Do you dream of spending your days happily in Spain in a top-quality apartment or villa overlooking the sea and surrounded by an inclusive international community? At VAPF, we have over 55 years of experience building luxury properties on the Costa Blanca and, if you choose us, we guarantee that you will find the home you have always dreamt of and you won’t lack a thing. From the beginning, we will guide you through the process and you will be the one who decides how to view your future home. If you can’t travel, we offer a virtual tour and what’s more, in your native language. The idea is to purchase a home but accompanied by a team of professionals (real estate agents, customer service, architects, interior decorators…) and to meet all your expectations.

To offer you first-hand accounts, we’ll turn the floor over to our Cumbre del Sol residents so that you can see that this place is a true melting pot where you will have no problem integrating. Furthermore, as they indicate, you will have all the services you could possibly need at your disposal: tennis and paddle courts, restaurants, beaches, a beauty salon, equestrian centre and even a renowned international school so that your children receive the best education possible.

In addition to the services, the mild climate also plays a major role in the charm of the area, as well as the surrounding sea and mountain landscapes. All our residents back this by saying that it is a peaceful place with an extraordinary quality of life. Likewise, Paul and Béatrice, both from Brittany, are experiencing “a second youth full of happiness”. They also recognise that this villa, acquired as a holiday home, has ended up being their main residence. They don’t regret their choice and emphasise that, should any problems arise, VAPF is always available.

Igor and Anna also reiterate this, as a couple who used to spend their vacation time in Spain and, upon arriving at the Costa Blanca and visiting our Blue Infinity apartments, could not resist. These apartments are modern, come perfectly equipped, and their exceptional common areas include swimming pools, wellness space and fitness room. They are “very happy here and enjoy living in paradise”.

Felice and Tina are also very happy to have a villa at Cumbre del Sol and to be able to enjoy the good weather and “wonderful views, the tranquillity of the surroundings and the comfort of having all the necessary services close by.” For them, VAPF’s quality customer service was a determining factor and, in particular, they are grateful that VAPF “assisted from the beginning to the end of the construction process and that language is not a problem thanks to the multilingual service.” Friends, activities, gastronomy, culture, history… The endless options were enticing and they recognise that “they are never bored here.”

Finally, all our residents stress that you must visit Cumbre del Sol in person to appreciate all its beauty and, if that’s not possible, you can also contact us through this form and take a virtual tour as a family without having to leave home. In addition, some of the models are finished and ready to receive you and your family. Don’t forget to read our blog regularly so you don’t miss anything and follow us on Facebook and Instagram to discover all our news. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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