Sundays are for walking and discovering Marina Alta

Sundays are for walking and discovering Marina Alta

Have you heard of synaesthesia? It is a phenomenon where elements of the physical senses are commonly associated with feelings. An example is how Sundays and life in Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol  can be linked. That sense of calm and wellbeing so typical of the last day of the week is comparable to daily life in our villas and apartments.

That’s why Sundays are so special here and that is also why we want you to enjoy them as much as possible. So you can connect with the surrounding nature and discover all its hidden corners. This is the idea behind the Diumenges Marina Alta initiative. Have you heard of it? It’s based on physical activity and hiking and walking in Marina Alta. And the main aim is to connect with nature and the countryside in this beautiful part of the world.

Marina Alta covers 750 km2 of terrain which translates to some unique flora and fauna and stunning countryside. Beauty spots include the Peñón de Ifach, Cabo de San Antonio, Montgó and the Pego-Oliva marshlands.

These landscapes can be explored in depth and in good company as you hike the local trails with Diumenges Marina Alta. Fernando Sendra devised and supervises these routes to promote tourism in the area, and to help you spend a different kind of Sunday. Diumenges Marina Alta also has the support of local councils, including La Vall de Laguar, Orba, Parcent, Benigembla and Poble Nou de Benitatxell, home of Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol. Want to know which are best walks and hiking trails in Marina Alta? We plan to tell you all about them!!

Walking in Altea

Altea and its unique, idyllic setting is ideal for a Sunday walk or hike. Faro de Albir is close by and is one of the most popular destinations for walkers, and the trail you follow along the way is as enjoyable as the final destination. Altea La Vella, Font del Garrofet and the hermitage of Santa Bárbara are other places worth seeing along another of the most frequently trodden paths in Altea. Cap Blanch, Cap Negret… there are innumerable trails in this area of the Costa Blanca with varied levels of difficulty.  It’s up to you to decide!

Walking in Calpe

The most obvious and popular walk in Calpe is clearly the one that ends with a climb up to the Peñon de Ifach. In fact the route to the top is really stunning and you won’t be disappointed by the views. But luckily there is so much more to Calpe than the Peñon de Ifach! The La Mola /Cima de l’Òlta is another of the TOP 3 for hikers in Marina Alta. Are you up for the challenge?

Walking in Denia

Denia is the ideal starting point for a walk in Marina Alta which ends on the highest peak of Montgó. As it is a mountain, the route isn’t exactly one of the easiest to attempt but it is certainly the most fun and the most spectacular. Especially if you have views of the Mediterranean in mind at the end of your trek, and as you can bask in utter peace and tranquillity at this altitude. 

Nevertheless, if you prefer a little less exertion, the Vía Verde de Dénia, along the now disused former FEVE rail track, is a lovely walk among orange trees where you can experience the very best of rural life.  La Cova de l’Aigua or the Racó del Bou are other places you can visit along your Denia walks and trails. 

Walking in Jávea

The sea is clearly the main attraction in this coastal resort when walking in Marina Alta. This is why beaches like Portitxol or Barraca are visited so frequently, as aside from offering sun and sand for a perfect day at the beach, they are the ideal scenario for a coastal trail. The sandy coves of Blanca and Sardinera and Cap Prim might well be places to jot down in your walker’s agenda so that you don’t miss out on a single stretch of this coastline.

Walking in Benissa

There are walks and trails in Marina Alta that begin in Benissa and end in other beautiful villages in the area. What is so great about walking is that you can explore so many different villages and discover their traditions on foot and witness changes at first hand. Senija and Lliber which belong to the district of Vall de Pop are just some of the places in Benissa’s trail pack. Camins de Pedra i Aigua is one of the most iconic and fascinating routes. Along the way you’ll discover the traditional hydraulic architecture of these villages, with their wells, ponds, channels and canals, water wheels, …. something really different!

Upcoming Diumenges Marina Alta

From now until the end of this year, Diumenges Marina Alta has several routes planned. Starting out from Orba and for just 5 euros, on 24 October you can enjoy a walk that passes by the castle of the Atzavares. In November you will be able to sign up to walking in Marina Alta to places such as El Seguili or Parcent. And in December, trails to Font Calenta, Sender del Badall and Les Fonts and the Ruta de la Figuereta.

Does all this make you want to start walking? It is a natural, healthy and simple way of getting to know your surroundings and spending your Sunday in places that can be found in Marina Alta and its villages and nowhere else.

Wine tourism on the Costa Blanca,  the best places for wine lovers

Wine tourism on the Costa Blanca, the best places for wine lovers

The culture of wine and wine production continues to flourish in Alicante, yet it would be nothing without its past and its foreseeable future. It is a tradition bequeathed by the ancestral legacy of wine growing, production and consumption through generations. In fact, the Benimaquia archaeological site in Alicante boasts the oldest vestiges of wine production ever found in the Iberian peninsula. They date from the 6th century BC.

Alicante wine was appreciated by illustrious figures such as Shakespeare and Queen Elizabeth 1st, no less. However, the 19th century was its Golden Age. Today, the Alicante wine sector has managed to maintain this tradition and perfect and improve its wines to achieve their present, and well deserved, superior category.  This is particularly the case of the wineries in the Marina Alta area. As a result, it has become one of the main tourist attractions in the province.

Consequently, there are plenty of activities, excursions and wineries in Marina Alta for you to visit and learn more about the Alicante wine sector. Wine tourism in this province is very popular in the inland villages and towns. However, the coastal areas also have some very attractive wine producing areas, many of which are found in the Ruta del Vino de Alicante. In fact there are five important wineries in the Marina Alta region, and if you decide to take one of these wine routes, you can’t really go wrong.

Let’s begin with the north. In Jesús Pobre, a village on the outskirts of Denia, you’ll find Les Freses. This Marina Alta winery owes its name to the surrounding land near Montgó where strawberries were grown in the past. There are currently nine varieties of wine from this area. Lands like this with so much history are worth a visit, don’t you think? Les Freses offers a guided visit to its vineyards and its winery which, of course, ends with a wine tasting session. But that’s not all! This Marina Alta winery also offers a visit, accompanied by an archaeologist to l’Alt de Benimaquia, an ancient site. The visit also includes a session tasting the les Freses wines. Both visits cost 15 euros per person.

Turismo del vino en la Costa Blanca

A little further south you can make a stop at Xaló, home of the Bodegas Xaló winery. The ideal way to discover the muscat – known as moscatel in Spanish – and giró grape varieties is to take a guided tour – minimum 4 persons. For 12 euros you can enjoy a wine tasting paired with cured meats and it could well be something that you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

In Xaló itself you can visit another important winemaking centre Bodegas Riko. This winery offers the experience of an oenologist’s daily life at first hand. The tour begins in one of the vineyards, where the whole process starts. The visit then goes on to the winery itself where you tour the facilities and learn all about the wine producing sector and the professionals who grow and make the wines. To round off the visit, you will be treated to a tasting of Bodegas Riko’s finest wines and sweet mistela wines.  This visit also includes a tour of the century-old winery building.

A little further down the map, you will come to Pla de Llíber, with artisan produced wine at the  Pepe Mendoza winery. With 12 hectares of Giró and Moscatel Romano wines, it is one of the most famous wineries in Marina Alta. A pre-booked visit costing 25 euros treats you to a group tour where you will learn all about the history of the vineyards, and the secret of their wines. A secret that you will be able to discover later with a premium tasting of 6 wines paired with cheeses and traditional cured meats.

Cata de vino en la Marina Alta

Finally, we could not end without mentioning Bodega Teulada. Producers of sweet moscatel, moscatel vermouth, semi-sparkling moscatel, moscatel cava and dry white moscatel wine, the winery has 103 partners. And the fact is, as they say, the taste is unique: these are wines infused with the essence of five sea breezes.

Has that whetted your appetite as well? Our blog tour has come to an end, but in the province of Alicante in general and on the Costa Blanca in particular, the wine route continues. Discover more!

Peñón de Ifach: nature and beauty down the road from Cumbre del Sol

Peñón de Ifach: nature and beauty down the road from Cumbre del Sol

With September just around the corner and the onset of autumn temperatures are milder, and perfect for enjoying the final days of summer. The weather is also ideal for visiting and discovering new places.

At Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol we are surrounded by the countryside and some amazing landscapes, so there is always somewhere to visit. September is the ideal time for hiking and adventures don’t you think? We have a plan for an outing which is less than 45 minutes by car from Cumbre del Sol.  What’s the destination? A fantastic day out in a natural setting.

We’re talking about Peñón de Ifach. This natural park is in Calpe, but it is visible from many other parts of the province. In 1987 the Valencian government declared it a nature reserve covering an area of 45 hectares. However, six years ago the protected area was extended to 53.3 hectares.

The Peñón de Ifach is an outcrop of the mountains known as the cordilleras Béticas,  and it rises to an altitude of 332 metres. It provides a striking image, with the peak rising out of the sea in stark contrast to the waters lapping the rock, which is connected to the land by a strip of detritus comprising fragments of rock and shells forming a narrow isthmus.

You can visit the Peñón de Ifach and walk around it. However currently, due to the enormous demand, visiting is restricted and you need to book. Although it continues to be free of charge. As a result, if you’re planning to visit, before you go to Calpe you will need to book a slot to climb the Peñón de Ifach. It’s just a small formality and worth it for a truly enjoyable trip!

The route to the Peñón de Ifach is signposted. Starting out from the car park, the route is about 5 kilometers, and you will discover some amazing sights on the way. One of these is the ruins of the ancient archaeological remains of Pobla d’Ifach. And then, after going through the tunnel that crosses the peak, you will come to a fork. Here you can choose whether to go on to a lookout point or continue your climb to the top.  At the summit, on a clear day you can see the islands of Formentera, Ibiza and Cape Santa Pola. You’ll be blown away by the views!

The peak, with its unique location, is a striking sight but it also boasts plenty of interesting wildlife and vegetation. In fact, at the Peñón de Ifach natural park there are over 400 different plant species. Many of these have been classified as in danger of extinction such as the silene de Ifach.  While the natural park is notable for its varied vegetation, there is also an abundance of wildlife in the Peñón de Ifach Natural Park. It is a haven for over 80 species of birds, including the European shag and the yellow-legged gull.

As you can see, it’s a great place for an outing from Cumbre del Sol.  You can have a picnic in the middle of the Peñón de Ifach park, as there is a specially designated picnic area with shaded tables and a water fountain. Remember, you need to book your visit and then all you have to do is enjoy one of the Costa Blanca’s most prized beauty spots.

The loveliest places on the Costa Blanca for taking perfect photos

The loveliest places on the Costa Blanca for taking perfect photos

There is nowhere on the Costa Blanca that isn’t worth a photograph. With the colours of the landscape, and the Mediterranean light as a natural backdrop, the place is asking for a set of photographs that could easily be mistaken for a professional photo essay. Have you been to some of the area’s famous beauty spots to snap those stunning photos? That’s our excuse for a trip around the province of Alicante.

The region’s villages harbour some real treasures. Altea is a case in point, with an ancient town centre as beautiful as it is historic. That’s why if you visit, not only will you learn a little more about the town’s past, but you can take away some fine snapshots as an enduring memento of your visit.

Another charming little town in Alicante is Villajoyosa with its colourful houses. However, if you’re a city type, the town of Alicante has some places that are perfect for snapshots, taken with your mobile phone or a camera, it doesn’t matter, you’ll get some lovely pictures.

One such spot is Barrio de Santa Cruz, where you will be captivated by its little streets with the opportunity for some great snaps. Other places providing some excellent views are Paseo de la Explanada and the Santa Barbara castle.

There is always talk of nature’s beauty, and with reason. The Costa Blanca is a perfect illustration of this with water featuring prominently in many of these villages. In Alicante province, the sheltered little coves known as calas are as beautiful as ever. Here are a few names for you: Cala del Portixol, Cala Ambolo, Cala del Moraig, Cala Llebeig, la Granadella… There are also some legendary beaches such as the Isla de Tabarca, all well worth some photos.

Still on the theme of sea and water, another really photogenic spot is the island of Benidorm. You probably know it already, precisely because it has so often been the subject of photographs. So go and see for yourself, and take your own photo as a souvenir. We also recommend the famous Peñón de Ifach, in Calpe. To really appreciate this wonder of nature you need to see it for yourself.

And talking of impressive natural phenomena, we should mention the Cova Tallada, in Jávea. It’s not often you get to photograph a cave like this one. It can by reached on foot or by water in a kayak, which might well give your photos that little extra special touch.

Also don’t forget to visit the famous cliffs and gorges in the area. The Barranco de la Encantada, or the Enchanted Ravine in Planes, is really delightful. Aside from its beauty, it also harbours an ancient legend. It is said that a fairy damsel holds a treasure there, waiting to be found. However she only appears every hundred years. Who knows, she might pose for your photo!

Nature is generous and the Costa Blanca has been blessed with numerous beauty spots, all worth a visit and recording forever. The Granadella Natural Park offers the perfect blend of flora and fauna. And as luck would have it, it is right next door to Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol, so whenever you leave your villa or apartment you can find something new to photograph.

If you are going to travel around Alicante, further away from the sea and closer to the sky you will find the Sierra de Bernia. These mountains belong to the Cordilleras Béticas range and the landscapes and views you will be able to photograph there would grace the pages of a glossy magazine.

Finally, we need to tell you about the best places on the Costa Blanca for viewing and photgraphing sunsets. From the city of Alicante, the heights of Santa Bárbara castle are ideal for watching the sun go down. However, there are other places in the province which you’ll also want your camera lens to capture. This is the case of Jávea’s look out points, a set of fifteen natural balconies where you can watch the sun as it sets on the horizon.

Equally striking are the sunsets from the Balcón del Mediterráneo and the Cruz de Benidorm. Another place that is also very close to Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol, is Puig de la Llorença. At a height of 445 metres, this vantage point affords incredible views of the evening sun. Have you made your list now? Get your camera and a map and set off on your trip around Alicante province!

Family Fun on the Costa Blanca

Family Fun on the Costa Blanca

The benevolent climate at Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol, means that summers are longer and we can enjoy fantastic weather throughout September in this corner of the Costa Blanca. If you’re on holiday this month and you have a big family, we tell you how you can make the most of your free time, and make sure that the littlest members will have a very special holiday.

The area surrounding Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol is ideal for family fun. We are surrounded by towns and villages that are well established tourist resorts with plenty of cultural activities on offer. We also have amusement parks and water parks close by, a perfect option for children and grownups alike. Want to learn more about what’s on offer? Keep listening!

The great weather means that you can continue to enjoy the beach, the pool and why not water parks as well? They combine water and fun, words that define this time of the year. They can provide more than one memorable day out for children. Benidorm, as the capital of the Costa Blanca is host to most of the water parks. Less than an hour away from Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol, you’ll find Aqualandia, Mundomar and Magic Robin Hood.

Chutes and slides and other water rides are the main attractions of these parks but that is not all that’s on offer. You can also relax in more tranquil water facilities where visitors can chill out. Aqua Natura is one such place. As well as being entertaining, this Benidorm park also has an educational component. For example, you can get to know the sea lions and learn about conservation of the environment. It is a good way of teaching children how to love animals and nature.

As well as Aqua Natura, another venue that focuses on fauna and flora is Terra Natura. This is a zoo and theme park. Here children can meet their favourite animals up close. The perfect day out? What about making the most of their proximity with a family outing, taking in both places on the same day.

If you’re seeking more adrenaline in your activities on the Costa Blanca you won’t have to go far. Terra Mítica is the most famous amusement park in the Comunidad Valenciana. Arranged into representations of ancient civilisations, it evokes different periods in history, which is also a useful learning opportunity for kids.

Much closer to Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol, just 15 minutes away by car, is Family Park (Moraira). As the name indicates, it’s a very interesting place to spend a day out on the Costa Blanca with the family. There are seaside activities to be enjoyed for everyone and every age group.

However, aside from parks, at the Resort you can also go horse riding at Cañada del Sol riding stables, play paddle and tennis in the sports zone with trainers and coaches available if you are a beginner, or need to improve your stroke. And if you love the sea at Glamping Dreamsea, there are plenty of activities for all the family, including SUP paddle boarding, kayaking, etc.

Finally, for culture lovers, at Poble Nou de Benitatxell, where you’ll find Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol, an event known as “Agost a la fresca” is held every summer. This is an open air cinema festival. Young and old alike will be glued to the screen as they are gently wafted by the warm Mediterranean breeze.

Armed with our list of activities, you and the family will have plenty to do, right up to the last moments of summer. What’s your favourite choice?

Wine and music Wednesdays with Melicatesen

Wine and music Wednesdays with Melicatesen

Who said Wednesdays were boring? Every Wednesday has its charms but especially now in summer, they’re the best. And here’s why!

At Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol we are fortunate in being surrounded by nature, the sea and some incredible towns and villages. Towns blessed with history, culture and traditions, and of course, great cuisine. A cuisine which at Marina Alta, stands out with its spectacular vineyards, renowned for their quantity, quality and beauty.

At VAPF we have always supported cultural events in the vicinity of Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol. And your stay there can be full of variety with some wide ranging activities. With that in mind, this summer we present Melicatesen. We are sponsoring this event, to be held every Wednesday throughout July and August, and its basic premise is simply, wine and music. Sounds good, right?

As well as helping to promote the vineyards and wineries in the area and supporting oenology and wine production, clients will also be able to enjoy a pleasant evening of musical entertainment. The scenario varies from week to week as do the musicians. Here is some more information about these Wednesday events which could well become a top date in your weekday schedule.

This month, Melicatesen continues its route and so, on 4 August this week, we’ll be making a detour to the M de Alejandría winery. The guided visit in Teulada can be followed in Spanish, English and French. This winery grows the Muscat of Alexandria grape which is from Africa. And the fact is there is no better place than the Mediterranean for cultivating that characteristic sweet fruity taste.

Following the visit, and during the ensuing tapas and wine tasting, the the strings of classical guitar will provide the soundtrack for a truly memorable evening. Carlos Gardel tangos, or music by composers such as Francisco Tárrega, Fernando Sor, Falla and Albéniz are just some of the melodies in the repertoire of classical guitarist Miquel Pérez Perelló.

We had no idea that music could marry quite so well with wine, but you can try it for yourself this summer in Melicatesen. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to make sure you don’t miss any of our news or events.