Its white architecture, cobbled streets in the old town, mere kilometres away from beaches with crystal clear water, and just like any paradisiacal island, hides hidden coves. The tranquillity of its winter, the liveliness of its summer… Whatever it is, the town of Altea has that something that grabs you, that makes it a unique place to lose yourself in and, if you feel like it, to find yourself.

Here’s a series of must-see places to discover Altea on your first visit to this town on the Costa Blanca North. If you have already been here or you live here, take notes, maybe there’s something you’ve been missing out on.

Walk round Altea’s old town

One of the things that, under no circumstances, you cannot miss if you want to discover Altea’s beauty with your own eyes. Put on comfortable shoes and go uphill, because getting there by car is quite complicated due to the fact that most streets here are pedestrianised.

However, it’s worth it (extremely so). Go for a stroll through these labyrinthine streets while admiring the beauty of every corner. The Church of Nuestra Señora del Consuelo crowns the city and is a must-see in this area.

The Cronistas Lookout Point

A few metres from the Church of Nuestra Señora del Consuelo, and in the highest part of the old town, is the Mirador de Cronistas, from where you have the best panoramic views of Altea, the sea and the mountains.

Lose yourself in the Garden of the senses

Altea is known for its beaches, but in this municipality on the Costa Blanca there is also space for more tropical areas. The Garden of the Senses is perfect for getting in touch with nature through its more than 3,000 square metres of plants from all over the world.

Serra Gelada Natural Park

Another way to discover Altea especially for hiking aficionados. Just a few kilometres from the town is this natural park that overlooks the sea, with incredible landscapes to enjoy while walking along one of the park’s different routes.

We suggest a couple of options for different levels. On the one hand, La Ruta del Faro de l’Albir, completely accessible and with views of the Bay of Altea, the Serra de Bèrnia and the Serra Gelada itself. A perfect route to do with children or if you are just starting out hiking.

Another option that is more intense is the Travesía de la Serra Gelada, a linear route through the entire mountain range. It is about 8.5 kilometres long and lasts about 4 and a half hours, linking the Albir Information Point with the Benidorm Cross. It can be done in both directions, or you can do the route there and back. But, before you venture out, bear in mind that it is a demanding route due to ups and downs, don’t choose a very hot day and make sure you hydrate yourself well.

altea parque serra gelada

Marina Greenwich Port

The marina of the city curiously coincides with the Greenwich Meridian 000º 00′ 00″. Just for that coincidence alone, it is worth coming here. It is also an ideal place to relax on the many terraces and restaurants near the harbour and enjoy the whole bay

Barra Grande and Racó del Corb Coves

As you would expect, being in the north of Costa Blanca, we have to talk about coves. The beaches of Altea are quite well known and you won’t have much trouble finding the most popular ones. We recommend two options that are not so well known, but more amazing than the ones you will find in the first Google results.

Both are located north of the town and both are difficult to access as you have to go down a steep slope, but once you get there, you will see that the effort is rewarded.

Tip for both: wear booties for diving or similar footwear when swimming and, of course, snorkelling gear for diving into the crystal-clear waters.

As you have seen in this article, Altea is a town to discover that hides beauty in every corner. With these plans, what are you waiting for? Go and organise a getaway to this jewel in the north of Costa Blanca.

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