Recycling is one of the best ways to help the environment, and something in which we can all do our bit.

In the Lirios area of the Cumbre del Sol Residential Resort, a new green point has been installed next to the shopping centre. The Councillor for Benitatxell has promoted this initiative, which will both encourage recycling and facilitate the process, and it will be exclusively for the use of residents of the Cumbre del Sol Residential Resort.

A green point is a collection point for different types of waste which is managed by the Council. It enables residents to deposit their household waste in specific containers. There is one for lightweight plastic packaging, cans, and cartons; one for paper and cardboard; one for glass; one for organic material; and one for garden waste. The council has opted to close the area. To access the containers, you must present a request proving that you live in the Cumbre del Sol Residential Resort. Once it is approved, you will be given a key for personal use with which to access the enclosed area.

On the packaging of the majority of the products we buy, there is a round, green symbol which indicates that the packaging can and should have a cycle of recovery and recycling. This allows the reuse of the materials used to make it. It appears on products such as water bottles, cans of soft drink, jars of cream, milk cartons, washing powder packaging…

Residents of Cumbre del Sol are fully aware of the importance of recycling and are putting a great deal of effort into separating waste. The council has installed a sign at the entrance of the green point which offers a detailed explanation on how to use the facilities and which materials go in each container.

Furthermore, the green point in Cumbre del Sol helps to improve the urban image of the municipality. Promoting these initiatives is a positive measure which creates savings and is beneficial for the neighbours, the environment, and the municipality.

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