The Moraig Cove Ecofriendly fishing workshop will take place on Saturday 25 November 2017. In this event aimed for 8+ years old children, participants will discover the art of fishing in a sustainable, ecological and traditional way.

The workshop, which will is free of charge, will include several activities such as making of bracelets with fishing lines, learn to make fishing knots, place the bait and to fish in a selectively and artisanal way without causing impact on the seabed. Besides that, monitors will explain the traditional art of fishing in El Poble Nou de Benitatxell and the most common fish species found in the area, as well as the most dangerous ones. “It is a unique experience for children to connect with nature and know the art of traditional and ecological fishing in an environment of great scenic beauty such as El Moraig. It is important that someone tells them that they must fish only the essential quantity with the least possible impact on the seas, as artisanal fishermen do”. The workshop also provides important psychological benefits: with fishing, the little ones relax, release their stress mental, develop an adequate self-esteem, increase tolerance to frustration and learn to concentrate and have more patience. In addition, you can enjoy sports with friends and family.

The workshop will be free, but and places limited. Registration must be made by filing a form and taking it to the teachers of the Santa María Magdalena School before Tuesday 21 November or by calling +34 686 90 73 20. Participants only need to bring lunch and waterproof boots.

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