These last few months have been very complicated for everyone, but we can still end 2020 on a good note: why not start by bringing the magic of Christmas into your home? As well as giving your home a makeover, you will also enjoy quality time with your family. Make yourself comfortable, reminisce while pulling out all the decorations from previous years and let’s get to work! One thing though, don’t forget the music! Our recommendation? Michael Bublé never fails. And, because this Christmas we’ll be spending much more time at home, what do you think about giving all your decorations a personalised touch? Continue reading for a heaping of craft ideas that you can do together to enjoy a much more sustainable Christmas.

A personalised advent calendar.

What do you need? String/twine, clothespins, adhesive tape and gift wrap, the more colourful and varied, the better!

To start with, make 24 little envelopes with the gift wrap and adhesive tape and don’t forget to fill them with your surprises, whether they be chocolate or something else, and number them, one for each day of the month until Christmas Eve. Once you’re ready, simply extend the string. You can make several strips if you prefer, and clip the envelopes with the clothespins. If you jumble them up, then it will be even more fun. And that’s it! Can you handle the temptation, or will you open them all at once?

A tree full of gifts.

What do you need? Empty boxes, bows or rope made of esparto straw and gift wrap.

The tree looks it’s best with all the gifts underneath, doesn’t it? The problem is that, if you also leave your shopping to the last minute, you’ll only be able to enjoy this very Christmassy scene on Christmas Day. We have a trick! Find a couple of boxes you don’t use at home, shoeboxes or any other kind, and wrap them up. Remember to consider your overall Christmas theme for your false gifts: a corrugated box with red paper and wrapped with a good golden bow will look beautiful on a more traditional tree, but if, on the contrary, you choose a more natural and rustic touch, opt for Kraft paper, esparto grass strings, and top it off with dried leaves as a finishing touch.

Recycle your decorations from previous Christmas.

What do you need? A pair of old-fashioned baubles and paint.

Don’t throw away those decorations that have become obsolete or that you simply don’t like anymore. You probably have some spray paint at home, take it out and give those baubles a second life. Before drying, you can sprinkle sequins or glitter on them. If you don’t like them on the tree, you can always use them for a wreath or a Christmas centre. They will also look beautiful in a transparent vase.

The traditional Christmas wreath.

What do you need? Any wild plant in shades of green, pineapples, nuts, dried flowers… Give free rein to your imagination!

Tell us, what is a door without a good wreath during Christmas? Take a walk through the natural landscape surrounding your home at Cumbre del Sol and pick out any element that might look good for your wreath. To shape it, you can use a wire and, with a little thread, tie the base of green leaves to your form. For the rest of the decorations, you can use a hot glue gun or any other adhesive you have at home and decorate as you like.

Your own Christmas tree decorations

What do you need? A pair of scissors, needle, thread, felt, string and cotton for the filling.

The steps are simple, draw a series of templates on paper and cut them out: trees, candy canes, stars… Once you have your templates, use them to shape your design on the felt. Cut out two sides and join them with the needle and thread. When it is almost completely threaded, stuff the cotton in as a filling, finish closing it with the needle so that nothing escapes and use a string as a loop to hang them on the tree. You can bring your designs to life with sequins or embroidering different patterns, such as snowflakes.

As you can see, spending time at home can be a lot of fun, especially if its quality time with family! If you are feeling adventurous enough to craft some of these yourself, don’t forget to share your experience with us in a comment on the blog or by tagging us on our Facebook and Instagram, where, as you know, we always keep you up to date with all the news taking place at this Costa Blanca paradise: Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol.

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