Discover the Costa Blanca’s nautical side

Discover the Costa Blanca’s nautical side

There are around 250 kilometres of coastline joining the Mediterranean Sea to the land in what is known to us all as the Costa Blanca. A unique location, famous for the hours of sunshine enjoyed all year round. And in this unique setting you will find  Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol, a place that, aside from the waves lapping its shores, is surrounded by towns with a wealth of cultural, historic, and gastronomic charms, with plenty of leisure activities as well. The fact is that, in summer, the sea features prominently when it comes to making plans with friends and family.  We suggest a few options here to get you started!

And right there in Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol you have so many water sports on offer that you won’t want to be out of the sea all summer. We are talking about Dreamsea Mediterranean Camp, a place to discover and develop new passions. Have you ever heard of Stand up paddle? This activity lets you paddle off on a surfboard to discover some delightful little Costa Blanca hideaways.

More traditional pastimes include kayaking or snorkelling, activities that Dreamsea Mediterranean Camp also provides, designed to make your summer with us full of new experiences and comforts. We also offer Glamping services. Does that ring a bell? It is a combination of “glamorous and campingSo you can enjoy the very best of nature without sacrificing comfort!

But as we mentioned, aside from Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol, there are plenty more water sports to enjoy! The fact is that if you have always been a fan of films with a seagoing setting, at Moraira some great adventures await. The port has a long list of options for boat rentals and you can choose the one that best suits your style, and spend a lovely day at sea. Plan your route and then pay a visit to this Alicante port. You won’t be disappointed!

If you are more of an adrenaline junkie, there is one activity that will definitely ensure that the freedom of the sea gets right under your skin. Riding the waves has never been easier than with a jet ski. And just a few steps away from Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol you have the best scenario for a trip out to sea. Both Denia and Jávea have an enormous range of options for practising this aquatic sport.  One way of discovering the Mediterranean Sea at top speed!

And under the waves you can dive into the sea depths, with the sea bed unquestionably one of the main tourist attractions on the Costa Blanca. In Javea, scuba diving is their daily bread. Because the subterranean waters here are unique throughout Spain. Why should that be? We would like you to discover that for yourself when you dive down to explore the flora and fauna of the seabed.

High on the list of places for scuba diving on the Costa Blance is the famous Cova dels Arcs. This cave has galleries and passageways along with a subterranean river which can be explored by more experienced divers. Apparently, this cave was submerged some 6,000 years ago when the sea level rose. It is a real historical treasure and an amazingly beautiful discovery for lovers of scuba diving.

As you can see, Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol has infinite number of leisure activities for you to enjoy. But we know that the sea and the water is the biggest attraction in summer and so we hope that we have helped with this round up of activities and places for you to discover in the Costa Blanca where water, and more water! is never in short supply!

The Padel Tournament Returns to Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol

The Padel Tournament Returns to Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol

One of the main events of the year at Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol is just around the corner! The padel tournament, organized by North Costa Blanca Paddle Club Cumbre del Sol and sponsored by VAPF, is here for the third consecutive year and we couldn’t be more excited.

This tournament will be held between the 1st and 4th of July, coinciding with Wimbledon 2021. We hope not to overshadow it! This kind of activity give life to Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol and encourages social interaction among our neighbors, many of them are already almost professionals at padel tennis! In addition, the facilities are perfect to carry out an event of this type, as there are currently five padel courts.

Before you sign up for this great event, we want to tell you more about it. One of the most important things to note are the categories that will be available for the tournament, since the level and demand of the game will depend on it. For men’s teams, as well as for women’s teams, you can only play in Category 1. However, for mixed teams, there is more variety: Categories 1, 2 and 3. Have you decided which one you’ll be playing in?

If you want to try your luck in the tournament organized by North Costa Blanca Padel Club Cumbre del Sol, or just have a good time, we will tell you how to sign up! The registration fee is €15 per person and category. To be counted as a participant, you must call Gary (634351671) or Lynne (675156471), two of the organizers, and confirm your details and registration.

We wanted to leave the motivational part for the end, although we hope that the prize is not the only thing that moves you to sign up. This tournament is comprehensive and also has a cash prize for those who win. In this case, the winning couple will receive €150  and the finalist couple, €50. Not bad at all!

If you enjoy this sport, you will be happy to know that another tournament will be organized by North Costa Blanca Padel Club Cumbre del Sol in August, and it will take place at Cumbre del Sol too. So, you won’t have to leave our stunning location to keep enjoying this great sport! This new padel competition will be held from 5th to 8th of August. The categories will be men’s teams (1, 2, 3), women’s teams (2), and mixed teams (1a, 1b). In addition, VAPF will give a prize to winners.

If you would rather watch a match than play – for the excitement of wondering who will win – you are more than welcome too! All matches are held in a safe environment because we make sure that all protocols against COVID-19 are in place. And if the weather is too hot for you, you can relax and enjoy a cool drink at the bar Como en casa. At Cumbre del Sol there is always something fun to do!

As you can see, your summer will be filled with activities at Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol! Moreover, by participating in these events, you will not only be entertained, but you will also get to meet other neighbors, create new bonds and learn the art of padel tennis! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with more events of this type and life at Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol.

Blue flag beaches on the Costa Blanca

Blue flag beaches on the Costa Blanca

This year once again, the Valencian Community led the way with the highest number of blue flag beaches in Spain. In fact, this year three more beaches have been added compared to last year’s list. But why is this flag so important? Is it to do with the environment? Would you like to know which are the best beaches on the Costa Blanca that are flying this blue flag? Keep reading to find out what makes them so special!

What does it mean to see a blue flag flying on a beach?

The blue flag is the highest accolade a beach or sports marina can receive, in recognition of the environmental quality of its waters. To be awarded a flag, these places have to fulfil a number of requirements to meet certain standards. To give you an idea of what it means, it is rather like a restaurant receiving a Michelin star. But do you know the selection criteria that are used? And the characteristics of these beaches?

The most important feature is the quality of the water. In fact, the Costa Blanca blue flag beaches have the cleanest, most limpid crystal clear waters that enable you to see the sea bed at all times. But that’s not all. The blue flag guarantees the cleanliness of the beaches as well. So it insists on proper waste management to preserve the natural environment, and to respect biodiversity, even though many of these places are tourist hot spots. This recognition also ensures that the beaches are safe and accessible for people with reduced mobility. Although, here we should mention that pets are not allowed.

Blue flag beaches on the Costa Blanca

We never tire of telling you that Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol offers so many advantages! One of the main ones, especially now in the summer, is that of having the best beaches on your doorstep. A treat for the senses! And we are not talking about just any old beaches, but some of the very best ones. Both for their surroundings and also for the blue flag flying overhead. Shall we go to the beach then?

You are sure to know this famous little cove already as it is part of Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol: Cala Moraig. It is the ideal spot to freshen up with a dip in the water, for snorkelling or for enjoying some peace and quiet. And just a few kilometres away there is another little beach with enormous charm that belongs to the district of Benissa. Do you know which one it is? Yes, that’s right, its Cala Fustera!

Do you want to enjoy beach and a bit of urban life without straying too far from home? Then we have the perfect towns just on our doorstep: Altea and Denia! Altea has no less than 3 beaches with a blue flag: Cap Blanc, La Roda and L’Espigó. You will also find every type of beach, both sandy and pebbly. There are beaches to suit everyone, but one thing is sure, once you get there you won’t want to go home.

When you are in Denia you can choose from among 6 beaches with a blue flag. Els Molinis beach is ideal for water sports or for a beach volley ball game with friends. If you’re planning a family day out at the seaside your best bet is Les Marines. It has everything you need with all kind of services. For example: If you are looking for comfort above anything else, you can rent a hammock and a sunshade there.

Now we have told you some of the best blue flag beaches on the Costa Blanca you know what you need to do, right? Get out your swimming costume or bikini and head for one of the beaches we mentioned and have a great day. If you want to find some of the lesser known corners of the Costa Blanca, make sure that you read our blog and follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

This summer, Summer Camp at Lady Elizabeth School

This summer, Summer Camp at Lady Elizabeth School

What child hasn’t dreamt of summer camp? Making friends, learning new activities, not being bored at home during the three months of summer… Besides, if you work, you will know how complicated it is some weeks to find daycare for your kids. So we are here to offer a solution!

The Summer Camp of Lady Elizabeth School, at Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol is back for a new edition! From the 5th of July until the 13th of August, your children will be able to enjoy multiple activities that will make this the best summer of their lives. What’s more, all ages can attend: from 2 to 17 years old!

The location of the Lady Elizabeth School is unbeatable. It is in the heart of the Costa Blanca and with pleasant summer temperatures, perfect for enjoying the sea. And also, for outdoor activities. In addition, you can choose whether to stay with a host family or in the school’s own residence! This Summer Camp is ideal for sharing the experience with up to 25 other students from all over the world.

One of the objectives of this Summer Camp, apart from having a great time, is to learn English, and the best way to do so is to speak it all day long! That’s why, at the beginning of the course, students will have to complete a short English test. This way, they can be evaluated and the teaching organised according to their level in the language. And to make it more fun, every two weeks the Summer Camp gets a different theme. This year, these will be some of the themes: LES Circus; Science and Nature; and Mission Impossible.

In addition to the language and these themes, the programmes are adapted to each age group. The youngest children (2-4 years old) will be entertained with various activities. Dance, face painting, music and everything else a child of their age can imagine. For the 5–8-year-olds, sport is a fundamental part our programme. In addition, every Wednesday they will take the opportunity to go on an excursion where nature takes centre stage. They will visit places such as Terra Natura, the Oceanogràfic of Valencia or Mundomar, among others.

Are your children between ages 9 and 11? At the Lady Elizabeth School Summer Camp, they will be surrounded by dance, theatre, cooking and also languages! They will have four English or Spanish classes per day and another four activity classes, so they won’t have time to get bored and there will be plenty of time for fun and learning!

Finally, the older children will also enjoy their days at our Summer Camp. For them we have prepared four different programmes to choose from. These are Languages, Sustainability and Environmental Conservation, Creative Writing or Global Perspectives. And in the afternoons, they can choose from all kinds of activities: Master Chef, Performing Arts, Carpentry, Artistic Design… so they can use their imaginations to the fullest!

Would you like to know more about the Summer Camp of Lady Elizabeth School at Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol? If the answer is yes, you can find all the information here. If, on the other hand, you have already made up your mind, click on this link. Here you can register and sign up for what is sure to be the best summer ever for your children.

It’s Starting to Get Hot: Time to Cool Off!

It’s Starting to Get Hot: Time to Cool Off!

With the arrival of the summer heat, the only thing we think about is cooling off. As well as drinking plenty of water, especially on particularly hot days, our body also longs for the sensation of that cool water against our warm skin. What better feeling than taking a dip on summer days? Among salt water, fresh water, and swimming pools, we offer you a range of options to refresh your mind and strengthen your spirit.

Can you imagine living just a few steps away from an area with large swimming pools? With the Montecala Gardens flats at Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol, you can cool off in just a couple of seconds. All you have to do is think about it and, moments later, you will be in the water. Moreover, the shared pools of these flats will allow you to enjoy your neighbours and have fun with them, creating memorable moments. As for the private pools, they have another kind of advantage. At Lirios Design, all the models have their own pool so that you can enjoy all the privacy, peace, and comfort you need.

As well as having your own swimming pool or one at your disposal in the common areas, if you love to feel the warm sand on your feet, the sea breeze and benefit from the advantages of saltwater on your body, you can also visit the many beaches within your reach. And we’re not talking about just any beach, but those that carry the blue flag.

Swimming in crystal clear water is an exquisite sensation, isn’t it? We are sure you have already enjoyed the calm, turquoise waters of Cala Moraig and Cala LLebeig in Cumbre del Sol, and so today we invite you to discover other marvellous spots. Playa del Portet, in Teulada-Moraira and just a few kilometres from Benitachell and the VAPF residences, is a perfect spot for a family day out. But if you don’t care so much for sand and prefer a less frequented beach, we recommend playa de la Grava in Jávea, a charming pebble beach characterised by its small and picturesque port and its easy access, as it is very close to the historic centre of Jávea. Why not relax on this beach after an intense day visiting the city and discovering its history and rich heritage of monuments?

But if you are looking for a place to cool off while you go for a walk and visit the province interior, you can’t miss one of the best places on the Costa Blanca: Las Fuentes del Algar. This natural environment offers several possibilities so that you won’t get bored and spend an exceptional day: hiking trails, natural pools where you can practice your jumping from the rocks, waterfalls and a picnic area. In addition, the water is a little cooler than that of the swimming pools or beaches because it comes from the mountains. Can you think of a better plan?

As you can see, blue is an omnipresent colour on the Costa Blanca: from the sky to the sea or even to your terrace. We all crave summer and with all these suggestions, we guarantee you a refreshing and unforgettable season. Don’t hesitate to follow us on Instagram and Facebook to find out more about the Costa Blanca and the properties we offer you. Enjoy a luxurious summer!

Cumbre del Sol: The Leisure You’re Looking For

Cumbre del Sol: The Leisure You’re Looking For

The good weather is here, and you can sense it all over! Both for the extra degrees and because some Covid-19 restrictions have been relaxed. This means that there will be more options for leisure activities for the coming weeks and months in our surroundings.

At Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol an event begins this weekend that we are especially excited about. This Saturday, May 15th, the S.P.D. Cumbre del Sol tennis school will be inaugurated! Although, for security reasons, the opening ceremony will be held online. The good news is that during the next week the courts will be open for you to test them out for free.

We have worked for a long time to design and create four unique tennis courts in our complex. And most importantly, at the school, each court will overlook the Mediterranean. Undoubtedly, it’s a unique space where you can practice this sport! In addition, while learning tennis you will have a team of professionals by your side who stand out for their enthusiasm and optimism. Bring out the player in you! The whole team is waiting for you this Saturday on their Facebook page where they will do a Live at 10h (UTC+2). And all next week on the courts. As we want to make it comfortable for you to come and play on the courts, you don’t need to bring any equipment. The facilities are fully equipped and at your disposal.

And we have more good news! During the month of May, we also have cultural activities for you. The glamping Dreamsea Mediterranean Camp, at Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol, organizes a live concert every Saturday. And it does so by joining one of the trends that has spread the most in the last year: afternoon meet-ups. These events will start at 17:00 p.m., so you can accompany them with tapas, a snack or even a drink. You decide!

The line-up? On Saturday, the 15th, The Rhythm Syncopators will take the stage. On the 22nd, rock comes to Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol with Pau Monteagudo. He has been on the scene since the 90’s with his band Uzzhuaia. Currently he continues to stand out in the music scene with his new band, Corazones Eléctricos.

And to send off May and welcome the summer month of June, the guest on May 29th will be Dj Ferro. This Portuguese artist will bring a fresh style to Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol. And he will do it with a sound that mixes techno and electro. If you fancy one of these concerts, move quickly! Places are limited, so reserve your table and mark that day on your calendar. You can make your reservation by calling +34 662 579 994.

And if you want to make plans for your summer vacations, we’ll tell you more! Dreamsea Mediterranean Camp is not only committed to music, they also organize various activities such as surfing, kayaking, SUP or even yoga classes, everything you need to spend unforgettable days in nature! So don’t wait any longer and check the Stories posted on their Instagram account to know the days and times of each activity.

Back to sports, which are very important at Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol. For this reason, this summer we will participate in two paddle tournaments. The first one, from the 1st to the 4th of July, will have one category for men and one for women, as well as three mixed categories and is fully sponsored by VAPF. The next competition will be in August –between the 5th and the 8th– and in this case there will be three categories for men and three for women, and only one mixed category. Are you interested? Visit the North Costa Blanca Padel Club Facebook group and meet our paddle community!

As you can see, there is a lot of variety: from tennis to rock to even paddle tournaments. Because May is the month of spring blossoms, but at Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol, we also want it to be a month filled with activities. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to know all the news about our summer events and to be one of the first people to sign up. We can´t wait to see you!