Our architects create modern and sleek designs which are inspired by the idyllic setting of our residences. Every home is illuminated by an abundance of natural light and they all boast of stunning views to the Mediterranean. With architecture and surroundings like that, it’s only natural to want to decorate your home in ways that will accentuate its pre-existing beauty. Just like fashion, interior design is always changing and evolving, but don’t worry! We’re here to tell you all about the newest trends, so you can give your home a spring/summer 2020 upgrade.

We’re sure you know the Pantone colour of the year is classic blue, and although we’re almost halfway through the year, this colour is still widely popular. Those who live on the Costa Blanca are in luck, as this colour is present from every window thanks to the sea views and sunny skies. Adding monochromatic accents can help highlight the beauty of your home’s white walls and a wealth of natural light. Other bright colours like kelly green, saffron yellow and flame scarlet are also in fashion this spring. Cushions, throws, chairs and artwork in these colours will make your home shine.

If you prefer something more understated, you can go for earth tones that will also connect your interior spaces to the outdoors. When it comes to furniture, rustic, wooden and more natural pieces is growing in popularity and can help create a continuous harmony between the outside and inside of your home. They offer a gorgeous contrast to the elegant and modern lines of your home and add warmth to any space. Combine rattan or wicker furniture with metal pieces to heighten the contrast and create a sense of natural luxury.

Biophilic design has been a trend since last year and it’s only grown in popularity. What better way to connect your home to the unmatchable natural environment around it than to bring nature indoors? Plants and florals tie in beautifully with the previous design tips we’ve given. Sustainability is perhaps the most important idea in design, which is why we recommend finding upcycled furniture or vintage pieces for your home.

Concepts like abstract and eclectic design are very in. One of the biggest inspirations right now are designs from the 60s and 70s.  Think outside the box and incorporate bold artworks and lampshades or even less conventional furniture, such as rounded or completely circular pieces. If retro-futurism isn’t for you, you can mix more classic elements from the 40s or 50s into your design to give it a simple but still refined and more structured look.

We hope our tips have inspired you to do something different and see your home in a new, even brighter light.  For more inspiring content, be sure to follow us on our social networks and keep an eye on our blog, where we’ll keep you up to date with tips and new ideas.

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