Discover the Michelin Guide Restaurants in Denia

Discover the Michelin Guide Restaurants in Denia

Costa Blanca is a mixture of sea, mountain and flavours. Its cuisine has a star ingredient, but that’s not the only one. Rice in the Mediterranean is known the world over as well as its traditional recipes being tried, tested and admired by the best chefs.

Denia, only a half hour away from Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol, is the heart of Alicante in terms of food. And the proof is in the pudding when you look at all the restaurants you can choose from. Five of them have carved out a place for themselves in the Michelin Guide. Visiting one of them is much more than an experience for your tastebuds – it’s a dance for all your senses. As we want you to enjoy everything Costa Blanca has to offer, you should visit one of these restaurants in Denia that will leave you speechless. Read on to find out more!

Quique Dacosta: The best restaurant in Denia

If any chef has put Valencian cuisine on the map, it’s Quique Dacosta. Although he’s from Extremadura, his food is bursting with Mediterranean and coastal flavours. Have you heard of him? Of his six restaurants, one, Quique Dacosta, is in Denia. It’s one of the 11 restaurants in Spain with 3 Michelin stars – pure exclusivity!

The first attraction to the Quique Dacosta restaurant is its location in Denia, just in front of the Las Marinas beach. But what really gets your attention is, of course, the dishes. This season, the chef has launched his “Menu Belleza”. A menu made from his most iconic dishes and other new ones too, all centred around creativity. You have to visit to see which plates will take your breath away and leaving you wanting more.

Other Michelin Star restaurants in Denia

However, apart from this exclusive restaurant in Denia, there are 4 other restaurants with Michelin stars. El Baret de Miquel is one of them. The Michelin Guide highlights its value for money by awarding it a Bib-Gourmand, the distinction with which it awards restaurants in this category. Its dishes are based on everyday ingredients and local produce with a Mediterranean flavour. Something that combines perfectly with a casual and curious decoration. An excellent choice, without a doubt!

If we’re talking about the interior design of El Baret de Miquel, we can’t leave out another restaurant in the Michelin guide: Aticcook. Apart from having a Michelin star, this restaurant in Denia is the fifth best luxury restaurant in Spain this year according to the Travelers’ Choice 2021 Awards on Tripadvisor. It’s found in a large attic, giving way to a view of the skyline of the whole city. As for the food, dishes are distinctly avant-garde with well-defined flavours.

If you like grills and the smell of salt, Peix & Brases is the restaurant for you. In front of the port, you have two options. On the ground floor is a more informal and quick dining experience in the gastrobar, with fusion dishes. On the first floor, the space boasts a lovely rooftop terrace. Their catchphrase “Without tradition, there can be no vanguard” says everything there is to say about their food: A Mediterranean and modern avant-garde flavours.

Rice being the main star product of Costa Blanca, what better place to try it than where it came from. The rice dishes on offer at El Raset will win you over – arròs a banda, valencian paella, seafood paella… it’s all so mouthwatering!

As for you, have we convinced you that there’s no better place to taste Costa Blanca than in Denia? Don’t be slow to book! Good food is in high demand.

Gastronomic week in Moraira with Joaquin Koerper

Gastronomic week in Moraira with Joaquin Koerper

Moraira gastronomic week with Joaquin Koerper

Moraira gastronomic week with Joaquin Koerper

From the 21st to the 26th of September all citizens and tourists that are visiting Moraira and the surrounding towns can enjoy the Gastronomic Week in Moraira with the chef Joaquin Koerper “Moraira goes Lisboa”, an event organized in and by the manager of Le Dauphin restaurant in El Portet in Moraira. 

Joaquin Koerper is a well known international chef with a strong connection to the town of Moraira as part of his career is linked to the restaurant “Girasol” in Moraira, whose kitchen he ran for several years.