On Saturday 25 November will take place the “Mocatxell Forum: an efficient management of the territory” at Benitatxell’s Abiar center. This event aims to create a regional pioneering debate space around moscatell grape.

The schedule of this event is as follows:

10:00 h.: Opening and presentation of the conference by Manuel Segarra, Councilor for Economic Promotion and Agriculture.

10:10 h.: “Boundaries between the urban and the rural: It possible an exchange between the two?” lecture by Javier Pérez Igualada, professor of the urbanism department of the UPV.

10:30 h.: “Territorial context of the region, urban and rural space; antagonistic or supplementary?” by Eric Gielen, professor of urban planning UPV and Sergio Palencia, associate professor of urban planning UPV.

11:00 h.:” The Biomescatell Project and the Sustainability of the territory: an approximation from the diversity of the landscape” by Rafael Laborda, professor of the department of Agroforestry Ecosystems of the UPV.

11:20 h.: “Management of the organic part of municipal waste in the agrarian-urban intersection” by Raúl Mora, Scholar of the Department of Agriculture and Environment of the Miguel Hernández University.

11:40 Break.

12:00 h.: Round Table on “Management of water and organic matter in a context of climate change: Are we doing everything possible about it?” Moderated by Rafael Laborda and with the participation of Josep Femenia (Poble Nou de Benitatxell Mayor), Raúl Moral and Sergio Palencia.

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