Free bus travel to cala del Moraig

Free bus travel to cala del Moraig

Living in Cumbre del Sol means living in the middle of nature, between mountains and the sea. The sandy coves and bays of the Costa Blanca are one of its biggest attractions and as such, these treasures need to be conserved and protected. The cala del Moraig is one of nature’s true gems which can be enjoyed day in day out, especially now when summer is upon us.

One of the conservation measures put in place last year was to prohibit vehicle access to the beach. As a result, to make it easier to get there, Benitatxell Local Council has provided a free bus service from Cumbre del Sol to cala Moraig with buses leaving every 15 to 20 minutes. Say goodbye to reaching this natural paradise on foot!

If you want to visit cala del Moraig, all you need to do is wait for the bus to arrive at the car park close by the descent to the beach. Not only that, but the municipal transport service has organised the buses to take you into the town centre, running four times a day —at 9:30 h, 14:00 h, 16:00 h and 18:30 h. Bear in mind that if you want to have a swim from Monday to Friday instead of the weekend, the first bus leaves at 10 am.

This service makes it easier for you to reach the amazing cala del Moraig beach any day of the week during the months of July, August, and the first fortnight in September. And you can go into town as well if you need to!

As you are well aware, during the summer months, visitors flock to Benitatxell to enjoy this heavenly spot. And it is hardly surprising, seeing that it is one of the most beautiful little coves on the Costa Blanca! However, this year you won’t need to book beforehand when you visit. The controlled access will be organised from the car park from where the bus leaves. If the beach has reached full capacity, you will need to wait until the other bathers have left the beach.

Do you want to know everything that is going on at Cumbre del Sol? Remember to keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram profiles. And of course, keep an eye out for all the news posted on our blog. Don’t miss a thing! And now, time to take a dip in waters at the fabulous little beach of cala del Moraig.

Update 06/09/2021: The bus service ended on 5th September

Blue flag beaches on the Costa Blanca

Blue flag beaches on the Costa Blanca

This year once again, the Valencian Community led the way with the highest number of blue flag beaches in Spain. In fact, this year three more beaches have been added compared to last year’s list. But why is this flag so important? Is it to do with the environment? Would you like to know which are the best beaches on the Costa Blanca that are flying this blue flag? Keep reading to find out what makes them so special!

What does it mean to see a blue flag flying on a beach?

The blue flag is the highest accolade a beach or sports marina can receive, in recognition of the environmental quality of its waters. To be awarded a flag, these places have to fulfil a number of requirements to meet certain standards. To give you an idea of what it means, it is rather like a restaurant receiving a Michelin star. But do you know the selection criteria that are used? And the characteristics of these beaches?

The most important feature is the quality of the water. In fact, the Costa Blanca blue flag beaches have the cleanest, most limpid crystal clear waters that enable you to see the sea bed at all times. But that’s not all. The blue flag guarantees the cleanliness of the beaches as well. So it insists on proper waste management to preserve the natural environment, and to respect biodiversity, even though many of these places are tourist hot spots. This recognition also ensures that the beaches are safe and accessible for people with reduced mobility. Although, here we should mention that pets are not allowed.

Blue flag beaches on the Costa Blanca

We never tire of telling you that Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol offers so many advantages! One of the main ones, especially now in the summer, is that of having the best beaches on your doorstep. A treat for the senses! And we are not talking about just any old beaches, but some of the very best ones. Both for their surroundings and also for the blue flag flying overhead. Shall we go to the beach then?

You are sure to know this famous little cove already as it is part of Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol: Cala Moraig. It is the ideal spot to freshen up with a dip in the water, for snorkelling or for enjoying some peace and quiet. And just a few kilometres away there is another little beach with enormous charm that belongs to the district of Benissa. Do you know which one it is? Yes, that’s right, its Cala Fustera!

Do you want to enjoy beach and a bit of urban life without straying too far from home? Then we have the perfect towns just on our doorstep: Altea and Denia! Altea has no less than 3 beaches with a blue flag: Cap Blanc, La Roda and L’Espigó. You will also find every type of beach, both sandy and pebbly. There are beaches to suit everyone, but one thing is sure, once you get there you won’t want to go home.

When you are in Denia you can choose from among 6 beaches with a blue flag. Els Molinis beach is ideal for water sports or for a beach volley ball game with friends. If you’re planning a family day out at the seaside your best bet is Les Marines. It has everything you need with all kind of services. For example: If you are looking for comfort above anything else, you can rent a hammock and a sunshade there.

Now we have told you some of the best blue flag beaches on the Costa Blanca you know what you need to do, right? Get out your swimming costume or bikini and head for one of the beaches we mentioned and have a great day. If you want to find some of the lesser known corners of the Costa Blanca, make sure that you read our blog and follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

The best photos you can take at Cumbre del Sol

The best photos you can take at Cumbre del Sol

There are two types of tourists: those who stroll and take in the surroundings, and then there’s those who go camera in hand, trying to find the best views for the perfect snapshot. The latter proudly share these moments with their friends and family on social media or keep the memories in a scrapbook to always remember. If you are a nostalgic person who loves to reminisce over photographs collected from all of your travels, we recommend you start viewing the Costa Blanca through the eyes of a tourist. Enjoy its dreamlike landscapes, there’s something for everyone: from beaches and coastal towns full of small white houses to heart-stopping skyscrapers and medieval castles with so much history. Get a pen and paper and write down all the exceptional spots just a few minutes away from your new home at Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol.

  • Cala del Moraig: You’ll find this wonderful cove at the foot of Cumbre del Sol, where we host many of our events throughout the year. Besides the beach, you can’t miss out on the Cova del Arcs, where you can take a breathtaking photo of the sea framed by the rocks.

File:Cala del Moraig del Poble Nou de Bernitatxell.JPG

  • Granadella natural park: 750 hectares just a few meters away from your home, this natural park is the perfect harmony of flora and fauna. It is an idyllic setting, with cliffs that have the most beautiful views of Mediterranean landscapes. See the blue of the ocean contrasting against the greenery of the land. You’ll find seabirds and birds of prey among its wildlife, as well as boars and foxes. In addition to all of this, you’ll also be able to capture traditional architectural structures like caves that were once used as a refuge, lime kilns, and ochre mines.
  • It’s all about the sea and lighthouses: The lighthouse in Denia is famous for its beauty. Its blue and white hues match its surroundings perfectly: the sea and the sky. And if we’re talking about lighthouses, then the one in Santa Pola is without a doubt one of the most visited ones in the province. It usually isn’t the focus of the photograph though, instead, sea views from its walkway is featured all over social media. Incidentally, if you’re visiting Santa Pola, then you can’t forget to go to Las Salinas, where there are real flamingos to catch on film.
  • The most modern and special architecture: The geometric and colourful La Muralla Roja in Calpe has been featured in many ad campaigns from internationally renowned brands, which is why you can’t miss out on having a snapshot of those pink walls in your collection. Your collection also needs to have photos of Benidorm’s highest skyscrapers. A piece of advice? The Cross lookout (el mirador La Cruz) is the best spot to capture the entire coast and the city’s most spectacular buildings according to photography-lovers.

  • Picturesque houses: Do you love bold colours or do you gravitate towards neutral tones? Either way, the multicoloured houses in Villajoyosa and Altea’s old town full of white-washed homes at the highest point of the city should definitely be in your film roll.
  • So much history: If the walls of Santa Barbara’s castle could talk… This fortress is both the star of many photographs and a star location to take photos of Alicante from great heights.
  • Your terrace: And why not? Wake up early and make the most of the sunrise; step out onto your terrace and take a photo of the view. Why not shoot a time-lapse too?

As you can tell, you live in an authentic paradise, surrounded by special landscapes which leave you no excuse to not take out your camera and take the best photos. Remember, our blog and our social media will keep you informed on all the novelties at Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol. Don’t forget to follow us!

Discover the new trails that link Cala Moraig with Cala dels Testos and el Morro del Roabit

Discover the new trails that link Cala Moraig with Cala dels Testos and el Morro del Roabit

The idyllic coves and beaches of the Costa Blanca are one of the its main attractions, and if you live at Cumbre del Sol Residential Resort you can wake up every day to these beautiful landscapes and enjoy the warm climate along the Mediterranean. Now, this connection with nature is even more accessible thanks to the new path that joins the historical centre of Poble Nou de Benitatxell with two of the main coves of the area: la Cala Moraig, and la Cala Els Testos as well as el Morro del Roabit.

The development of this new trail as an addition to the network of paths allow you to enjoy the great cultural and environmental heritage of Poble Nou de Benitatxell, like never before, with its spectacular landscapes and its majestic cliffs. Thanks to this new connection, you will be able to leave home and start on a pleasant walk to your favourite cove. There, you will be able to soak up the sun and take a refreshing dip in the sea, or if you prefer, take a walk to enjoy the treasures that surround you.

At Cala Moraig, you can fall in love with its cliffs and crystal clear waters. At Els Testos, you will enjoy the tranquillity and radiance of its waters, located between the cliffs and the Morro Falquí.

In addition to visiting the coves, you will also be able to take the opposite route and get closer to the town centre of Poble Nou de Benitatxell.

However, to continue to enjoy the nature and landscapes that surround Cumbre del Sol in all their splendour, it is necessary to continue respecting and taking care of them as we’ve always done. For this reason, the local government will be installing information panels and will be carrying out a campaign with the aim of raising awareness for the need to keep the path and the coves clean and free of rubbish.

If you haven´t yet discovered this new path yet, it´s time to get out there! Don´t just admire the sea from your terrace, now you have it even closer! Move quickly during these last days of summer by taking a stroll to the different beaches and coves and discovering the natural gems that surround Cumbre del Sol Residential Resort.

Discover the charm and history of Benitatxell through free guided tours

Discover the charm and history of Benitatxell through free guided tours

If you live at Cumbre del Sol Residential Resort you know better than anyone that it’s an invigorating experience for all the senses. The weather, landscapes, and beaches together create the perfect combination for the dream life you’ve always hoped for. However, the Costa Blanca in general and Poble Nou de Benitatxell specifically has hidden secrets and delights that you might not be aware of. To discover them, we propose a series of free guided tours offered by the Town Hall during the following months. If you haven’t considered going, think again and take note of the ones that are happening in September!

Take advantage of this month to discover the centre of Poble Nou de Benitatxell with the History and Heritage Route (La Ruta Histórica y de Patrimonio), which takes place every Friday at 6:00 pm and offers you a glimpse into the history, culture, and gastronomy of the town. The route begins with a guided visit of the Santa María Magdalena church and continues along the “El Portalet” old wall and the Jaume Llobell chapel. The second part of the route focuses on traditional architecture with a visit to the “riuaus” or raisin drying facilities and takes you through the Pous de I’Abiar, the Cova de las Bruixes and ends by contemplating the beautiful landscape of the vineyards. Undoubtedly, this route is the perfect opportunity to better understand the Iberian, Roman, and Muslim past of the town.

On the other hand, the Cliffs’ Route (La Ruta de los Acantilados) offers you a guided tour along the coast next to the cliffs until you reach Cala Llebeig. Thanks to this visit, you can get to know the hidden stories behind the places where smugglers, fishermen, and farmers lived and gathered and collected experiences in this part of the Costa Blanca. Bear in mind that the trail is not an easy one, and runs through cliffs, ravines, and the Cala Moraig fault. If you are interested, the visit takes place every Thursday in September at 5:30 pm.

In addition to these routes, considering Benitatxell’s desire to promote its historical and cultural heritage, the town is organizing another nocturnal route, with the title “Between witches and bandits,” in Spanish, “Entre brujas y bandoleros.” The local historian Pepe Cano was responsible for creating this tour that turned out to be a big success by bringing together more than 100 neighbors and tourists.

If you are interested in discovering the history and attractions that Poble Nou de Benitatxell has to offer, you can register for the guided tours at the tourism office, by calling 96 649 35 46, by sending an email to or completing the registration form. Don’t wait any longer and delve into the town’s past during the two and a half hours that the guided tours last!