Finding the perfect home is a process which usually takes a good deal of time, especially when we are determined to do the searching ourselves. However, just as we take the car to a mechanic when it needs to be repaired, why shouldn’t we look to professionals in the field of real estate for help with our search? After all, they will know better than anyone both how to guide us and where to find the apartment of our dreams. While finding an estate agency which knows what to look for, how to find it and where to search can sometimes be difficult, don’t worry! Follow these tips and you will find your perfect property with the help of a good estate agent.

  1. Above all, experience

The more experience the agency has, the greater their knowledge of the market. For this reason, the first thing to look at when choosing an estate agency is how many years they have been working in the sector. After all, the more years that go by, the more skill and knowledge can be acquired which then enables them to offer clients a better service. Without experience, these cannot be achieved.

As well as knowing how many years the company has worked in the market, a good way to understand the quality of service they offer is to ask their past clients, who will be able to give you a sincere and objective opinion about the treatment they received.

Take into account that when we talk about the agency’s “knowledge”, we are referring to all the possible problems that could arise during the process of purchasing a property, whether these are financial issues or legal ones, such as mortgage law.

  1. Service from start to finish

Ensure that the company you choose will accompany you throughout the entire process, from listing your priorities for the home until you receive the keys. Knowing that the agency will be by your side offers assurance and saves many a headache on the way.

When a new property is being acquired, it’s important that the company makes sure that the property is in an optimal state to live in. This includes the energy supply, plumbing and lighting, among other things.

When it comes to the electricity and gas supply, one of two situations could apply: the home either has a connection or it does not. If it doesn’t, it will be necessary to request a connection with the area’s designated supplier. The request can be made through a phone call or on the Internet with some of them, such as Endesa.

If the supplies are already connected, the company should request a check of the facilities before the keys are handed over. A name change will be necessary for the new owners to be responsible for the electricity and gas contracts. On this website you can find all the necessary documentation and information about the process of requesting this change with energy suppliers.

  1. Honesty and trust

Without doubt, trusting your estate agent is important in the process of searching for a property. This makes the relationship between the client and the company easier. Make your priorities and requirements for the home, as well as the maximum amount that you would be prepared to pay, clear from the start. This way, the agent can limit the search to include only what really suits your needs.

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