Home has always been a place of rest and relaxation but practising safe social distancing while we go through these trying times might present a challenge to this. Here at VAPF, we want to ensure that your home on the Costa Blanca remains a haven where you can live your life to the fullest under the current limitations. Therefore, we have compiled a list of activities you can do while at home, guaranteeing you can fill your days with positivity and enjoyment during these times:

  1. Keeping fit doesn’t have to be put on hold just because you’re indoors! Every day that passes, you’re one step closer to hiking up the stunning trails or swimming in the many beaches on the Costa Blanca. You can still keep fit while you wait and start practising yoga and pilates by following online videos! Keep strong physically as well as mentally with these fun and peaceful practices.
  2. Welcome springtime by picking up gardening. This peaceful activity is ideal for slowing down and enjoying your home and its idyllic surroundings. Add to the enchanting landscape with flowers that will flourish alongside you.
  3. Decorate your balcony; spring has come and it’s the ideal place to spend your free time. Many people have started to work from home, but your at-home office doesn’t always have to be indoors! Make the most of the nearly 365 days of sunshine and mild temperatures along the Costa Blanca and spend your days basking in the sunlight and sea breeze.
  4. Get in touch with your inner Marie Kondo! Take advantage of this time and discover tips by the queen of organisation and tidying up. Give your home a little makeover so you can breathe a easier. Another idea could be to organise photos from all your travels and transport yourself to another place without even having to leave home.
  5. Learn to cook, your kitchen is calling out your name! Get creative in the kitchen and learn all those fancy tricks you’ve seen TV chefs do. Try something different and surprise yourself by cooking up those dishes you never thought you knew how to or had the time for.

While at home, don’t forget to stay safe and wash your hands frequently, avoid touching your face and cough into your elbow or a tissue. Saving the world has never been easier! Stay indoors unless it’s an emergency or a necessity. Check out more tips on our blog and stay informed by following our social networks.

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