This month you’ll have the opportunity to discover in Benitatxell the local moscatell wine during the “Moscatxell” event.

This new project aims to pay tribute to the Muscat grape, a regional top product that play key role in viticulture, gastronomy and local produce sustainability culture. This initiative brings together farmers, winegrowers, chefs and technicians from the region who work with muscatel so that they can “celebrate, learn and share” the universal language of something produced by the land we all love. The program will include several activities encompassed in three main actions: wine tasting, Moscatell cuisine day and the Moscatxell Forum.

Moscatel wines tasting –with the participation of the main winemakers of the Marina Alta area- will take place every Friday in November at 18:30 h. at the Municipal Market.

“Cuina Moscatell” (Moscatell cuisine) gastronomic event will take place on Monday 20 November from 13:00 to 15:00 h. at the Municipal Market. It will bring together businessmen, traditional cultural entities of the region and local chefs and restaurants linked to Moscatell cuisine such as Miquel Ruiz, Volta i volta de Xàbia, L’ escaleta de Sanet, El brou de Pedreguer and Evarist Miralles among others in a day when each participant will contribute in his/her own way of approaching Muscat as a genuine product with great potential in the creative cuisine of the region.

The debate time will arrive on Saturday 25 November with the “Forum Moscatxell” from 10:00 to 14:00 h. at the Espai Abiar.

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