Alicante is the perfect destination for both those who are looking for a few days of relaxation, or those who want to start a new life close to the Mediterranean Sea. Beyond the beaches of crystalclear water and exceptional gastronomy of Costa Blanca, the Alicante region is also known for its castles and fortresses whose incredible stories will transport you back through time. If you want to live in this adventure, the Alicante Provincial Council suggests following a Route of 100 Costa Blanca Castles, so you can discover the footprints that different towns and cultures left across the history.

To start, we propose you to have a look at the best five castles near Cumbre del Sol Residential Resort.

The closest route to Cumbre del Sol is called “The Frontier of fear castle route”. The name recalls the history of these fortifications: the proximity to the sea helped the inhabitants to see when the enemy was approaching to the Costa Blanca coasts. For this reason, we can add other towns to this list like Altea, Calpe, Jávea or Dénia, among which the Guadalesta and Dénia castles stand out.

Dénia castle was built on the highest point of the town to be able to scan the horizon and avoid any possible external aggressions. This characteristic gives us the chance to enjoy a wonderful view while visiting the castle.

In the case of Guadalest, as soon as you get there, you will realise why it is one of the most beautiful villages in Spain. The San José Castle, embedded in the rock, and the Guadalest reservoir behind, help us understand why this location was an important fort during the Middle and the Modern Age.

If we travel south from Cumbre del Sol, we find the “Key to the Kingdom Route”. In this case, we are welcomed by the Santa Bárbara Castle, in Alicante, less than an hour drive from Cumbre del Sol. The imposing figure on the top of the Benacantil mountain is one of the most popular postcards of the Costa Blanca town. However, the Castle hosts much more inside. The artistic heritage from the Muslim era catches everyone’s attention while walking along the esplanade of the monument, but the favorite corner of all tourists is when they reach the top. From the viewpoint, you can contemplate one of the best views of the city and the Mediterranean Sea.

In the interior of the province, we can find the “Vinalopó Castles” route: let’s leave the coast aside for a while and enjoy a beautiful landscape with plains and grape strains.

In this route, two must-see castles are the Banyeres de Mariola and the Biar castles.

Both have a double walled enclosure built for its strategic location. Banyeres de Mariola and the Biar castles were built with the clear purpose of dominating a region in which the extensive valleys were once great battlefields.

The Alicante region has several places that are very important from a cultural point of view, and in this post, we have proposed only a few of them!  Have a look at all the castles routes suggested by the Alicante Provincial Council  and choose one that piques your interest. Don’t think twice – come discover the rich history of Costa Blanca!

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