Have you ever heard of geocaching? If you’ve never heard of it before then don’t worry, it’s a treasure hunt! But, instead of a map, your trusty sidekick will be your mobile phone. Bring out your more adventurous side and discover treasure hidden near you. What’s more, the residents of Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol and the surrounding area are in luck. There are many geocaching routes to take in Alicante. Want to find them?

Why you should geocache in Alicante

Geocaching is not a simple adventure game. This exercise not only allows you to find treasures, but also to enjoy nature and the beautiful landscapes around you. That’s why geocaching in the province of Alicante is the perfect opportunity to further explore historic towns and buildings that we’ll tell you about later.

And if that wasn’t enough, geocaching is a sport for all ages. The children will have a great time trying to find treasure hidden in and around the Alicante region. So now you know, get a sun hat and your mobile phone with coordinates, and become a 21st Century Indiana Jones.

Where you can geocache in the province of Alicante?

When we say you have lots of opportunities for geocaching in Alicante, we’re not exaggerating. We’re sure that once you try it, you won’t stop. So, weekends filled with coordinates, paths and treasure are waiting for you. All of this nearby Cumbre del Sol!

Geocaching in Calpe

To get started with this multidisciplinary sport, geocaching in Calpe is a great option given how close it is. Also, it’s not too difficult, but keep in mind that the size of the geocache treasure is small, so keep your eyes peeled!

Geocaching in Altea

Yup, Altea is another town in the region of Alicante where you can geocache. With the title “The green end of Altea” the owner of the geocache treasure invites you to take a walk around the port of Altea and enjoy the sea views with a refreshing white wine. You can’t say no to a treasure hunt like that!

Geocaching in la Sierra de Bernia

This cache is hidden right in the heart of Castillo de Bernia. This treasure hunt is more difficult. It’s level 2 difficulty and the cache is small. Furthermore, remember that this is in Sierra de Bernia, am mountain range. So, make sure you prepare for a day of adventure in wide-open nature.

Geocaching in el Montgó

You have probably already visited Montgó. But have you ever thought about whether this natural park is hiding treasure? This route is one of the most popular geocaching routes in the Alicante region. Even though it’s not very difficult to find the cache, the terrain certainly does make the adventure more tricky. This route brings together adventure, nature and mountain sport.

Geocaching in el Castillo de Santa Bárbara

One of the most symbolic places in the Alicante region is hiding geocache treasure. And its in Castillo de Santa Barbara! If you go down to Alicante one day, you can look for this treasure around the outside of the wall. Although, we warn you that this is the most difficult cache to find compared to the other four. It’s also the biggest one, as this cache is mid-size.

After this geocaching tour around Alicante, there’s only one last thing left to do: give it a try! We are sure that ahead of you there are weekends filled with great adventures and anecdotes discovering real treasures. Do you want to find more plans in the Costa Blanca area? Follow our Facebook and Instagram profiles and don’t miss out on anything.

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