New technologies, the frenetic way of life and constant sense of immediacy have brought changes to our lifestyle. It has become a routine from which the only escape is your holidays and sometimes these can actually be a bit of a disappointment.

However, in contrast to this way of life there is a movement afoot which seeks to reverse this frantic life style, adapting instead to a gentler, more restful way of life. The slow movement arose in the nineteen eighties in the food sector, but today it has come to encompass every aspect of life. So what is the main aim? Slowing down the pace of life, and in doing so, reducing stress and everything that goes with it.

And the fact is that a frenetic lifestyle not only deprives you of your spare time and experiences but it can also be bad for your health. So here at VAPF we are promoting the slow lifestyle and in this blog post we will tell you why Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol is the ideal place for making this happen.

The thinking behind slow life is that we should learn to enjoy life. And at Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol, that lesson is pretty easy to learn. Focusing on the present is one of the keys to enjoying life in the here and now. Yoga and mindfulness are two disciplines which, among others, encourage this idea of being in the moment and putting aside thoughts of the past or the future. How about trying it? Yoga on the beach is an extraordinary experience and it is a help when you want to try living the slow life At Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol, yoga is a very popular pastime.

Closely linked to this process is the opportunity to live close to nature. There is no question that our residents live in close proximity to mountains, forests, sea, in a natural paradise. Set in the heart of the Costa Blanca, Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol is bordered by the Granadella Natural Park. The local flora includes some real treasures such as a micro orchid reserve, or the fern species Asplenium Marino, which is unique to the region. The local fauna further enhance the connection with nature, as sea birds and raptors abound, along with small mammals like wild boar and foxes.

In terms of personal relations, the slow life movement inspires and encourages a connection with the local community. At Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol, we do our best to create good relations between neighbours through community events and activities.  An example of this sense of community can be found in our paddle tournaments which create new friendships and sporting links.

Food is another factor to consider when you are moving towards a slow life style. It advocates local products, retail outlets and healthy restaurants and bars and Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol fulfils all these requirements, as local shops are family run, selling regional products and serving traditional Costa Blanca specialities.

And, finally disconnecting and silence are crucial tenets of the slow life philosophy. Our villas and apartments are designed for a tranquil, autonomous and independent lifestyle. The home interiors inspire creativity and a feeling of intimacy in our residents. The external features of the homes, often including an infinity pool and extensive chill out areas, provide a connection with nature and help to disconnect from a saturated world.

If you are thinking of changing your lifestyle and leaving behind all your accumulated stress, Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol is the place you’re looking for.  We’re here waiting for you!

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