The cuisine of Denia: tradition, personality, and creativity

The cuisine of Denia: tradition, personality, and creativity

Denia is living, breathing cuisine. It’s always been so. But, since 2015, the town was named by UNESCO as being a creative city of gastronomy. The variety, richness, passion, and creativity on display in the kitchens and on dinner plates is the reason why Denia was awarded this distinguished title.

Denia’s deli – The Mediterranean sea

Denia’s cuisine is mainly based on the Mediterranean. The waters that bathe it also offer luxury products. One such being the red prawn which stands out above all others. Such is the tradition and passion for red prawns that even the famous crustacean has a soundtrack created by the famous chef Quique Dacosta. Arroz a banda (rice cooked in fish broth) and dried octopus are other typical dishes of the area. A good example of the reality that the sea has always been an abundance resources.

Other stars of the show

Although Dénia is very much inspired by the sea, Valencian agriculture also plays an important role in its gastronomy. The espencat (which in Valencian means “to crumble with hands”) is a famous salad, containing red pepper, aubergine, tomato, and baked onion accompanied by cod and dressed with olive oil. Going back to the sea, we find another typical dish from Denia with the llandeta. This is a white fish stew that is very common in the Marina Alta area and, as paella is world famous, we must also mention the famous fideuá.

There’s also room for those with a sweet tooth. Pumpkin fritters are a great and healthy alternative to the traditional churros with chocolate. And coca de llanda is probably the most famous snack in the whole Costa Blanca area – a sweet sponge cake to be eaten with a good hot chocolate.

Wine culture is closely tied to the area of the Costa Blanca North. In fact, the oldest winery on the Iberian Peninsula is located in Alto de Benimaquia. Specifically, on the slopes of the Montgó.

gastronomía denia

Internationally renowned chefs and restaurants

What is the best way to enjoy Denia’s cuisine? From the dishes of renowned chefs in the best restaurants in the area. The town is a place of work and inspiration for big names in the world of cuisine. Such as Susi Díaz, Joan Roca or Andoni Luis Aduriz, among many others.

But one name automatically jumps to mind: Quique Dacosta. If there is one person who has put Valencian cuisine on the map, it’s this famous chef from Extremadura. His restaurant, Quique Dacosta, is located in Denia (opposite Las Marinas beach). And 3 Michelin stars certify the work behind this ambitious project.

However, beyond this famous restaurant, there are other restaurants very close to Cumbre del Sol. Such as Aticcook, located in the attic of the designer Pepe Cabrera’s showroom. El Raset or Peix&Braxes where the people most refined palates will enjoy the typical gastronomy of Denia.

We think you have enough reasons to drop by Denia and enjoy its local cuisine, don’t you? Keep reading our next articles to learn more about the Costa Blanca North and discover new plans to do near Cumbre del Sol.

Activities to enjoy nature (2): Mountain

Activities to enjoy nature (2): Mountain

Costa Blanca is much more than its paradisical beaches. In this article, we’ll tell you about some activities you can enjoy in nature around Cumbre del Sol. This time, the plans are on dry land: horse-riding, golf, and various spectacular hiking routes for all levels.

Horse-riding in Cumbre del Sol

Riding a horse increases your balance and improves your posture. And if that wasn’t enough, it also increases muscle tone throughout the body and is good for your mental health. And to top it all off, riding the trails of Cumbre del Sol and enjoying the natural scenery turns into a unique experience. Whether you are an experienced rider or have never seen a horse up close, the Cañada del Sol Equestrian Centre offers you everything you are looking for. Lessons, booking guided excursions in different areas and for all levels. It is also a recovery centre and has a restaurant with a daily menu for a great day out.

Horse-riding in the Costa Blanca

Golf courses with captivating views

Golfing in Costa Blanca North is one of the unique experiences of living in Cumbre del Sol. With excellent temperatures all year round, golfing conditions are optimal 365 days a year. Playing golf whilst enjoying the outdoors and good weather is a luxury that only a few special places can boast.

A few minutes away from Cumbre del Sol, you can visit different courses and play your favourite sport. The Golf Club in Javea is a definite one to visit if you don’t want to travel too far and enjoy very well looked after courses. The Ifach Golf Club near Teulada-Moraira is a certainly impressive course. Given its location, you can enjoy amazing views of the Mediterranean and the Peñón de Ifach whilst teeing off surrounded by pine trees. Another two very interesting options for golfing around Residential Cumbre del Sol are La Sella and Golf Club Altea. La Sella (near Montgo natural park) with numerous clubs, was designed by José María Olazábal and has 27 holes. Golf Club Altea is another place to enjoy golf and has a 40 year long history.

Golf with sea views

Captivating hiking routes

Living in Cumbre del Sol means embracing nature and feeling surrounded by it. Not only for its incredible views of the sea, beaches and coves of the Mediterranean. But also for its extensive green areas and the number of natural parks in the area. One of the best known is the Granadella Natural Park. Thanks to this, the Costa Blanca coastline offers a wide range of spectacular hiking routes.

One of the best known hiking routes is probably the cliff paths. Along the coast of Benitachell there are spectacular geographic features in the form of cliffs. Some of them are even more than 100 metres above sea level. This route separates Cala del Moraig cove from Cala Llebeig cove. It is 4 kilometres long and is quite a pleasant walk due to its low-medium difficulty.

Montgo is one of the best natural parks in the area. There are many different hiking routes to do throughout. We recommend you do the classic route which runs through almost the entire park, it’s not very demanding in terms of slopes and terrain, but it will take you about 6 hours, as it covers about 16 kilometres. Within the natural park there are other interesting routes such as the Cova Tallada and Torre del Gerro.

The Abiar-Calistros route runs around the town of Benitachell and starts right in its town centre. This route focuses more on visiting key points in the town. Some of them being the Plaza de la Iglesia and the Portalet. It also takes you to the camí de la Torreta and the old system of natural wells.

Although this article was supposed to be dedicated to activities on dry land, we think we can make a small exception. We recommend the underwater route to discover the Moraig Cave. Above all, for diving lovers, it is a very interesting dive due to the special geological conditions of the place.

Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol offers a wide and varied range of plans, all falling underneath the same umbrella. Essentially, enjoying nature, the Mediterranean climate and an exclusive area such as the Costa Blanca North. We are talking about exclusivity in every sense of the word. Don’t miss our next articles to discover more activities and news.

Enjoy Easter in Costa Blanca

Enjoy Easter in Costa Blanca

With April comes Easter, a time that’s interesting to tourists in almost all parts of Spain and, in particular, in Costa Blanca. Here’s a series of plans and options near Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol to spend this holiday season in one of the most popular destinations throughout the year.

Easter brings an extra incentive to any resident or anyone who wants to spend a few days here, a truly luxurious offer. Watching the traditional processions with excitement, exquisite cuisine, and the famous dreamy beaches, all tied together with rich historical and cultural heritage sites.

Torrijas and Easter mona cake – easter’s sweet staple foods

When Easter arrives, it’s tradition in Costa Blanca to bake some of the famous Easter sweets. Flour, yeast, milk, egg, butter and sugar are more than enough to make the famous mona de Pascua cake. On Easter Sunday itself, tradition rules in Alicante. Families get together to have a snack and eat this dessert outside in nature (beach, mountain, countryside…). Interestingly, the mona has always been considered a loving gift from the grown-ups to the youngest members of the family.

The other star dish of Easter in Costa Blanca is torrijas. It’s surprising how something so simple can have such a spectacular flavour. Stale slices of bread soaked in red wine or milk with lemon and cinnamon, dipped in whisked egg and then fried in oil. Some people serve them coated in cinnamon and sugar and others sweeten them with syrup.

costa blanca torrijas y mona

Processions in Alicante

Holy Week in Costa Blanca is, above all, a festival of religious tradition that year after year attracts many visitors due to its incredible, emotional processions. Throughout the municipalities of the area, you can enjoy activities such as the famous procession of silence on Holy Thursday and the procession of the Holy Burial, the protagonist of Good Friday, in which women who wish can accompany the Holy Sepulchre dressed in a black shawl and veil. Two processions in the city of Alicante are worth mentioning: the procession of the Holy Supper on Holy Thursday, which is one of the most famous in Spain and helps a good cause, as after the procession, the food that is placed on the table of the procession is donated to a home for the elderly. And, on the other hand, the palm trees of the Explanada are witnesses to the most popular and familiar procession of all those celebrated in the city, that of the Borriquita on Palm Sunday.

Other processions to take into account if you want to experience what Holy Week is all about are those of La Pasión in the town of Orihuela, in which more than 8,000 Nazarenes and around 1,200 musicians parade; and the procession of Los Tres Abrazos (The Three Embraces) in Crevillente.

disfrutar de las procesiones costa blanca

Days out, music, markets…

There is also room for other non-religious activities to enjoy Easter in Costa Blanca. It’s a tradition in some towns such as Moraira-Teulada to play live music in the streets. In the city of Alicante, the Jornadas de Cuaresma (Lenten Days) are held to promote the hotel and catering industry throughout the province with the help of the best chefs in the area.

It’s also interesting to wander around the historic centre of any municipality in Costa Blanca, especially those of Altea, Dénia, Benitachell and Moraira, and discover their most emblematic spots, such as the medieval market that takes place in Calpe during easter, where you can buy typical Costa Blanca handicrafts.

And what about outdoor plans? Easter is the perfect time to discover natural areas such as the Benitachell cliffs route, take a stroll along the L’Andragó cove in Moraira or have an aperitif in the marina of Altea.

As you have seen, during Easter Week the towns and villages of  Costa Blanca dress up and put on hundreds of events that make the Alicante coastline a splendid place to be. The perfect mix of discovering and getting to know religious traditions and enjoying a unique area on the Mediterranean coast. Don’t miss our next blog articles in which we will continue to tell you about more things to do near Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol.

Make the Most of Spring in Costa Blanca

Make the Most of Spring in Costa Blanca

We almost always associate the coast with summer, tourism, sun and beach, but not all plans have to be in summer! Spring is the perfect time to experience the Mediterranean climate. Proof of this are the luxury plans that are sure to make you enjoy Northern Costa Blanca, in Cumbre del Sol and its surroundings.

Gourmet Cuisine

For the most exquisite and demanding tastebuds, Northern Costa Blanca is the perfect place thanks to the fusion of the Mediterranean soul with exquisite raw materials along with the research and professionalism of the best chefs, such as Quique Dacosta, Alberto Ferruz or Nazario Cano, among others.

La oferta gastronómica es muy rica y variada, desde tapas elaboradas en diferentes establecimientos de la zona, hasta la cocina de más alto nivel, todo ello maridado con excelentes vinos elaborados.

The cuisine is rich and varied, from tapas prepared in different establishments in the area, to the highest level of cuisine, all paired with excellent wines.

There are 11 Michelin-starred restaurants in Costa Blanca.

We recommend you to visit La Cumbre Restaurant in Cumbre del Sol, a long-established restaurant that always prepares an excellent menu with local seasonal products and the recently distinguished as the best European restaurant Quique Dacosta in Dénia, both places are the real deal in the area.

restaurantes estrella michelin costa blanca

Wine Tourism

Wineries, tastings in the Marina Alta, artisans, vineyards… Northern Costa Blanca, and more specifically the Marina Alta region, is one of Spain’s longest-standing winemaking regions. In fact, the province of Alicante is home to the oldest remains of wine production on the Iberian Peninsula. Northern Costa Blanca is deeply rooted in wine culture. The range of plans is so extensive that we invite you to read our article on places not to be missed if you consider yourself a true wine lover.


Enjoying spring in this area is almost a must, but even in the best moments and places, you need to take a break and breathe. What better way to do it than in thermal pools, in jacuzzis, or with a hydromassage treatment? You should always take care of yourself inside and out and the Pure Wellness centre in Cumbre del Sol is the perfect option if you want it all without going too far.

Boats, yachts… Enjoy the Mediterranean!

Taking advantage of the fact that in spring we’re not in sweltering heat, it’s a real pleasure to be able to go out for a sailboat ride and explore the coastline. Coves, paradisiacal beaches, and cliffs give way to an atmosphere of exclusivity and luxury, where a bottle of cava or champagne is always welcome while admiring the wonderful views.

The marinas of Marina Greenwich (Altea) and Dénia are the epitome of style, distinction and charm in a superb location at the foot of the bay with stunning sea views. And if you fancy cooling off and taking a dip in two of the best coves on the Costa Blanca North, take note of Cala Moraig, with a blue flag, and Cala Llebeig, both within Cumbre del Sol.

turismo de lujo en costa blanca

Art to get inspired

Northern Costa Blanca is, historically, an area of artists and artisans of all kinds who have decided to settle here, and the light of the Mediterranean, coupled with the bohemian atmosphere of Costa Blanca has been a source of inspiration throughout history. Unique pieces, such as handmade jewellery, sculptures, paintings… all of them priceless works that come out every year from small workshops spread all over the North of Costa Blanca.

The town of Altea is home to the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Alicante and is considered one of the artistic and cultural capitals of the Valencian Community, a home for  poets, writers, painters and all kinds of artists.

There is also room for other seasonal activities: theatre, music and various art exhibitions in the numerous cultural centres such as the Palau de Altea, el Auditori Teulada-Moraira, or the Espaid’ArtContemporani Salvador Soria, among others.

The most important thing – Family

We should also mention the wide choice of family plans to enjoy with the little ones. Day trips, guided tours, nature walks, amusement and water parks… these are just a few examples of the many family activities that the Costa Blanca North has to offer.

As you can see, there’s so many cultural activities to enjoy close to Residential Resort Cumbre Del Sol. There is no shortage of reasons to choose Northern Costa Blanca to enjoy spring. Have we left anything out? Tell us about it.

Costa Blanca – A Paradise for Cyclists

Costa Blanca – A Paradise for Cyclists

We enjoy one of the best climates in the world here in Costa Blanca. Approximately 300 days of sun and mild temperatures for most of the year.

This, along with a backdrop of mountains and beaches, make the area a top choice for people. For tourists, athletes, and even professional sports teams. In fact, many professional atheletes have chosen to stay at Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol as a temporary residence for their training sessions, where they can enjoy a home here. In this area of the province, they go on routes, train, or prepare for competitions. In fact, some championships, such as the La Vuelta a España cycling race, have passed through this area. For example, the 2019 edition crossed the Alto del Puig Llorença, in Residential Resort Cumbre Del Sol.

Of course, there must be something special about this area for both professional and amateur athletes alike to have a soft spot for the place. From Alicante to Dénia, in this article we will tell you some of the reasons why the Costa Blanca is a cyclist’s paradise.

The Climate

We’ve already talked about how wonderful the climate is. But even though we enjoy this weather, and we may consider it normal, it is far from the norm. It’s not easy to find an area with so many hours of sunshine and ideal temperatures for outdoor sports all year round.

Sea and Mountain – Two Sides of The Same Coin

The blend and, sometimes, mimicry of sea and mountain along the more than 100 kilometres that run along the North of Costa Blanca offers cyclists a plethora of possibilities to adapt the routes according to their level as an athlete. As well as the characteristics of their bikes such as wheels, suspension and frame.


A Safe Environment

Safety for cyclists is a number one priority. Many coastal areas don’t have the proper infrastructure for cycling tracks. The Comunidad Valenciana and different localities within Costa Blanca (particularly in the North) have spent years working on creating a safe system that’s always up to scratch for practicing sport.

Not only do they look after the roads, which go from flat planes for beginners to more demanding climbs on stretches with hardly any traffic, but they also take care of the mountains. Mountain biking is one of the most promoted activities in North Costa Blanca due to the sea and mountains we mentioned earlier. In fact, there are two MTB centres in Vall de Pop and El Comtat.

Cyclists’ Territory

The Costa Blanca North is an area which, over the years, has become a reference point for cyclists. The hotel sector has benefited from this by knowing how to prepare its facilities to meet the needs of an athlete. In most of them you can find swimming pools and spas. These are the ideal place to rest and relax the muscles after a day’s cycling. Other hotels include gyms for training and cycling centres for repairing bicycles.

MTB en Costa Blanca Norte

After this series of features that make North Costa Blanca an ideal destination for cyclists, doesn’t it make you want to start cycling? In this article you can see several routes around Cumbre del Sol to get you going.

Top must-see places in Altea

Top must-see places in Altea

Its white architecture, cobbled streets in the old town, mere kilometres away from beaches with crystal clear water, and just like any paradisiacal island, hides hidden coves. The tranquillity of its winter, the liveliness of its summer… Whatever it is, the town of Altea has that something that grabs you, that makes it a unique place to lose yourself in and, if you feel like it, to find yourself.

Here’s a series of must-see places to discover Altea on your first visit to this town on the Costa Blanca North. If you have already been here or you live here, take notes, maybe there’s something you’ve been missing out on.

Walk round Altea’s old town

One of the things that, under no circumstances, you cannot miss if you want to discover Altea’s beauty with your own eyes. Put on comfortable shoes and go uphill, because getting there by car is quite complicated due to the fact that most streets here are pedestrianised.

However, it’s worth it (extremely so). Go for a stroll through these labyrinthine streets while admiring the beauty of every corner. The Church of Nuestra Señora del Consuelo crowns the city and is a must-see in this area.

The Cronistas Lookout Point

A few metres from the Church of Nuestra Señora del Consuelo, and in the highest part of the old town, is the Mirador de Cronistas, from where you have the best panoramic views of Altea, the sea and the mountains.

Lose yourself in the Garden of the senses

Altea is known for its beaches, but in this municipality on the Costa Blanca there is also space for more tropical areas. The Garden of the Senses is perfect for getting in touch with nature through its more than 3,000 square metres of plants from all over the world.

Serra Gelada Natural Park

Another way to discover Altea especially for hiking aficionados. Just a few kilometres from the town is this natural park that overlooks the sea, with incredible landscapes to enjoy while walking along one of the park’s different routes.

We suggest a couple of options for different levels. On the one hand, La Ruta del Faro de l’Albir, completely accessible and with views of the Bay of Altea, the Serra de Bèrnia and the Serra Gelada itself. A perfect route to do with children or if you are just starting out hiking.

Another option that is more intense is the Travesía de la Serra Gelada, a linear route through the entire mountain range. It is about 8.5 kilometres long and lasts about 4 and a half hours, linking the Albir Information Point with the Benidorm Cross. It can be done in both directions, or you can do the route there and back. But, before you venture out, bear in mind that it is a demanding route due to ups and downs, don’t choose a very hot day and make sure you hydrate yourself well.

altea parque serra gelada

Marina Greenwich Port

The marina of the city curiously coincides with the Greenwich Meridian 000º 00′ 00″. Just for that coincidence alone, it is worth coming here. It is also an ideal place to relax on the many terraces and restaurants near the harbour and enjoy the whole bay

Barra Grande and Racó del Corb Coves

As you would expect, being in the north of Costa Blanca, we have to talk about coves. The beaches of Altea are quite well known and you won’t have much trouble finding the most popular ones. We recommend two options that are not so well known, but more amazing than the ones you will find in the first Google results.

Both are located north of the town and both are difficult to access as you have to go down a steep slope, but once you get there, you will see that the effort is rewarded.

Tip for both: wear booties for diving or similar footwear when swimming and, of course, snorkelling gear for diving into the crystal-clear waters.

As you have seen in this article, Altea is a town to discover that hides beauty in every corner. With these plans, what are you waiting for? Go and organise a getaway to this jewel in the north of Costa Blanca.