We create modern, elegant, clean, and idyllic designs following the most avant-garde trends. We do this in perfect locations where light and the Mediterranean are the main focus. But, above all, we create homes. We put all our efforts into designing a unique space in which you and your loved ones will feel at home like never before.

At VAPF we work on taking care of the interior and exterior of your home. Discover in this article the new trends in interior and exterior decoration for your home, all of them present in the Montecala Gardens apartments at Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol.

Wood and black have always gone well together and are becoming an almost timeless trend. The sophistication, elegance, strength, and character of black together with the warmth and connection to nature that wood brings creates interesting, contrasting and visually striking spaces that work equally well in both large and smaller spaces.

decoración en madera y negro tendencia

A very popular 2022 trend in decoration is blending and mixing different elements. A trend that combines design and functionality, such as having a dining table integrated into your kitchen worktop. Perfect for cooking and serving and thus being able to make the most of all the spaces in the house.

Decoration and style can also be seen in the bathrooms. The use of imitation marble ceramics with a white background is very much in vogue and combined with black taps it provides a very elegant contrast that gives the bathroom a personality of its own.

The most special feature of these bathrooms is how they lead into the master bedroom. You feel totally consumed in its space with its glazed walls, giving a sensation of greater surface and amplitude to this space.

montecala garden apartamento costa blanca norte

The 70s are back – Wallpaper and reliefs are back with a vengeance.

There is no better way to highlight part of a room than with a design that is different from the rest. Wallpaper offers you a wealth of options: geometric prints, floral, imitation stone… The use of this material can be used on the wall where the bed is located to reinforce the headboard, or in the case of a more minimalist decoration, as a substitute for it. On the other hand, for more daring decorations, the use of reliefs on walls is a technique that has been used since ancient times. Since Ancient Egypt, artisans drawing images on walls was only available to the great elites of society, synonymous with wealth and luxury. Today it is used to replicate that craftsmanship, although its designs are much cleaner and adapt to the rest of the house, always in harmony with the rest of the decoration.

habitación tono pastel tendencia decoración interior

The garden is a fundamental part of VAPF homes as it plays very important part of our clients’ lives. Incorporating nature into the home is essential, connecting indoors and outdoors, with the aim of creating a comfortable place to enjoy every day. One of the main trends is to opt for a low-maintenance garden, planting native flowers that don’t require much water, letting the seasons take effect. Lighting should also be considered in designing the garden, creating different atmospheres according to your preferences. And, so that everything works together, it’s necessary to support the garden with some light construction for it to take shape, making the most of natural elements such as wood and stone that tie it all in.

Cumbre del Sol, and specifically the Montecala Gardens apartments, are the best example of the latest trends in interior and exterior decoration this year. We hope you have enjoyed this article and that it has inspired you to give your home a modern twist. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to receive information about our villas, apartments, and inspirational content and upcoming blog posts where we will keep you informed about tips and ideas for your home.

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