2022 is here and with the advent of the new year, thousands of people have begun writing down their resolutions for the coming year or putting them into practice. Are you one of them?

At VAPF we always have new resolutions, although to tell the truth, we don’t need a new year to start up new projects which will help our neighbours and our clients. One of our challenges for some years now has been to become more sustainable and ensure that we respect the environment. On balance, we can safely say that we have made progress but there is still much more to do.

We’d like our neighbours to join this venture too and we are making sure that they have all the tools they need to do so from the ease and comfort of Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol. Is recycling on your list of resolutions for 2022? Would you like to be more sustainable? Keep reading!

The importance of recycling

You have probably heard people say that a few small actions like separating your waste into different containers is not going to change the world. But that is so wrong! Even this minimal action can have a major impact if lots of us make sure we do it.

The most popular recycling activity in the home is to separate waste in different containers for glass, plastics, organic waste and cardboard. However, there are other things that you can do as well in your day to day life.

One simple change is to use glass or cardboard containers instead of plastics, as plastic containers pollute much more.

Not only that, whenever you visit natural areas you need to make sure that you pick up any waste or rubbish that you have, as it can have a big impact on the environment. Not only is the beautiful countryside affected, but the flora and fauna can also suffer so much from our carelessness in this regard. On the Costa Blanca we can ensure that this doesn’t happen, by maintaining the amazing beaches and sandy coves that we enjoy today.

Recycling at Cumbre del Sol

At Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol we want our neighbours to have the chance to join us in making this change. That’s why in 2018 Poble Nou de Benitatxell inaugurated a new green point in the village. It is situated in the Lirios area at Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol.

These green points are designed to promote recycling, giving residents of Cumbre del Sol a convenient option for recycling their waste. The containers at the green point include one for light plastic containers, tin cans or bricks, with another for paper and cardboard and also one for glass. Another is designed to collect organic waste, and given the demand in a zone like Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol, a further container has been provided to deposit waste for pruning and gardening waste.

We reiterate: if we do our bit, those grains of sand will become mountains, able to combat climate change. Put this important resolution on your list for 2022!

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