After more than a month now of confinement, there’s a good chance you’ve run out of ideas for projects and things to do around the house. You’ve probably done a lot of sport, created artwork and hung it on the windows, organized the closets, and finished your favourite series. What else can you do? What about giving your home a little makeover? Keep reading for some tips on how to renovate your home.

  • Change the layout: That armchair that blocks the way to the dining room area, that bench at the foot of the bed that you bump into every morning… I’m sure there are things in your house that, although you love them, don’t quite fit. Now that you’re at home more, it’s a good time to take advantage and try new layouts. Have you heard of Feng Shui? One of the maxims of this philosophy is light, although that is not a problem in your home at Cumbre del Sol, which is designed to make the most of natural light. But what about the bedroom? If you’ve noticed that you aren’t resting as well these days, you could try decorating the room with subtle colours, burning incense and even orienting the head of your bed to point north.
  • Try your hand at crafts: Unleash your imagination and restore that piece of old furniture that ended up abandoned and unused in a corner of the house. It deserves another chance too! You could sand it, paint it, or decorate it with the découpage technique and, of course, don’t forget to ask the little ones for help; you’ll have a fun and creative time. Afterwards, you’ll be able to show off the before and after process on your social media accounts; get ready for a flood of likes!
  • Update your home fabrics and textiles: Just because you can’t leave the house doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy spring! Tropical, floral or marine prints are great, but above all, colour, lots of colour! Change your home’s cushions, bedding or curtains and prepare for an exotic trip around the world from your living room or without leaving your bedroom.

At VAPF, we are convinced that all this effort will be rewarded, and we’ll soon be able to return to our normal routines. In the meantime, follow what we’re posting on our social networks and in our blogs, where we have set out to provide you with ideas and entertainment during these difficult days. We’ll see you there!

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