Your home is the safest place to be with your family and we know that you are all enjoying this time together to the fullest. This is why we’ve made a list of unique and fun activities you can do while at home, ensuring that you and your family can make the most of every day together during these times.

Scavenger hunt

Hide little treats all around the house and prepare some clues that guide your child from one prize to another! If they’re a little older, you can take turns creating scavenger hunts for each other or work together and plan a creative surprise for someone else in the house. Get their imagination going as they try to solve or create riddles, we’re sure whatever they come up with will be a laugh!


You might be thinking that bingo is something only grandparents enjoy but trust us, children love it! It’s a great way to practice letters and numbers with younger children. You can even have them make their own bingo sheets by having them write or draw things in a category (like animals or colours). If you have pre-teen or teens, you can make each square an activity they have to do (a handstand, say a tongue twister or sing their favourite song) and make it a race to see who gets bingo first!

Obstacle course

Use paper streamers, tape, jump ropes, stuffed animals and anything else you have around the house to create an obstacle course in a safe area. There are many ways to ramp up the fun with this activity; you can time each other to see who is the fastest or make up a challenge to make each round harder! Make sure to move any valuables out of the way as everyone can get a little competitive.

Science experiments

There are plenty of fun and easy science experiments you can do from the safety of your home! If you have some corn-starch, just add water and mix it until it forms a very liquid paste. Have your children put their hands in and squeeze to watch how the liquid becomes a solid until they let go. For a tastier option, you can make sugar crystals by boiling 4 cups of sugar in a large pot until dissolved. Add some food colouring and pour the mixture into a jar. Using clothespins, balance a sugar-coated wooden stick in the centre of the jar and put it somewhere dark. Make sure to leave enough of the stick out of the jar! Check in every day and watch the crystals get bigger, the longer you leave it, the bigger the crystals will be.

Put on a play

This activity is a combination of many tried and tested favourites. Have your children pick out their favourite story or movie to retell. Alternatively, have them make up a sequel to one or even create their own original story to put on. Together you can write a script, arts and craft the set and then decide who is going to play which character (bring in some stuffed animals to play some parts if you don’t have enough people and give each one a funny voice for some extra fun). Lastly, go through old clothes and costumes to dress up. If they’re older, they can create their own game show and have you on as a participant or the other way around. This is a great activity to involve the whole family through video calls or by sending them a video of whatever you’ve created together.

We hope these ideas blow boredom away and help you and your family create some fond memories at home. If you’re looking for something to do in your free time, you can also check out our other blog posts that are full of suggestions. Don’t forget to keep up to date with our news on our blog and by following our social networks.

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