The cuisine of Denia: tradition, personality, and creativity

The cuisine of Denia: tradition, personality, and creativity

Denia is living, breathing cuisine. It’s always been so. But, since 2015, the town was named by UNESCO as being a creative city of gastronomy. The variety, richness, passion, and creativity on display in the kitchens and on dinner plates is the reason why Denia was awarded this distinguished title.

Denia’s deli – The Mediterranean sea

Denia’s cuisine is mainly based on the Mediterranean. The waters that bathe it also offer luxury products. One such being the red prawn which stands out above all others. Such is the tradition and passion for red prawns that even the famous crustacean has a soundtrack created by the famous chef Quique Dacosta. Arroz a banda (rice cooked in fish broth) and dried octopus are other typical dishes of the area. A good example of the reality that the sea has always been an abundance resources.

Other stars of the show

Although Dénia is very much inspired by the sea, Valencian agriculture also plays an important role in its gastronomy. The espencat (which in Valencian means “to crumble with hands”) is a famous salad, containing red pepper, aubergine, tomato, and baked onion accompanied by cod and dressed with olive oil. Going back to the sea, we find another typical dish from Denia with the llandeta. This is a white fish stew that is very common in the Marina Alta area and, as paella is world famous, we must also mention the famous fideuá.

There’s also room for those with a sweet tooth. Pumpkin fritters are a great and healthy alternative to the traditional churros with chocolate. And coca de llanda is probably the most famous snack in the whole Costa Blanca area – a sweet sponge cake to be eaten with a good hot chocolate.

Wine culture is closely tied to the area of the Costa Blanca North. In fact, the oldest winery on the Iberian Peninsula is located in Alto de Benimaquia. Specifically, on the slopes of the Montgó.

gastronomía denia

Internationally renowned chefs and restaurants

What is the best way to enjoy Denia’s cuisine? From the dishes of renowned chefs in the best restaurants in the area. The town is a place of work and inspiration for big names in the world of cuisine. Such as Susi Díaz, Joan Roca or Andoni Luis Aduriz, among many others.

But one name automatically jumps to mind: Quique Dacosta. If there is one person who has put Valencian cuisine on the map, it’s this famous chef from Extremadura. His restaurant, Quique Dacosta, is located in Denia (opposite Las Marinas beach). And 3 Michelin stars certify the work behind this ambitious project.

However, beyond this famous restaurant, there are other restaurants very close to Cumbre del Sol. Such as Aticcook, located in the attic of the designer Pepe Cabrera’s showroom. El Raset or Peix&Braxes where the people most refined palates will enjoy the typical gastronomy of Denia.

We think you have enough reasons to drop by Denia and enjoy its local cuisine, don’t you? Keep reading our next articles to learn more about the Costa Blanca North and discover new plans to do near Cumbre del Sol.

New Year’s Resolutions at Cumbre del Sol (IV): Healthy Restaurants

New Year’s Resolutions at Cumbre del Sol (IV): Healthy Restaurants

One of the things that can’t go missing from a new year’s resolution list is healthy food. From it come other resolutions like cooking more, not eating sugary foods, eating more fruit and veg, and so on and so on. At VAPF, we support healthy eating, but we won’t say no to a treat every once in a while!

However, we know that one of the trickiest things about eating out is finding a restaurant that serves delicious, tasty dishes. Now there’s no reason not to include eating healthier in your New Year’s resolutions. We bring to you a brief guide to healthy restaurants in and around Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol. So, take out your pen and paper, and book!

Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol

You don’t have to go far to enjoy a delicious and healthy meal. The Pure Wellness Restaurant has the best menus to eat after this Christmas. If you haven’t been yet, you can find it in the Adelfas Shopping Centre.


A tan solo un cuarto de hora de Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol se encuentra Moraira, con una extensa oferta en restauración. Es en el Paseo del Senillar de la Playa de Moraira donde se encuentra la joya de la que te venimos a hablar.

Just 15 minutes away from Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol is Moraira, with an extensive range of restaurants. On the Paseo del Senillar, by the beach of Moraira, you will find the precious jewel of a restaurant that we’ll tell you about.

Sand Restaurant is a benchmark for Mediterranean cuisine in Moraira. Rice dishes, paellas, and so much more… eating healthy doesn’t just mean eating vegetables and fruit. Fresh, well-prepared products are what make a dish a healthy delicacy. One of their star dishes is fresh langoustines, marinated in virgin olive oil with fresh chives and blue poppy seeds. Our mouths are watering!


Javea is another cradle of gastronomy in the Costa Blanca. Therefore, we could not leave out the healthy restaurants in this coastal town near Cumbre del Sol.

Masena Restaurant combines tradition and modernity, creating unique, healthy dishes with a Mediterranean flavour. Once again, this is a cuisine that gives priority to the product and respects it to bring a healthy and tasty option to its customers’ plates.

Close to Restaurante Masena is Chola Gastro, giving a twist to the Mediterrenean cuisine, but still being healthy. In this case it is an exotic fusion. Sushi, gyozas, ceviche… a culinary journey to the Asian continent that will awaken your five senses.


Over 300 restaurants, 5 of which feature in the Michelin Guide, Denia cannot go unnoticed in this healthy food guide. We want to tell you about one restaurant that, apart from being in the Michelin guide, is also declared to be the 5th best luxury restaurant in Spain in Tripadvisor’s Traveler’s Choice 2021 Awards.  

We are talking about Anticcook. The restaurant, with Bruno Ruiz at the helm, aims to merge tradition, technique and innovation through the best raw materials and different cultures. Do you like the sound of it? We do! However, the restaurant is closed for holidays until 3 March. But the good news is that you can make a reservation as soon as you finish reading this post and mark that special date on your calendar.

As you have seen, eating healthy dishes out in restaurants is not difficult at all. The Costa Blanca, its products and its cuisine make it possible for us to talk about delicious, local and, above all, healthy meals!

Come to Cumbre del Sol Residential Resort to experience the region’s tasty cuisine

Come to Cumbre del Sol Residential Resort to experience the region’s tasty cuisine

The Costa Blanca has stunning beaches and coves, making it a real paradise. But there’s even more to this region than its incredible nature and beauty. It also has a great cultural and culinary offering. If you live in Cumbre del Sol Residential Resort you will be able to not only enjoy the incredible ocean views and the natural surroundings with emblematic landmarks such as Cala del Moraig or Granadella Natural Park, but there’s also a wide selection of bars and restaurants where you can taste the rich cuisine of the region. Have you tried them all yet? Keep reading, because there are updates!

At the north entrance 1 of Cumbre del Sol you will find the Kiosko del Sol, real experts in serving breakfast! Every day you can buy freshly baked bread there and they also have a wide selection of coffee, drinks, sandwiches and delicious German specialties. Their breakfasts are healthy and balanced, making them very suitable for children and there’s exclusive service for people who are in a hurry. If you’re in a rush, simply save time and place your order online.  You can make a quick stop to pick it up at the store without having to queue up.

At Adelfas, Cumbre del Sol’s own mall, there’s a restaurant called Vista Ibiza. There you’ll find a wide selection of dishes like salads, pastas, meats, hamburgers or fish. Vista Ibiza is the perfect place for a delicious appetizer or dinner with ocean views and they also serve a good brunch!

In restaurant La Cumbre, also located in Cumbre del Sol, you can enjoy specialty paella and several other rice casserole dishes. They use local products, based on Mediterranean gastronomy. The restaurant also hosts a wide variety of events, for example weddings, baptisms and first communions. In fact, this year we celebrated the traditional Saint John’s Eve in this restaurant and it was a great success.

If you’d prefer spending the day at the beach, don’t forget to visit Cala Moraig’s own beach bar: Vive Bonito. They have a great variety of dishes, drinks and cocktails, that you can enjoy in good company and with the soft Mediterranean breeze blowing in the background.

The horseback riding school Cañada del Sol offers the possibility of horseback riding with guided tours or horseback riding classes (for children and adults) and it has a bar-restaurant called Cañada del Sol with a big terrace. Here you can enjoy lunch and try several  different dishes, such as rice, tapas, sandwiches, etc. The perfect combination for a nice relaxing break!

Beside the tennis and paddle courts, there’s also a restaurant called Como en casa, a perfect place to recharge your batteries after a match! Here you can choose between several daily menus, meat and fish dishes, homemade pizzas, rice dishes and their specialty: mussels. Soon, there will be home delivery so the residents can enjoy without leaving their homes!

If you haven’t visited all these places, what are you waiting for? They all have high quality products with a special touch. This summer you can discover them all! We’re sure you will be pleasantly surprised, because food is one of the best ways to enjoy the Costa Blanca!

News in Cumbre del Sol Web

News in Cumbre del Sol Web

We take this opportunity to inform you that we continue working on the Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol website, creating new sections with more information of interest for residents, as well as those who are going to visit the area during their vacations or are even considering buying a home.

In the upcoming days you will have all the information available about services and leisure activities in Cumbre del Sol, as well as full information on beaches and coves.

Keep tuned, so soon we will inform you about the news about Cumbre del Sol website. Until then, we invite you to check the site and discover everything that it has for you.

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