Preparing Your Home for Christmas

Preparing Your Home for Christmas

These last few months have been very complicated for everyone, but we can still end 2020 on a good note: why not start by bringing the magic of Christmas into your home? As well as giving your home a makeover, you will also enjoy quality time with your family. Make yourself comfortable, reminisce while pulling out all the decorations from previous years and let’s get to work! One thing though, don’t forget the music! Our recommendation? Michael Bublé never fails. And, because this Christmas we’ll be spending much more time at home, what do you think about giving all your decorations a personalised touch? Continue reading for a heaping of craft ideas that you can do together to enjoy a much more sustainable Christmas.

A personalised advent calendar.

What do you need? String/twine, clothespins, adhesive tape and gift wrap, the more colourful and varied, the better!

To start with, make 24 little envelopes with the gift wrap and adhesive tape and don’t forget to fill them with your surprises, whether they be chocolate or something else, and number them, one for each day of the month until Christmas Eve. Once you’re ready, simply extend the string. You can make several strips if you prefer, and clip the envelopes with the clothespins. If you jumble them up, then it will be even more fun. And that’s it! Can you handle the temptation, or will you open them all at once?

A tree full of gifts.

What do you need? Empty boxes, bows or rope made of esparto straw and gift wrap.

The tree looks it’s best with all the gifts underneath, doesn’t it? The problem is that, if you also leave your shopping to the last minute, you’ll only be able to enjoy this very Christmassy scene on Christmas Day. We have a trick! Find a couple of boxes you don’t use at home, shoeboxes or any other kind, and wrap them up. Remember to consider your overall Christmas theme for your false gifts: a corrugated box with red paper and wrapped with a good golden bow will look beautiful on a more traditional tree, but if, on the contrary, you choose a more natural and rustic touch, opt for Kraft paper, esparto grass strings, and top it off with dried leaves as a finishing touch.

Recycle your decorations from previous Christmas.

What do you need? A pair of old-fashioned baubles and paint.

Don’t throw away those decorations that have become obsolete or that you simply don’t like anymore. You probably have some spray paint at home, take it out and give those baubles a second life. Before drying, you can sprinkle sequins or glitter on them. If you don’t like them on the tree, you can always use them for a wreath or a Christmas centre. They will also look beautiful in a transparent vase.

The traditional Christmas wreath.

What do you need? Any wild plant in shades of green, pineapples, nuts, dried flowers… Give free rein to your imagination!

Tell us, what is a door without a good wreath during Christmas? Take a walk through the natural landscape surrounding your home at Cumbre del Sol and pick out any element that might look good for your wreath. To shape it, you can use a wire and, with a little thread, tie the base of green leaves to your form. For the rest of the decorations, you can use a hot glue gun or any other adhesive you have at home and decorate as you like.

Your own Christmas tree decorations

What do you need? A pair of scissors, needle, thread, felt, string and cotton for the filling.

The steps are simple, draw a series of templates on paper and cut them out: trees, candy canes, stars… Once you have your templates, use them to shape your design on the felt. Cut out two sides and join them with the needle and thread. When it is almost completely threaded, stuff the cotton in as a filling, finish closing it with the needle so that nothing escapes and use a string as a loop to hang them on the tree. You can bring your designs to life with sequins or embroidering different patterns, such as snowflakes.

As you can see, spending time at home can be a lot of fun, especially if its quality time with family! If you are feeling adventurous enough to craft some of these yourself, don’t forget to share your experience with us in a comment on the blog or by tagging us on our Facebook and Instagram, where, as you know, we always keep you up to date with all the news taking place at this Costa Blanca paradise: Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol.

Discover the Upper Marina

Discover the Upper Marina

If you’ve chosen to live on the Costa Blanca, you will benefit from an exceptional quality of life: a mild climate year-round, surrounded by natural landscapes and a region rich in gastronomy and history. Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol is located in the heart of the Marina Alta region and just a few kilometres away from nice towns that are waiting to be explored. Therefore, we’ve decided to tell you all about some of them so that you can get to know the whole area both in summer and in winter.

Benissa: Interior and coast

Benissa is a coastal town that we recommend you visit on a walk from the centre. The cobblestone streets and historical buildings of the town will transport you directly to the medieval era. It’s worth noting the church, the old hospital (which now houses the Town Hall), the Andrés and Pere Bigot houses and even the Abargues Museum house dating back to the 18th century, which you can visit.

Another advantage of Benissa is, without doubt, its coastal location. The Fustera beach is the largest and is perfect for spending a day with the family, while the Llobella and Advocat coves are ideal for diving. In addition, you can explore this last part of the Ecological Path: a 4 km long path that borders the sea and offers an impressive view of Calpe and Moraira. If you feel like doing the whole route, you can go as far as Calpe (9 km).

Calpe: History and culture

The symbol of Calpe is undoubtedly the Peñón de Ifach. It is a 332-meter-high rock formation that offers a breath-taking view and is home to many species. This walk requires good physical fitness, at least after passing the tunnel.

Continue along the promenade and contemplate the magnificent Roman ruins that were built between the second and fourth centuries. In the water you can find remains of a fish farm, while on the other side of the promenade you can find hot springs ruins.

Another part of the city that you can’t miss is its historical centre. Go to the Plaça de la Villa and stroll the cobblestone streets with colourful houses. In addition, the Torreó de la Peá defensive tower, built in the 15th century, awaits you at the end of your walk and houses the Museum of Collections.

Dénia: History, cuisine and shopping

There‘s  no doubt that the most impressive element of Denia is its castle, where the archaeological museum is also located. After learning about its history, take a stroll through the old town to do some shopping or taste the region’s typical dishes. Furthermore, take the time to get lost among its narrow streets to discover the city’s various neighbourhoods; the fishermen’s neighbourhood (Baix la Mar) is colourful and Les Roques is characterized by its one-story simple homes. This walk will give you the opportunity to explore the lesser known locations of the city, like the church, the castle’s tunnel (used as refuge during the war) or the Els Magazinos gastronomic space.

The tour ends at the port’s breakwater so you can admire the city from this vantage point and to discover the great variety of trails that are in the surroundings.

Now all you have to do is choose one of the destinations to have a little adventure! Don’t forget to check out our blog regularly and follow us on Facebook and Instagram to find out all about life on the Costa Blanca and our luxury villa and apartment developments.

Hiking Trails with Wonderful Views Near Cumbre del Sol (II)

Hiking Trails with Wonderful Views Near Cumbre del Sol (II)

A few weeks ago, we told you about various hiking routes near Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol, so that you could get to know the area where you live in more detail. But, as there are so many options available and we wanted you to get to know them all, we decided to do a second article in which we discussed more about the routes. Read on and discover more reasons why the Costa Blanca is ideal.

We’ll start with the area to the north of Cumbre del Sol, which does not lag behind in terms of beauty, as it is a nature reserve where you will find magnificent coves and trails that you’ll love. The nearest road, named after this well-known beach which is just a few kilometres from your home, is El Castell de la Granadella. Then, if you leave this cove behind and follow the signs indicating the proximity of an asphalted road, you will reach a place where you can admire the Punta de Ámbolo cove and the Isla del Descubridor. Continue a little further and you will reach the ruins of Granadella Castle and the top of the hill from where you can admire the cliffs of Benitachell, Cap d’Or de Moraira and, of course, the Rock of Ifach.

El Cap Prim is a few kilometres north of La Granadella and offers different paths for various walks. After parking near the Portitxol crossing, you can reach the peak of Cap Prim or explore some of the most beautiful beaches in the area: Cala Barraca or Portitxol with its famous fishermen’s houses or even Cala Sardinera, one of the most secluded on the Costa Blanca as its only access is on foot or by sea.

Cova Tallada

Finally, in the Cap de Sant Antoni and in the heart of the Montgó Natural Park, you will find the Cova Tallada trail, a cave bathed by the sea that was used for centuries as a quarry. It is a complicated access that is monitored from the 15th to the 30th of September, so it is necessary to make a reservation, access with a permit and identity card and, at most, you can only stay for an hour and a half. You can get there from the port of Jávea and marvel at the beauty of Cap de Sant Antoni or from Dénia (Les Rotes) on a shorter but equally magnificent excursion. Don’t forget to bring water shoes, sunglasses and snorkel to discover the seabed of this natural reserve.

As you will have seen, there are many options available to you to connect with nature! Remember that in our blog we always tell you about all the activities you can do near Cumbre del Sol and that we always keep you up to date on our Facebook and Instagram pages. Don’t hesitate and follow us!

Discover Jávea From Above

Discover Jávea From Above

The Costa Blanca is a region full of surprises and new places to discover. if you’ve chosen to live at Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol, you’ll be able to benefit from its many perks. You’ll have all the necessary conveniences available in your day-to-day life close to your home (supermarket, international school, pharmacy, etc.), as well as various sports facilities and beautiful surroundings that invite you to explore nature’s playground. The coast between Moraira and Dénia is filled with parks and natural reserves with magnificent coves of crystalline waters and whose cliffs offer breathtaking views. That’s why we suggest an itinerary to Jávea’s various viewpoints; so get in the car and follow us!

Start out going north, towards Jávea, specifically to the Cap de Sant Antoni lighthouse, which provides views of the the town of Jávea like you’ve never seen before. Continue along the route, stop at the Sanctuary of Nuestra Señora de los Angeles and walk along the dirt track. There you will find some mills that date back to over 300 years and from where you can admire unparalleled views of the valley and the Cap Prim of Jávea.

Continue on foot along the coast until you reach Arenal beach. This beach is famous for its fine sand and the many shops along its promenade as well as the Séquia de la Nòria, a canal that dates back to Roman times that allowed seawater to enter an inland area where the salt mines were located. Then, go to Cala Blanca to admire the cliffs, follow the road that borders the sea and crosses the natural tunnels to reach the other coves.

Then head towards the Cruz de Portitxol to enjoy the impressive views; you can also take a couple roads that lead to, for example, Cala Sardinera or Cap Prim. Once you’ve finished this part of the trip, plan to go towards La Falzia as well, where you can marvel at the views of Cap de Sant Antoni, Cap Prim and the pine forest. Finally, drop by Cap Negre, where you can get one final glimpse of this entire section of the coast.

Follow the route south to discover the other side of Cap de la Nao. We recommend that you leave your vehicle near the lighthouse and make the trip to get a panoramic view. This is the closest point to the island of Ibiza and, if the weather is good, you’ll be able to see it. Take advantage of the stop to have a snack and refreshment or to order take away at one of the restaurants. If you want to experience the cape’s elevation, the lighthouse and Ambolo island, go towards Les Pesqueres, a viewpoint that’s about 500 metres away.

Back in the car, we recommend a stop at two of the most beautiful coves in the area. The first one is Cala Ambroso, which you can only admire from above because, unfortunately, its access is closed due to the risk of landslides. The next is Cala Granadella. Take advantage and admire the beauty of this nature reserve from your vehicle by taking the road that leads to the beach, then make your way on foot to finally reach it or to the path that leads to Castell de Granadella. This way, you will already be a few kilometres away from Cumbre del Sol because the Granadella natural park extends to the entrance of the residential complex.

You can follow this route in both directions, and we suggest doing it at different times of the year to discover a unique landscape each time. Don’t forget to check our blog regularly to find out about the different activities close to your home and follow us on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Cumbre del Sol: Facilities and Amenities

Cumbre del Sol: Facilities and Amenities

Life at Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol is very relaxed and you’ll have everything you need very close to home. Ideally located in the northern Costa Blanca, between Valencia and Alicante, you’ll find dreamy villas and apartments at this residential complex to turn your Spanish dreams into a reality.  If you are lucky enough to be the owner of one of these homes, you already know that at Cumbre del Sol, you’re not lacking any service or amenity, such as fiber optics, so you’re always connected. Moreover, you can enjoy exceptional surroundings, with ample opportunity to explore the natural wonders all around you.

We know that one of the most important things to consider is your children. The little ones will have the opportunity to study at Lady Elizabeth School, recognized as one of the best schools in the country. The school’s facilities aren’t lacking, as it has an indoor swimming pool, a soccer field, spacious and bright classrooms and interactive whiteboards. In addition, residents can benefit from the agreement that VAPF signed with the school in September 2019. For all these reasons, it is a unique place for the development and education of your children.

Education is very important, but leisure is as well. That’s why you can find various sports facilities at Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol. Slip on your comfortable walking shoes and discover the paths that run very close to your home; grab your racket and some balls to play a game of tennis or paddle on the resort’s courts or, if you prefer, you can also stop by the equestrian centre to sign up for riding lessons or go for a ride on horseback.

All these activities will likely whet your appetite and therefore you’ll find several restaurants nearby, some with Michelin stars, both near and within Cumbre del Sol. Cañada del Sol and Como en Casa are ideal for a quick drink after a game; Kiosko del Sol, on the northern entrance of Cumbre del Sol, right next to our offices, is perfect for breakfast or ordering lunch to take with you to work. If you continue on this road, you’ll arrive at the Adelfas shopping centre, where you’ll find the Acantilados bar-restaurant and La Cumbre restaurant. Acantilados opened this summer and has wonderful views of the sea; La Cumbre has been open for several years now and is ideal for enjoying typical Mediterranean dishes, such as different types of rice, with the whole family. Finally, you can also enjoy a mini-vacation without leaving Cumbre del Sol at DreamSeaMediterranean glamping and sign up for some of the sports activities they offer.

We’ve thought of everything our residents might need in their day-to-day life, so they don’t have to leave Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol unless it is absolutely necessary. Do you need to entertain last minute guests? No problem, you can book a table or order takeaway from one of the establishments we have already mentioned or pick something up at Pepe La Sal supermarket, located in the Adelfas shopping centre. You can also pay a visit to Candy, the owner of the VIP Salon. Lastly, there is also a pharmacy, just passed the shopping centre as well as La Cumbre restaurant and an international clinic in Moraira.

As you’ve probably noticed, at Cumbre del Sol, we’ve taken into consideration all the services and amenities that you could possibly need. We invite you to check our blog where we post regularly and follow us on Facebook and Instagram so you don’t miss out on any of our news. If you have any questions or want more information about our properties, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to assist you.

Hiking Trails with Wonderful Views Near Cumbre del Sol (I)

Hiking Trails with Wonderful Views Near Cumbre del Sol (I)

You are spending time enjoying the sun and sea views on your terrace while organizing your day. If you don’t feel like leaving Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol, you can go to the beach, play a game of tennis, go horseback riding, pamper yourself at the salon, do your shopping at the supermarket, or eat at one of the many bars or restaurants. You can also opt to stretch your legs while admiring the stunning landscape, but maybe you’ve already walked all the Cumbre del Sol trails. No worries, because here we’ll leave you with some other routes close by that you’ll quickly fall in love with.

Let’s begin my heading south and making a stop at the Albir lighthouse, where you can park your vehicle in a lot at the entrance of the natural park. At the beginning of this 5 km trail – completely paved – there is an information point, public toilets and picnic tables. This is a simple 5 km route that offers great views of the coast of Altea and the cliffs that end at the lighthouse, where you can visit the interpretation center. If you still feel like more adventure, you can take the path near the lighthouse that goes down to the mine or follow the path that leads to the highest point of Serra Gelada (438 m): Alt del Governador.

The Torre de les Caletes route is in the Serra Gelada Natural Park, but a little further south as we are in Benidorm. We advise you to leave your vehicle at the Levante beach as there is no parking at the starting point of this trail: Punta del Pinet. This road is asphalted and will get you to the Punta de les Caletes, where you’ll find a tower with the same name. In addition, it passes through l’Almadraba and Tio Ximo coves, where you can take a dip or stop to rest for a while. This walk borders the coast and can be done by people of all ages.

Continuing on our way, we’ll leave our car at the El Torres beach (Villajoyosa) so we can join the Sendero de la Costa (Coastal Track), about 7.5 km round trip. This excursion is particularly pleasant because it passes by various coves, such as Racó del Conill, where you can take a refreshing dip, until you reach Finestrat. Finestrat is the ideal place for a swim on a fine sand beach or to taste several of the typical Valencian dishes in one of many different restaurants by the sea.

We can promise, none of these wonderful hiking options close by your home will disappoint. All you have to do is choose your next destination, put on your good walking shoes and start exploring nature while also respecting the environment. Don’t forget to read our blog regularly and follow us on our social networks to find out all about our news and activities near Cumbre del Sol.