Celebrate the magic of Saint John’s Eve with us!

Celebrate the magic of Saint John’s Eve with us!

Summer is filled with activities at Cumbre del Sol Residential Resort and we’ve been anxiously waiting for the 23rd of June to get here, in order to celebrate Saint John’s Eve with you once again! This is a magical night filled with rituals and celebration around bonfires and by the water, with the hopes of attracting love, good luck and leaving behind bad omens.

For this reason, we want to celebrate Saint John’s Eve for the second year in a row, with a special evening that will be shared with VAPF workers and Cumbre del Sol Residential Resort residents alike. We hope over the years to turn this into an annual tradition. Will you come celebrate and help us turn this Saint John’s Eve into an unforgettable night?

The event will take place at Restaurante La Cumbre and much fun is sure to be had by all! We’ll have dinner along with music and a festive atmosphere, we can’t wait to see you there! If you want to celebrate this exciting event with us, just send an email before the 20th of June to cumbredelsol@vapf.com to reserve your spot. When you write to us, just let us know your contact and the number of people in your party. In the next few days we will respond with information to let you know the menu, price, time, and some of the surprises we have planned. We’ll save a few of them for the big night though!

Don’t forget that the big evening is this Sunday, June the 23rd. We hope you will join us! We promise an unforgettable night in which we will get to know each other a bit better and strengthen the sense of community between Cumbre del Sol Residential Resort neighbours as well as those from nearby villages that want to come out for this wonderful night! Don’t forget to mark the date on your calendar. We’ll see you there!

We celebrated the most magical night of the year in Cala del Moraig

We celebrated the most magical night of the year in Cala del Moraig

Last Saturday, we had the chance to experience the most magical night of the year at Chiringuito Cala de Moraig. Almost 100 neighbours came together to enjoy a spectacular dinner and dance at an event characterised by traditional rituals which leaves bad omens behind and attracts good luck.

In addition, to make this celebration an even more memorable event, Cala del Moraig turned white: a colour of good luck which made for some stylish, ethnic looks.

This magical night also coincides with the Pagan Summer Solstice festival, which is normally the shortest night of the year. From this date onwards, the days start to become shorter, and the nights longer.

As with any event, food became the star of the show thanks to a delicious dinner in the Chiringuito Cala de Moraig, with tasty starters which amazed attendees. When it came to the main course, both those who ordered fresh tuna with vegetables and those who ordered Iberian sirloin with mushroom sauce, were delighted. After dinner, there was a dance which ended with a toast at the end of the night.

Here at VAPF Group, as well as organising the event, we wanted to be present on such a special evening and celebrate with our neighbours in the Cumbre del Sol Residential Resort.

A touch of humour came from a fun photo session full of laughter thanks to some attention-grabbing accessories: hats, umbrellas, and masks which gave us some fun photos as a souvenir of the night.

We hope that we’ll be able to get together again to enjoy a magical Saint John’s Eve next year, and that this celebration will become a tradition for our community of neighbours.

Enjoy Saint John’s Eve at chiringuito Cala de Moraig

Enjoy Saint John’s Eve at chiringuito Cala de Moraig

If you want to enjoy a unique and magical Saint John’s Eve, come to celebrate it at Chiringuito Cala de Moraig. Take advantage of the occasion to get together with friends and family, or to celebrate this magical night getting to know your neighbours in the Cumbre del Sol Residential Resort. We hope to see you here with us on the evening of the 23rd June to enjoy a wonderful dinner with sea views, to dance, and to unwind as you listen to the sound of the waves.

As the longest day of the year, Saint John’s Eve is one of summer’s most magical times – so there’s no excuse not to go out and enjoy it. This is also the very first Saint John’s Eve to be celebrated at Chiringuito Cala de Moraig.

If you don’t want to miss this spectacular event, come to spend it with us at Chiringuito Cala de Moraig. The event will begin at 8:00pm with a welcome drink and a gift. An hour later, at 9:00pm, dinner will be served. There will be the following dishes to share:

Goat’s cheese salad with duck ham

Smoked cod served on a bed of tomato

Grilled calamari with green sauce


For the main course, attendees can choose from:

Fresh tuna with vegetables

Iberian sirloin with mushroom sauce


And, for dessert, there is:


Seasonal fruits.


Water and half a bottle of wine (Rueda White, Navarra Rosé, or Sangre de Toro Red) are also included. After dinner, at 11pm, the dance will begin, before we add the final touch to this magical night with a toast at midnight.

To make this event even more special, there’s also a dress code: to dress in white. In many places this is considered a ritual while in others, it has become a tradition.

Given that the maximum capacity is 80 people, attendees will need to make an advance payment of 40 euros per person. We recommend booking your place as soon as possible either at Chiringuito Cala de Moraig, or via bank transfer. Request our account details at the email address com@yater.es to make your payment. To book your place, it will also be necessary to send the names of the attendees and their choice of main course in the same email. As places are limited, it is important to send your email and make your payment before the 20th June. See you there!