure Wellness centre has just what you need, in the form of massages, manicure, laser depilation and a whole range of beauty care treatments.


Sports facilities

The tennis and the padel courts in particular ,at Cumbre del Sol have become a benchmark not only in the development, but also in the whole Marina Alta area. Tournaments are held regularly on the courts which are set in a part of the development that enjoys fabulous sea views. Just a few metres from the courts, you will find Cañada del Sol Riding School, which all year round offers all kinds of horse riding outings and treks, riding classes, and a children’s farm. …

The Pure Wellness Centre also organises exercises classes with a personal trainer to get fit either individually or in classes, with groups for every age.


Restaurants, supermarkets…

As we’re in the Mediterranean, excellent cuisine is a must. Something as essential as stopping by Restaurante La Cumbre, which serves fresh produce in a pleasant atmosphere with views of the sea. There is no better scenario for enjoying the Mediterranean diet. Other extremely interesting options in the development are the Dreamsea Mediterranean restaurant, along with Como en Casa and Kiosko del Sol, which has opened this year and is located at the north entrance, where you can savour signature dishes, a huge range of sweets and desserts, cakes, buns and tarts.

When you’ve finished your training session or your beauty treatment at the Pure Wellness centre, you can enjoy an organic juice or shake, and a selection of hot meals, salads and sandwiches. There are also vegan options which make it an alternative attraction.

And when you feel like surprising your family, friends or guests by taking over the cooking, the Pepe La Sal supermarket is your friend. There you will find the finest selection of meat and fresh fish in the Marina Alta and Baixa, with its premium delicatessen and an extensive selection of wines with products from all over the world.


Lady Elizabeth School

The prestigious Lady Elizabeth School is located in Cumbre del Sol. This private school offers an excellent education for children from the age of 15 months up to 18 years. Lady Elizabeth School is as international as the residential development itself and teaches pupils from 20 different nationalities. The school follows the British educational model and prepares students for international IGCSE, GCSEs, GCE A / AS examinations, as well as the Spanish ESO and Bachillerato.

In short, as well as all the positive aspects like climate, location and surroundings, at Cumbre del Sol you also need to add a huge range of services which make this residential development in the Costa Blanca Norte one of the best places to live in the Spanish Levant region. Keep an eye open for our upcoming blog posts so that you can follow everything that’s going on in the area.

Altea and Guadalest, two of the most beautiful villages in Spain

Altea and Guadalest, two of the most beautiful villages in Spain

It is a given that the Costa Blanca has a wealth of beaches and sandy coves with their crystal clear waters and EU blue flags, and it is something that we are all aware of. However, in addition, and just a short distance away from those beaches, you can find the most charming villages in the Mediterranean as well. And now it isn’t just us telling everyone this, because recently, the National Geographic magazine published its list of 100 most beautiful villages in Spain, which means that a visit is definitely on the cards for 2023, and two of these are very close to Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol.


Altea: The Pearl of the Costa Blanca

“With the sun’s first rays, Altea wakes to the screeching of gulls as they faithfully hover over the seagoing craft moored in the port, along with others that, on the distant horizon, are a reminder that this Alicante village was once peopled by fishermen and labourers”; so begins the description of Altea in the article. It comes as no surprise that the “dome of the Mediterranean” makes the list too, but that doesn’t make it any less a matter of great pride. There are myriad reasons for its inclusion, with its narrow streets and whitewashed houses that lie cheek by jowl with the blue dome of its church, it manages to create a pure Mediterranean landscape that makes you want to explore each and every little nook and cranny of the place. From the highest and most ancient part of the village you will be treated to unique views of the two sides of the Costa Blanca Norte, namely, the mountain sierras of Aitana, Bernia and the Puigcampana on one hand, and Punta Albir, the Morro de Toix and the Peñón de Ifach circling the bay, on the other.

In addition, a visit to the Monastery Church of the Carmelitas Descalzas, La Torre de la Galera, which have been declared a Cultural Heritage site, La Torre Bellaguarda, the Palau de Altea and a stroll along the seafront, will provide images and snapshots that will stay in your memory forever.

In the entry on Altea it also mentions the well-known neighbourhood of El Fornet “with its narrow cobbled streets and its white houses festooned with a colourful jumble of geraniums, jasmine and bougainvillea”.


Guadalest, an unmissable mountain trip

Just the mere fact of its history should earn it a well-deserved mention in lists of this kind: Guadalest was moulded both by the hand of man and the force of nature following the earthquakes of 1644 and 1748, when the citadel castle of San José was virtually destroyed. Today it still stands proud and open to the sky with several sections of the wall remaining along with its keep which is still easily recognisable.


interior costa blanca norte


Strolling through the small historic centre, which is reached through the only door in the ancient walls, is like stepping into another world. The town hall square with its statue of San Gregorio and the medieval prison provides a meeting point for visitors. Special mention should be given to the Casa de los Orduña, from where you can access the top of the castle. The village is crowned by the famous castle of the Alcozaiba, which recalls the medieval origins of the village, and from here you can view the mountain sierras of Xortà and Serrella, along with the mountains of Aitana and Bernia.

In the outskirts, you will find the reservoir, wetlands and the dam of Guadalest. This is one of the most picturesque places in inland Costa Blanca, and not to be missed if you visit the village. The water from this reservoir comes from the river Guadalest which, with its blue waters, frames this lovely village. The reservoir, as well as contributing to the charm and beauty of Guadalest, also boasts a really easy and pleasant hiking trail that circles the whole reservoir so you can see the fantastic countryside up close as you breathe in the fresh mountain air.

Altea and Guadalest are as different from each other as they are special. Each one has its own charm and special features that make the villages unique, and it is not the first time that National Geographic mentions them. In its 2022 list, it included the village as one of the five most beautiful villages of Alicante province. Don’t forget to check out our upcoming blog posts where we will tell you more about some of the most special places in the Costa Blanca and the surrounding area.

Les pesqueres: history and traditions

Les pesqueres: history and traditions

Fishing with nets, trawling, purse seine… there are numerous ways of fishing which vary as they are adapted to the place and according to the type of fish sought, the kind of water in which they live, and also the environment where they can be found. Did you know that some villages on the Costa Blanca Norte were known for some of the most spectacular (and dangerous) types of fishing ever devised? These are known as “les pesqueres” and we plan to tell you all about this ancient practice.


A little bit of history

Fishing is an activity that has been carried out in various forms since the dawn of civilisation. With the passage of time, fish have learned to find places where they can hide such as the waters beneath the cliffs that are difficult to access for vessels due to the rocks on the shoreline. The Costa Blanca Norte shore has a long line of varied cliffs and what is the best way to fish in those places? The ‘Les Pesqueres’ arise because in the past, many fishermen would hang from the walls of the cliffs in order to fish on the rocks or balance on hurdles, using a traditional fishing rod or a spear in the form of a trident. These activities led to all kinds of structures with ladders, ropes and canes known as “pesqueres”.

As mentioned, it was a very risky way to fish and it was a method that was mainly used by the fishermen of Benitachell. Today this practice is greatly reduced and only a few family members of those daring fishermen have inherited the tradition. In fact it is still possible to see some of the ladders and ropes that they used to use in the area of Morro de Toix, near Altea.


pesca costa blanca norte


Why did they do it like that?

Fishing from the cliffs employs the “vertical” technique, which basically consists of lowering the bait into the water and this way it is possible to fish in very deep waters without having to cast the line very far. Also it is important to bear in mind that the best time to fish is paradoxically after a spell of bad weather, as the fish seek refuge from the strong currents by sheltering under the cliff face. In practical terms, scaling the rock face of the cliffs to fish from the crags or from the cane hurdles meant that the fishermen risked their lives to earn some income for the family coffers.


Les Pesqueres  today

As it was such a dangerous activity, and thanks to more modern fishing techniques, les pesqueres has more or less passed into the annals of history, Even so, the remains of ladders and hurdles can still be seen in some parts of the Costa Blanca Norte such as Morro de Toix,  in Altea mentioned above. In Jávea there is a cove known as Les Pesqueres, which can be accessed from the Mirador de Ambolo lookout point. Benitachell is the place to go to find the real essence of this ancient practice. With its famous  cliff path you can see the different points from where some of the bravest fishermen ventured to obtain their catch.


Did you know about this little bit of Costa Blanca Norte’s history? If you didn’t, it probably came as a surprise. And if you want to know more about this ancient fishing technique, we recommend a visit to the website Nits de Tinta, this audio visual project pays homage to these fishermen and tells the story of their lives. Don’t miss our upcoming blog posts where we will have more stories for you, along with news and activities in and around Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol.

VAPF wishes you a Merry Christmas in 2021

VAPF wishes you a Merry Christmas in 2021

Life in la Costa Blanca is a unique one, and Christmas, of course, is no exception – just ask the residents of Cumbre del Sol. Christmas lights have started lighting up the whole residential and have spread the Christmas spirit and cheer to its residents and guests. With that, we encourage our residents to dress up their homes with festive décor, giving it their own unique flair.

There are many reasons this year to celebrate. But, without a doubt, if there’s one reason why we want to celebrate at VAPF, it’s that we want to celebrate you. Our clients are our best present, the motive that keeps driving us forward to improve every day. And of course, our clients are the reason why we strive to offer the best products and services.

2021 was the year of reunions. Many of our residents could finally fly to la Costa Blanca to enjoy their homes and the excellent Mediterranean climate once more. For others, this will be the first time they spend this holiday season in their new home in Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol.

To jog everyone’s memory, we’d like to remind you that La Cumbre Restaurant has prepared a Christmas and New Year’s day menu for those who would like to try it. Furthermore, all of our establishments will be offering their services on these special days! Don’t be left behind on the New Year’s day dip too. It’s a steadfast tradition! A few kilometres from Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol, Portet beach (Moraira) is where the bravest bathers come to on the first day of the new year.

This is certain to be an unforgettable Christmas. Even so, our biggest wish is that the pandemic situation improves even more so in 2022. This way, we’ll be able to resume our Christmas contest and other traditional events in Cumbre del Sol for next year, to continue getting to know each other and enjoying the paradise that is la Costa Blanca.

Now that we’re soon to be ringing in the new year of 2022, all that’s left to say is thank you! Thank you for being by our side and for continuing to turn our properties into your homes. From the whole team at VAPF, we wish you happy holidays and hope that all your wishes come true.


Autumn Menu at La Cumbre Restaurant

Autumn Menu at La Cumbre Restaurant

La Cumbre Restaurant –located at Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol- is already serving its 2017 autumn menu.

This season, Eloy and Celia have prepared a menu that incorporates seasonal products such as several kinds of mushrooms and international dishes such as the “Causa Limeña”, Thai-style chicken, the exquisite Banoffe Pie and more as we show you below:


  • “Causa Limeña” potato, chicken and avocado.
  • Honey bread with duck pate.
  • Patatas bravas (braised potatoes) with natural sauce.
  • Homemade prawn corquettes.
  • Spinach, bacon, pine nuts crepes with blue cheese sauce.

Lemon Sorbet with Cava

Main course (to choose from):

  • Hake loin with mushrooms.
  • Cod au gratin with soft garlic muslin.
  • Baked lamb.
  • Filo with sautéed vegetables.
  • Pork cheeks with red wine sauce.
  • Thai-style chicken with basmati rice.

Dessert (to choose from):

  • “Banoffe Pie” banana cake.
  • Carrot cake with cheese frosting.
  • Ice cream of coffee and Bayleys over crusty puff pastry.

The menu includes bread with garlic and oil and 1/2 bottle of wine per person.

The price is € 20 per person.

Opening hours: 13:00 to 16:00 h. and 19:00 to 22:30 h. Mondays and January closed.

Reservations phone: +34 966 493 213 –