Cumbre del Sol Residential Resort: a natural paradise within your reach

Cumbre del Sol Residential Resort: a natural paradise within your reach

If you are a nature lover, living in Cumbre del Sol Residential Resort gives you the chance to make the most of it. Few people can enjoy the privilege of watching the sunrise every day in your home facing the sea located in an ideal location surrounded by nature. Do you want to discover the most iconic spots and nature parks of the region? Take note and go out to discover them!

The Granadella Natural Park is known for being one of the few places that remain almost untouched on the Mediterranean coast and has been declared a Special Protection Area for Birds (SPA) of the Valencian Community and a Place of Community Interest (SCI) Penyassegats de la Marina. In addition to its great ecological and landscape value, the Granadella Natural Park also conceals some examples of the region’s historical and cultural heritage, such as traditional lime kilns or caves-shelter. In this enchanting area you will also find one of the most beautiful coves in the area, which shares its name with the park: Cala de la Granadella.

The park is just a 15 minute drive from Cumbre del Sol Residential Resort and, if you are a sports lover, you can get there by bicycle or by walking along the PR-CV-354. Due to the privileged proximity of the park to Cumbre del Sol, the owners of our luxury apartments and villas can easily enjoy a wide range of activities such as hiking, snorkeling or mountain biking.

A little further, in the Albir, we find the Sierra Helada Natural Park. Its curious name comes from two reasons: one of them is because it creates a colder microclimate than the surrounding one and the second reason is because some nights the brightness of the moon on the limestone creates a reflection similar to frozen surfaces. The natural park occupies almost the complete mountain range of the same name and stands out for its abrupt relief and cliffs of more than 300 metres. Nearby, in Calpe, is the well-known Peñón de Ifach Natural Park, whose rock has become one of the most recognised icons on the Costa Blanca over the years.

Another of the natural parks less than an hour from Cumbre del Sol Residential Resort is the Marjal de Pego-Oliva Natural Park, which is characterised by the high quality of its waters, as this area has one of the highest rainfall indices in the Valencian Community. One of the main curiosities of this place are the underground water springs that create small water lagoons. This natural park also highlights its biodiversity, both animal and plant.

The Macizo del Montgó Natural Park is also less than an hour drive from Cumbre del Sol and is characterised by having the largest cliffs in the area, its maximum height of 753 m above sea level and a flora of more than 650 species. It is also home to the Natural Reserve of Cabo de San Antonio de Jávea, a very emblematic place in the province of Alicante.

Begin your adventure! Come and visit each of these places. At VAPF we advise you to wear comfortable clothes, suitable footwear, water and sun protection. We are sure that you will fall in love with every corner!

Costa Blanca: a cyclist’s paradise

Costa Blanca: a cyclist’s paradise

In addition to a high quality of life and its excellent year-round climate, the Costa Blanca has so much more to offer. If we apply these qualities to sport, and focus on the area’s unique landscape, we can see that it is an ideal area for taking part in all types of cycling.

The Costa Blanca is recognised internationally as a cycling paradise. Throughout the month of February there will be two prestigious races held: the first is the Costa Blanca Bike Race, a mountain bike race; and the second is the Volta a la Comunitat Valenciana, a road cycling race, which this year has one stage in Orihuela and another in Alicante. Both races always have a great number of participants: from Olympic medallists like Carlos Coloma to the current Tour de France champion, Geraint Thomas.

Even the Vuelta a España chose the province of Alicante as the setting for its 2016 edition, with a demanding mountain stage which began… in Benidorm! This stage came to an end at the Alto de Aitana mountain peak after passing through Tudons and Coll de Rates, two unmissable climbs for cycling fans visiting the Costa Blanca. Spain’s most important race will be returning to the area this year and in the second stage the cyclists will pedal through Cumbre del Sol to climb the Alto del Puig Llorença.

The options available in the area, along with the good climate, mean that it is popular with fans of the sport throughout the year. However, it’s not just cycling fans who spend time here – professional cycling teams also visit the Alicante mountains in December, January and February to get ready for the season’s most demanding challenges. However, the Costa Blanca terrain offers options for everyone and on the official website you can find 31 routes which are adapted for all levels and types. Have you decided which one you would like to try? Choose the one that most interests you…and get pedalling!

Discover the best castles close to Cumbre del Sol!

Discover the best castles close to Cumbre del Sol!

Alicante is the perfect destination for both those who are looking for a few days of relaxation, and those who want to start a new life close to the Mediterranean Sea. Beyond the beaches with crystal-clear water and the exceptional gastronomy of the Costa Blanca, the Alicante region is also known for its castles and fortresses whose incredible stories will transport you back through time. If you want to experience this adventure for yourself, the Alicante Provincial Council suggests following a Route of 100 Costa Blanca Castles on which you can discover the footprints left by different people and cultures over history.

To start, we suggest you have a look at five of the best castles near Cumbre del Sol Residential Resort.

The closest route to Cumbre del Sol is called “The Frontier of fear castle route”. The name recalls the history of these fortifications: the proximity to the sea helped the inhabitants to see when the enemy was approaching the Costa Blanca coasts. For this reason, we can add other towns like Altea, Calpe, Jávea and Denia to this list, among which the Guadalest and Denia castles stand out.

Denia castle was built at the highest point of the town to be able to scan the horizon and watch out for any possible attacks. This characteristic gives us the chance to enjoy a wonderful view while visiting the castle.

In the case of Guadalest, as soon as you get there, you will realise why it is known as one of the most beautiful villages in Spain. The San José Castle, embedded in the rock with the Guadalest reservoir behind, helps us understand why this location was an important fort during the Middle and the Modern Ages.

If we travel south from Cumbre del Sol, we find the “Key to the Kingdom Route”. In this case, we are welcomed by the Santa Bárbara Castle, in Alicante, less than an hour’s drive from Cumbre del Sol. The imposing figure on the top of the Benacantil mountain is one of the most recognisable views of the capital of the Costa Blanca. However, the Castle houses much more inside. The artistic heritage from the Muslim era catches everyone’s attention while walking along the castle esplanade, but the favourite part for all those from Alicante is at the top. From the lookout point, you can admire one of the best panoramic views of the city and the Mediterranean Sea.

Also in the province, we find the “Vinalopó Castles” route where we leave the coast behind for a while and enjoy a beautiful landscape dominated by plains and grapes.

In this route, two must-see castles are the Banyeres de Mariola and the Biar castles.

Both have a double walled enclosure built due to the strategic location. Both castles were built with the clear purpose of dominating a region in which the extensive valleys were once great battlefields.

The Alicante region has several places that are very important from a cultural point of view, and in this post, we have talked about only a few of them!  Have a look at all the castles routes suggested by the Alicante Provincial Council  and choose one that piques your interest. Don’t think twice – come to discover the rich history of the Costa Blanca!

Discover Benitatxell’s delicious dishes

Discover Benitatxell’s delicious dishes

Gastronomy is one of the Costa Blanca’s main attractions; enjoying the famous Mediterranean diet, which is so rich and varied when it comes to rice, meat, fish, seafood, vegetables, and fruit is a big attraction not only for tourists but also for residents of the area, including those in Cumbre del Sol Residential Resort! Join us on a tour of Benitatxell’s typical dishes.

One of the most common dishes in Benitatxell is puchero. This is a type of stew with meat and different vegetables, typically presented in three courses. The first is the broth of the stew, accompanied by rice or noodles. Second, the meat and vegetables used to make the stew. Lastly, you will be served a sweet “ball” made from sugar, almond, sweet potato, cinnamon, and lemon. Although puchero is a typical dish in the area, this sweet dessert gives the dish its local touch, as it is only made in Benitatxell. This dish is normally enjoyed with family on Sundays or bank holidays and is very common at Christmas time.

Coca is typical in Mediterranean cuisine, also found in the region of Marina Alta. Its creation begins with flour, water, oil, and salt, and this dough is then accompanied by different ingredients. The most typical in the area are anchovies, pepper, onion, and aubergine.

Fish is a must in this coastal region and if there is one typical dish from Benitatxell’s fishing traditions, it’s cruet. This is made with rock fish, a typical fish in the area which adds a distinct and intense flavour, accompanied by potatoes and tomato. Other seafood dishes to sample in Benitatxell are arroz a banda, rice with cuttlefish, and octopus puchero, though these are not exclusive to the municipality and can be enjoyed throughout the entire Mediterranean area.

A typical product of the area is broad beans, known more often in the region as faves thanks to the influence of the Valencian language. The beans are used to make dishes such as rice with broad beans or the famous faves sacsades in which the beans are accompanied by sautéed vegetables with poached eggs, cold meat, and rice. A good way to discover some of the area’s typical dishes made with broad beans is by attending the Wine and Broad Beans Festival, held every year in April, in which these beans take centre stage. There are talks and a tapas fair to tell people about this local product and the different ways in which it is used.

As with all types of cuisine, sweet treats are a must! One of the most well known in the area are pasteles de boniato (sweet potato cakes), which have a similar shape to empanadillas but a very sweet flavour. It’s very common to see these around Christmas time.

Buñuelos (doughnuts) are another of the area’s typical sweet dishes. They are made with pumpkin mixed with flour and have a distinctive ring shape. They are normally served with sugar or chocolate sauce and can be found at fairs and markets such as the Christmas Market on the 16th December.

Caspell is another sweet dish which is typical in the area, made with flour, oil, muscatel raisins, and almond sugar.

If your taste buds are tingling and you would like to taste the typical dishes in Benitatxell for yourself, visit the restaurants in the area. For example, at Restaurant La Cumbre in Cumbre del Sol Residential Resort, you will always find high quality, local products. And, if you don’t want to miss out on the news and latest events in the area, follow our blog and our social media channels!

Find a property with expert help

Find a property with expert help

Finding the perfect home is a process which usually takes a good deal of time, especially when we are determined to do the searching ourselves. However, just as we take the car to a mechanic when it needs to be repaired, why shouldn’t we look to professionals in the field of real estate for help with our search? After all, they will know better than anyone both how to guide us and where to find the apartment of our dreams. While finding an estate agency which knows what to look for, how to find it and where to search can sometimes be difficult, don’t worry! Follow these tips and you will find your perfect property with the help of a good estate agent.

  1. Above all, experience

The more experience the agency has, the greater their knowledge of the market. For this reason, the first thing to look at when choosing an estate agency is how many years they have been working in the sector. After all, the more years that go by, the more skill and knowledge can be acquired which then enables them to offer clients a better service. Without experience, these cannot be achieved.

As well as knowing how many years the company has worked in the market, a good way to understand the quality of service they offer is to ask their past clients, who will be able to give you a sincere and objective opinion about the treatment they received.

Take into account that when we talk about the agency’s “knowledge”, we are referring to all the possible problems that could arise during the process of purchasing a property, whether these are financial issues or legal ones, such as mortgage law.

  1. Service from start to finish

Ensure that the company you choose will accompany you throughout the entire process, from listing your priorities for the home until you receive the keys. Knowing that the agency will be by your side offers assurance and saves many a headache on the way.

When a new property is being acquired, it’s important that the company makes sure that the property is in an optimal state to live in. This includes the energy supply, plumbing and lighting, among other things.

When it comes to the electricity and gas supply, one of two situations could apply: the home either has a connection or it does not. If it doesn’t, it will be necessary to request a connection with the area’s designated supplier. The request can be made through a phone call or on the Internet with some of them, such as Endesa.

If the supplies are already connected, the company should request a check of the facilities before the keys are handed over. A name change will be necessary for the new owners to be responsible for the electricity and gas contracts. On this website you can find all the necessary documentation and information about the process of requesting this change with energy suppliers.

  1. Honesty and trust

Without doubt, trusting your estate agent is important in the process of searching for a property. This makes the relationship between the client and the company easier. Make your priorities and requirements for the home, as well as the maximum amount that you would be prepared to pay, clear from the start. This way, the agent can limit the search to include only what really suits your needs.

Join the Dylan Mary Tennis Academy in Cumbre del Sol Residential Resort

Join the Dylan Mary Tennis Academy in Cumbre del Sol Residential Resort

Cumbre del Sol is, without doubt, a paradise on the Costa Blanca. Living here means relaxation and admiring the wonderful views of the Mediterranean Sea every day from your own home. However, it’s not just tranquillity that you will enjoy here; this area offers a wide range of services such as the Dylan Mary Tennis Academy which is the perfect option for those who live in Cumbre del Sol Residential Resort and love this sport. The academy enjoys a strategic location just 10 minutes from Moraira and 20 minutes from Jávea.

Dylan, the owner of the academy, is 30 years old and a professional tennis coach from France. He began playing tennis at the age of 13 and has been working as a trainer for 14 years. He has extensive experience, having worked as the head coach for professional tennis players from France, England and Spain before settling in this paradise location in Costa Blanca North.

Now that he has his own tennis academy in Cumbre del Sol, he teaches classes for people of all ages and levels. There are groups for children from two to three years old in which they are introduced to the sport in a fun and playful way; classes for children aged four to seven where they can learn the basic concepts and develop their hand-eye coordination; and classes for children and teenagers from age eight to seventeen. Dylan also offers an elite training programme for teenagers in which your children will receive intense, high performance training. He also gives classes for adults of all ages and private classes for those who want to perfect their game.

While group classes are taught on specific days, the timetable for private classes is very flexible. There are classes all year round, from Monday to Sunday and from 9am to 10pm. As pupils are of a variety of nationalities, classes are taught in several languages: Spanish, English and French. No previous experience is required, so join the academy and enjoy playing tennis against the backdrop of the impressive views of Cumbre del Sol.

At the moment the academy has two tennis courts, though two new courts will be ready soon. There is also the possibility of a new tennis centre being opened, which would have 6-8 courts.  Right now, the children are training for the next tournament which will take place on the 8th December while the adults are already getting ready for the tournament on the 23rd March.

If you would like more information, see the tennis academy website or get in touch with Dylan through his social media pages.