Wine Tourism: Discover the Alicante Wine Route

Wine Tourism: Discover the Alicante Wine Route

The Costa Blanca is a paradise which is visited by a large number of people from all over the world each year who all come in search of a new life in front of the sea at Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol. However, the fact that it’s next to the coast doesn’t mean it’s all about the beach and mountains, since in the province of Alicante you can enjoy a completely different kind of tourism: wine tourism. Travel through the Alicante wine route and discover its best vineyards. Not only will you get to taste this magnificent drink, but you can also make the most of this opportunity and try the varied local gastronomy of the entire area.

This wine route unites three regions under the same symbol: the vineyard. On one side, in the North, there are the regions of Marina Alta and Marina Baixa, which have the towns of Castell de Castells, Benigembla, Murla, Parcent, Alcalalí, Xaló, Llíber, Senija, Benissa, Calp and Teulada-Moraira. On the other side, in the South, there’s the region of Vinalopó, which has the towns of Algueña, Monóvar, Novelda, Petrer, Pinoso, Salinas, Sax, Villena and Elche. Follow the Alicante wine route and get swept away by the diversity and richness of its treasured vineyards.

Throughout your journey, you will taste the best wines of the province, which have a protected designation of origin. One of the wines you must try no matter what is Fondillón, completely made from the Monastrell grape which is very well known thanks to its tradition in Europe. This is a unique wine; whose production is a difficult one as it is made using old vineyards which currently have very limited availability. This is the reason behind its rarity. But if you’re a bigger fan of white wine, then we recommend you try the dry wine Marina Alta de Bocopa, an exquisite product which is made from the grape Alejandría muscatel. Those who prefer red wines are in luck because we produce an excellent pinot noir and petit verdot. Explore all the available options and enjoy an unforgettable experience thanks to this tour.

Don’t hesitate to visit the different wineries in the province. Some of them offer guided visits with the possibility of wine tasting. If you begin your itinerary at Vinalopó, the Finca Collado winery is an unmissable stop during the tour where you can discover the Mediterranean winemaking process. Meanwhile, the winery Xalo or the one in Parcent await you in the region of Marina Alta, all with reputations which precede them.

You can also make the most of this opportunity and explore and discover the local gastronomy and combine the flavours of the traditional dishes with the delicacy of the wines of Alicante. Just try resisting arroz a banda accompanied by a glass of good wine, it’s impossible! So just let yourself get swept away!

Alicante is a place with so much to offer: an idyllic environment, a renowned wine culture, a vast gastronomic richness… If you choose to live in the Cumbre del Sol Residential Resort, your dreams will become reality and you will begin a new life under the sun and in front of the sea. Don’t wait any longer and come toast with us!

Oktoberfest 2019: Enjoy a bit of German culture on the Costa Blanca

Oktoberfest 2019: Enjoy a bit of German culture on the Costa Blanca

The Costa Blanca has so much to offer and every day, more and more people are opting to start their new life in this wonderful region. That’s why, given its location in a natural enclave and the warm temperatures you can enjoy all year, our Cumbre del Sol Residential Resort is the ideal place for you to enjoy your terrace with or without pool, the sea, and the best views. It’s also worth noting that if you decide to start a new life in Cumbre del Sol, you won’t be lacking for anything as you’ll find sports facilities, restaurants, a friendly international environment with people from all over the world, and many attractions to discover. Apart from the historical and cultural attractions of the area, the Costa Blanca is a touristic zone which can be easily be observed, considering the many events organised in big cities close to Cumbre del Sol. One of the most important of those is Oktoberfest.

As has been tradition since 1987, the Calpe Club Creativo has organised an Oktoberfest from the 2nd through the 13th of October, which will take place in a large tent next to the Calpe Tennis Club. The main protagonist of the event will be German beer, but don’t not forget that there will also be folklore as well as typical German products and cuisine. In order to properly kick off such an important event for our German community and the city of Calpe, the mayor will be tapping the first keg and will crown the Festival Queen 2019. From that day on, there are various events planned such as jug lifting contests, Bavarian lunches, prizes for the 3 best costumes and much more. Don’t miss this opportunity to discover German culture first-hand and taste typical German dishes while attending one of the Steinsberger concerts.

Can’t make it during these dates? Maybe you didn’t have enough time to try all the different varieties? Don’t worry, because the Teulada-Moraira Oktoberfest will take place from the 18th through the 20th of October in the Les Sorts car park. Take advantage of these three days to feel like you’re really in Germany, thanks to all the different German beers you can try, typical dishes, and special music.

These events give you the opportunity to celebrate traditions that are known throughout the world and to make new friends. Don’t wait; get your ticket today and travel to Germany without leaving the Costa Blanca! We also invite you to check our blog regularly as well as our social networks, so that you’ll be up to date about the organized events going on near you and to receive any information you might need about VAPF properties.

Discover the new trails that link Cala Moraig with Cala dels Testos and el Morro del Roabit

Discover the new trails that link Cala Moraig with Cala dels Testos and el Morro del Roabit

The idyllic coves and beaches of the Costa Blanca are one of the its main attractions, and if you live at Cumbre del Sol Residential Resort you can wake up every day to these beautiful landscapes and enjoy the warm climate along the Mediterranean. Now, this connection with nature is even more accessible thanks to the new path that joins the historical centre of Poble Nou de Benitatxell with two of the main coves of the area: la Cala Moraig, and la Cala Els Testos as well as el Morro del Roabit.

The development of this new trail as an addition to the network of paths allow you to enjoy the great cultural and environmental heritage of Poble Nou de Benitatxell, like never before, with its spectacular landscapes and its majestic cliffs. Thanks to this new connection, you will be able to leave home and start on a pleasant walk to your favourite cove. There, you will be able to soak up the sun and take a refreshing dip in the sea, or if you prefer, take a walk to enjoy the treasures that surround you.

At Cala Moraig, you can fall in love with its cliffs and crystal clear waters. At Els Testos, you will enjoy the tranquillity and radiance of its waters, located between the cliffs and the Morro Falquí.

In addition to visiting the coves, you will also be able to take the opposite route and get closer to the town centre of Poble Nou de Benitatxell.

However, to continue to enjoy the nature and landscapes that surround Cumbre del Sol in all their splendour, it is necessary to continue respecting and taking care of them as we’ve always done. For this reason, the local government will be installing information panels and will be carrying out a campaign with the aim of raising awareness for the need to keep the path and the coves clean and free of rubbish.

If you haven´t yet discovered this new path yet, it´s time to get out there! Don´t just admire the sea from your terrace, now you have it even closer! Move quickly during these last days of summer by taking a stroll to the different beaches and coves and discovering the natural gems that surround Cumbre del Sol Residential Resort.

Discover the charm and history of Benitatxell through free guided tours

Discover the charm and history of Benitatxell through free guided tours

If you live at Cumbre del Sol Residential Resort you know better than anyone that it’s an invigorating experience for all the senses. The weather, landscapes, and beaches together create the perfect combination for the dream life you’ve always hoped for. However, the Costa Blanca in general and Poble Nou de Benitatxell specifically has hidden secrets and delights that you might not be aware of. To discover them, we propose a series of free guided tours offered by the Town Hall during the following months. If you haven’t considered going, think again and take note of the ones that are happening in September!

Take advantage of this month to discover the centre of Poble Nou de Benitatxell with the History and Heritage Route (La Ruta Histórica y de Patrimonio), which takes place every Friday at 6:00 pm and offers you a glimpse into the history, culture, and gastronomy of the town. The route begins with a guided visit of the Santa María Magdalena church and continues along the “El Portalet” old wall and the Jaume Llobell chapel. The second part of the route focuses on traditional architecture with a visit to the “riuaus” or raisin drying facilities and takes you through the Pous de I’Abiar, the Cova de las Bruixes and ends by contemplating the beautiful landscape of the vineyards. Undoubtedly, this route is the perfect opportunity to better understand the Iberian, Roman, and Muslim past of the town.

On the other hand, the Cliffs’ Route (La Ruta de los Acantilados) offers you a guided tour along the coast next to the cliffs until you reach Cala Llebeig. Thanks to this visit, you can get to know the hidden stories behind the places where smugglers, fishermen, and farmers lived and gathered and collected experiences in this part of the Costa Blanca. Bear in mind that the trail is not an easy one, and runs through cliffs, ravines, and the Cala Moraig fault. If you are interested, the visit takes place every Thursday in September at 5:30 pm.

In addition to these routes, considering Benitatxell’s desire to promote its historical and cultural heritage, the town is organizing another nocturnal route, with the title “Between witches and bandits,” in Spanish, “Entre brujas y bandoleros.” The local historian Pepe Cano was responsible for creating this tour that turned out to be a big success by bringing together more than 100 neighbors and tourists.

If you are interested in discovering the history and attractions that Poble Nou de Benitatxell has to offer, you can register for the guided tours at the tourism office, by calling 96 649 35 46, by sending an email to or completing the registration form. Don’t wait any longer and delve into the town’s past during the two and a half hours that the guided tours last!

2019 Summer Events at Cumbre del Sol Residential Resort

2019 Summer Events at Cumbre del Sol Residential Resort

Cumbre del Sol Residential Resort is a little piece of paradise in which, thanks to its warm temperatures, you can make the most of all year-round. Summer 2019 has been no different, and we’ve had a calendar full of events and new happenings. Did you miss any of them? Here you’ll find a summary of all our events.

On June 23rd, we celebrated the magical St. John’s Eve to kick off the summer. This time around it was held at the La Cumbre Restaurant, where we were surrounded by a spectacular atmosphere and delightful views. The residents enjoyed a pleasant dinner and at midnight they made their wishes by the bonfire for the coming year. Those who opted to stay and continue the celebrations danced the night away until the wee hours of the morning.

On July 21st, as has become tradition here at VAPF, we commemorated Belgian National Day with neighbours and friends. This was the 3rd edition of the event which brought out over 200 people! The guests enjoy a welcome cocktail, dinner, a photocall, and music. In addition, the little ones had a great time with the entertainers and the older folks were able to participate in a raffle with great giveaways. Things were later livened up with a firework show as well as a singer who delighted us with her voice from the pool area, creating a festive atmosphere.

In August, we celebrated another special event, the 3rd Classic Car Rally. On this occasion, we collaborated with the Vehícles Històrics La Marina association of Benissa. The cars left from Benissa to drive to Restaurant La Cumbre, where they were on display all evening. Attendees celebrated the night with a dinner, music and a fun photocall.

In addition, on the 25th, the Tour of Spain passed through the residence and we were able to watch it from our villas. Guests were able to see everything from the front line while enjoying an aperitif and a meal that included music.

It’s important to note that they haven’t all been one-time events! During July and August, we offered free yoga sessions located in beautiful outdoor settings: Tuesdays at 7:00 pm at Cala del Moraig and Thursdays at 9:00 am at Mirador dels Testos, two locations in which our residents could get up close and connect with nature and the sounds of the sea.

Two padel tennis tournaments and one tennis tournament were held for our most sporty residents, in collaboration with Dylan Mary Tennis Academy on the padel and tennis courts at Cumbre del Sol Residential Resort.

It was a summer filled with events for all tastes and styles and we want to take the time to take all those who participated.

If you’d like to receive information on our upcoming events, don’t hesitate to send us an email at and follow us on our social networks: Facebook y Instagram.

Get ready to discover the best beaches and coves along the Costa Blanca

Get ready to discover the best beaches and coves along the Costa Blanca

Those that don’t believe in paradise haven’t had the opportunity to visit the Spanish Costa Blanca yet. With more than 170 beaches and coves spanning over 200 kilometres of coastline, the beauty of its natural surroundings is undeniable. The Costa Blanca also stands out for the quality of its beaches and coves, as this area holds the largest number of blue flag beaches in Spain, that equals a total of 84 beaches for 2019.

Thanks to the superb location of our Cumbre del Sol Residential Resort, right in the heart of the Costa Blanca, you will be able to live year-round in an idyllic setting that offers some of the most beautiful beaches and coves well within reach.

In Benitatxell, you’ll find the Cala Moraig, one of the most magical places along the Costa Blanca. One of the 84 blue flags flies here and there are also impressive natural landmarks, such as the Cova dels Arcs or the Morro Falquí, so you’ll be able to enjoy gorgeous picture postcard scenery every day.

In Teulada-Moraria, you will find the Cala del Portet, a small shell-shaped beach that you’ll never want to leave for the tranquility of its crystal waters and natural surroundings. Once there, don’t miss the Cap D’or peninsula watchtower, where you can admire the scenery and the flora that surround it. The water is shallow and very calm, making it a suitable place for the whole family.

Not far from the previously mentioned beach, you will find the stunning Cala de Barraca, also known as the Cala del Portixol. This small cove is known for its white fishermen’s homes. Likewise, its rocky landscape and crystal-clear waters give it the characteristic feel of a beach paradise. When you go up to the lookout point, you’ll be able to marvel at the incredible sea views and the Island of Porixol that will both leave you speechless.

In Calpe, about half an hour’s drive from Cumbre del Sol, you’ll find the lively beach of La Fossa, with its fine sand and splendid views of the Ifach rock, a true symbol of the Costa Blanca. Its waters are crystal clear, so you’ll be able to do underwater diving and observe the sea floor and rock formations below.

If you continue further along the Costa Blanca, you will reach the famous and picturesque town of Altea where the Cap Negret beach is located. This beach is situated in a quiet area where you can completely disconnect and allow yourself to be carried away by the sound of the waves lapping the shore. In addition, there are many activity options, ranging from peddling a pedalo to riding high on a flyboard, so a great time is guaranteed by all.

The Costa Blanca is surrounded by many natural gems, thanks to the quality of its waters and the incomparable beauty of its landscapes that you will so easily fall in love with. So, if you haven’t already discovered it, what are you waiting for?