At VAPF, we believe that our homeowners are the ones that know our developments best and for this reason, are the most suitable to describe how content they are with their lives at Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol. Today, we would like to introduce our French-speaking neighbours Felice and Tina.

At the time of this interview, they had already been enjoying this wonderful life on the Costa Blanca for three years. Besides the fact that Tina is Spanish, they decided to buy a house in Spain because of its kind residents and the laid-back lifestyle, but why did they choose Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol? “Because we like to enjoy these wonderful views, the tranquillity of this place, and the fact that we are close to everything. Plus, the people are very friendly”. It is also worth noting that the climate is perfect, as February is the only month in which you can really feel the cold and the sun shines almost every day. You can enjoy these natural surroundings at any time of the year, which is a real luxury.

As for VAPF, they consider it a unique opportunity as they were impressed by what was offered and by the trust that VAPF conveyed in launching this project. They have no regrets as this house is not just a summer home. They come here often, and as they’ve stated: “it’s much better than we had expected. We knew that the views were impressive, but we actually have so much more than that. We feel at home and get to watch a beautiful nature show unfold every day before our eyes: the sunrise, the sunset and the moon reflecting on the sea. It’s pure emotion and it’s extraordinary.” The house is perfect and VAPF offers unconditional support. Tine and Felice know that whatever they need is right at their fingertips. Their workers are very friendly, they react very quickly to help us, and its notable that “they offer on-going support from the beginning to the end of the construction process, and even afterwards. Language is also not a problem because of the multilingual service they offer.”

It’s not just about VAPF and its luxurious homes at Cumbre del Sol Residential Resort, but also about the natural surroundings and the history of the region. “We have gotten to know wonderful people and been introduced to a delicious gastronomy and a variety of activities. We never get bored.” The trails that we have at Cumbre del Sol and also those that are inland stand out. These paths allow you to walk along the coast and enjoy impressive views, but if you go a little further into the mountains, the landscape is completely different and just as beautiful. Tina loves both culture and history and she emphasises that this province is perfect for discovering Spain’s Arab-Muslim past as it is still very present. “The names are a good example: Benissa, Benitatxell, Benidorm and there are also traces of Spanish culture from past centuries, which is very interesting”.

Land activities are not the only options, as the Mediterranean Sea is another one of the area’s main attractions. At Cumbre del Sol, there are some wonderful coves that offer crystal-clear blue waters with nice temperatures all year round. You can also ride a jet ski or even a boat. One doesn’t have to go very far enjoy these activities and “we never get bored”.

To conclude, they explain that “you shouldn’t be hesitant about starting this new life on the Costa Blanca as VAPF looks after everything and takes care of every detail. They are very well organised and have a lot of experience.” The natural surroundings, the sea views and the house models meant that they couldn’t resist, but the final determining factor was VAPF. “To be able to enjoy this well-balanced life is priceless and if we had to do it all over again, we are sure we wouldn’t change a thing.”

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