Sundays are for walking and discovering Marina Alta

Sundays are for walking and discovering Marina Alta

Have you heard of synaesthesia? It is a phenomenon where elements of the physical senses are commonly associated with feelings. An example is how Sundays and life in Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol  can be linked. That sense of calm and wellbeing so typical of the last day of the week is comparable to daily life in our villas and apartments.

That’s why Sundays are so special here and that is also why we want you to enjoy them as much as possible. So you can connect with the surrounding nature and discover all its hidden corners. This is the idea behind the Diumenges Marina Alta initiative. Have you heard of it? It’s based on physical activity and hiking and walking in Marina Alta. And the main aim is to connect with nature and the countryside in this beautiful part of the world.

Marina Alta covers 750 km2 of terrain which translates to some unique flora and fauna and stunning countryside. Beauty spots include the Peñón de Ifach, Cabo de San Antonio, Montgó and the Pego-Oliva marshlands.

These landscapes can be explored in depth and in good company as you hike the local trails with Diumenges Marina Alta. Fernando Sendra devised and supervises these routes to promote tourism in the area, and to help you spend a different kind of Sunday. Diumenges Marina Alta also has the support of local councils, including La Vall de Laguar, Orba, Parcent, Benigembla and Poble Nou de Benitatxell, home of Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol. Want to know which are best walks and hiking trails in Marina Alta? We plan to tell you all about them!!

Walking in Altea

Altea and its unique, idyllic setting is ideal for a Sunday walk or hike. Faro de Albir is close by and is one of the most popular destinations for walkers, and the trail you follow along the way is as enjoyable as the final destination. Altea La Vella, Font del Garrofet and the hermitage of Santa Bárbara are other places worth seeing along another of the most frequently trodden paths in Altea. Cap Blanch, Cap Negret… there are innumerable trails in this area of the Costa Blanca with varied levels of difficulty.  It’s up to you to decide!

Walking in Calpe

The most obvious and popular walk in Calpe is clearly the one that ends with a climb up to the Peñon de Ifach. In fact the route to the top is really stunning and you won’t be disappointed by the views. But luckily there is so much more to Calpe than the Peñon de Ifach! The La Mola /Cima de l’Òlta is another of the TOP 3 for hikers in Marina Alta. Are you up for the challenge?

Walking in Denia

Denia is the ideal starting point for a walk in Marina Alta which ends on the highest peak of Montgó. As it is a mountain, the route isn’t exactly one of the easiest to attempt but it is certainly the most fun and the most spectacular. Especially if you have views of the Mediterranean in mind at the end of your trek, and as you can bask in utter peace and tranquillity at this altitude. 

Nevertheless, if you prefer a little less exertion, the Vía Verde de Dénia, along the now disused former FEVE rail track, is a lovely walk among orange trees where you can experience the very best of rural life.  La Cova de l’Aigua or the Racó del Bou are other places you can visit along your Denia walks and trails. 

Walking in Jávea

The sea is clearly the main attraction in this coastal resort when walking in Marina Alta. This is why beaches like Portitxol or Barraca are visited so frequently, as aside from offering sun and sand for a perfect day at the beach, they are the ideal scenario for a coastal trail. The sandy coves of Blanca and Sardinera and Cap Prim might well be places to jot down in your walker’s agenda so that you don’t miss out on a single stretch of this coastline.

Walking in Benissa

There are walks and trails in Marina Alta that begin in Benissa and end in other beautiful villages in the area. What is so great about walking is that you can explore so many different villages and discover their traditions on foot and witness changes at first hand. Senija and Lliber which belong to the district of Vall de Pop are just some of the places in Benissa’s trail pack. Camins de Pedra i Aigua is one of the most iconic and fascinating routes. Along the way you’ll discover the traditional hydraulic architecture of these villages, with their wells, ponds, channels and canals, water wheels, …. something really different!

Upcoming Diumenges Marina Alta

From now until the end of this year, Diumenges Marina Alta has several routes planned. Starting out from Orba and for just 5 euros, on 24 October you can enjoy a walk that passes by the castle of the Atzavares. In November you will be able to sign up to walking in Marina Alta to places such as El Seguili or Parcent. And in December, trails to Font Calenta, Sender del Badall and Les Fonts and the Ruta de la Figuereta.

Does all this make you want to start walking? It is a natural, healthy and simple way of getting to know your surroundings and spending your Sunday in places that can be found in Marina Alta and its villages and nowhere else.

Discover the Costa Blanca’s nautical side

Discover the Costa Blanca’s nautical side

There are around 250 kilometres of coastline joining the Mediterranean Sea to the land in what is known to us all as the Costa Blanca. A unique location, famous for the hours of sunshine enjoyed all year round. And in this unique setting you will find  Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol, a place that, aside from the waves lapping its shores, is surrounded by towns with a wealth of cultural, historic, and gastronomic charms, with plenty of leisure activities as well. The fact is that, in summer, the sea features prominently when it comes to making plans with friends and family.  We suggest a few options here to get you started!

And right there in Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol you have so many water sports on offer that you won’t want to be out of the sea all summer. We are talking about Dreamsea Mediterranean Camp, a place to discover and develop new passions. Have you ever heard of Stand up paddle? This activity lets you paddle off on a surfboard to discover some delightful little Costa Blanca hideaways.

More traditional pastimes include kayaking or snorkelling, activities that Dreamsea Mediterranean Camp also provides, designed to make your summer with us full of new experiences and comforts. We also offer Glamping services. Does that ring a bell? It is a combination of “glamorous and campingSo you can enjoy the very best of nature without sacrificing comfort!

But as we mentioned, aside from Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol, there are plenty more water sports to enjoy! The fact is that if you have always been a fan of films with a seagoing setting, at Moraira some great adventures await. The port has a long list of options for boat rentals and you can choose the one that best suits your style, and spend a lovely day at sea. Plan your route and then pay a visit to this Alicante port. You won’t be disappointed!

If you are more of an adrenaline junkie, there is one activity that will definitely ensure that the freedom of the sea gets right under your skin. Riding the waves has never been easier than with a jet ski. And just a few steps away from Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol you have the best scenario for a trip out to sea. Both Denia and Jávea have an enormous range of options for practising this aquatic sport.  One way of discovering the Mediterranean Sea at top speed!

And under the waves you can dive into the sea depths, with the sea bed unquestionably one of the main tourist attractions on the Costa Blanca. In Javea, scuba diving is their daily bread. Because the subterranean waters here are unique throughout Spain. Why should that be? We would like you to discover that for yourself when you dive down to explore the flora and fauna of the seabed.

High on the list of places for scuba diving on the Costa Blance is the famous Cova dels Arcs. This cave has galleries and passageways along with a subterranean river which can be explored by more experienced divers. Apparently, this cave was submerged some 6,000 years ago when the sea level rose. It is a real historical treasure and an amazingly beautiful discovery for lovers of scuba diving.

As you can see, Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol has infinite number of leisure activities for you to enjoy. But we know that the sea and the water is the biggest attraction in summer and so we hope that we have helped with this round up of activities and places for you to discover in the Costa Blanca where water, and more water! is never in short supply!

Michelin Star Flavours Close to Cumbre del Sol

Michelin Star Flavours Close to Cumbre del Sol

Gastronomy is synonymous with joy and discovery because it represents the cultural heritage of a country. The flavours of the dishes help us understand a place and invite us to explore it in a different way. This is the passion that chefs try to convey with their recipes and dishes and all of them dream of being rewarded with the highest recognition: a place in the Michelin Guide.

This year’s ceremony took place on 14th December in Madrid and many of the award-winning restaurants are located near Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol. During the 2021 edition, this coveted recognition made a stop in Alicante, where the Baeza &Rufete restaurant received its first star, following the Tula restaurant in Jávea, which had the honour of obtaining it last year. If you continue in Jávea, you can discover another restaurant with delicious dishes prepared by chef Alberto Ferruz: Bon Amb (two stars).

Then, to the north of Cumbre del Sol, less than half an hour from your home, you will find two other award-winning restaurants. Casa Pepa (one star) awaits you in a magnificent country home in Ondara surrounded by orange trees, orchards and olive groves. An extraordinary and relaxing place where you can taste the dishes that are served. You can also tour Denia and visit the shops and beaches of the town before heading to Calamar beach, where the famous Quique Dacosta restaurant with its three Michelin stars awaits you. With over 26 years of experience, you can’t miss their dishes that mix creativity and tradition.

Your culinary experience doesn’t end here because there are also many restaurants south of Cumbre del Sol, specifically in Calpe. In this town you will find three restaurants, each with a Michelin star. They are Beat, Orobianco and Audrey’s by Rafa Soler; all three use high-quality, fresh and seasonal products to offer you an explosion of flavours. Finally, El Xato restaurant, with over 100 years of history and a cuisine rich in flavours awaits you in the centre of La Nucía.

All these extraordinary establishments are less than half an hour from your home and give you the opportunity to enjoy exceptional Mediterranean cuisine, as well as discover original and authentic dishes – a real luxury for your senses! Don’t forget to follow us on our Facebook and Instagram and check our blog regularly to find out all about life on Cumbre del Sol and the VAPF developments.

Discover Jávea From Above

Discover Jávea From Above

The Costa Blanca is a region full of surprises and new places to discover. if you’ve chosen to live at Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol, you’ll be able to benefit from its many perks. You’ll have all the necessary conveniences available in your day-to-day life close to your home (supermarket, international school, pharmacy, etc.), as well as various sports facilities and beautiful surroundings that invite you to explore nature’s playground. The coast between Moraira and Dénia is filled with parks and natural reserves with magnificent coves of crystalline waters and whose cliffs offer breathtaking views. That’s why we suggest an itinerary to Jávea’s various viewpoints; so get in the car and follow us!

Start out going north, towards Jávea, specifically to the Cap de Sant Antoni lighthouse, which provides views of the the town of Jávea like you’ve never seen before. Continue along the route, stop at the Sanctuary of Nuestra Señora de los Angeles and walk along the dirt track. There you will find some mills that date back to over 300 years and from where you can admire unparalleled views of the valley and the Cap Prim of Jávea.

Continue on foot along the coast until you reach Arenal beach. This beach is famous for its fine sand and the many shops along its promenade as well as the Séquia de la Nòria, a canal that dates back to Roman times that allowed seawater to enter an inland area where the salt mines were located. Then, go to Cala Blanca to admire the cliffs, follow the road that borders the sea and crosses the natural tunnels to reach the other coves.

Then head towards the Cruz de Portitxol to enjoy the impressive views; you can also take a couple roads that lead to, for example, Cala Sardinera or Cap Prim. Once you’ve finished this part of the trip, plan to go towards La Falzia as well, where you can marvel at the views of Cap de Sant Antoni, Cap Prim and the pine forest. Finally, drop by Cap Negre, where you can get one final glimpse of this entire section of the coast.

Follow the route south to discover the other side of Cap de la Nao. We recommend that you leave your vehicle near the lighthouse and make the trip to get a panoramic view. This is the closest point to the island of Ibiza and, if the weather is good, you’ll be able to see it. Take advantage of the stop to have a snack and refreshment or to order take away at one of the restaurants. If you want to experience the cape’s elevation, the lighthouse and Ambolo island, go towards Les Pesqueres, a viewpoint that’s about 500 metres away.

Back in the car, we recommend a stop at two of the most beautiful coves in the area. The first one is Cala Ambroso, which you can only admire from above because, unfortunately, its access is closed due to the risk of landslides. The next is Cala Granadella. Take advantage and admire the beauty of this nature reserve from your vehicle by taking the road that leads to the beach, then make your way on foot to finally reach it or to the path that leads to Castell de Granadella. This way, you will already be a few kilometres away from Cumbre del Sol because the Granadella natural park extends to the entrance of the residential complex.

You can follow this route in both directions, and we suggest doing it at different times of the year to discover a unique landscape each time. Don’t forget to check our blog regularly to find out about the different activities close to your home and follow us on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

The Best Outdoor Activities in the Marina Alta

The Best Outdoor Activities in the Marina Alta

We know that when you think of the Marina Alta, the first thing that pops into your mind is the large number of blue flag beaches and coves that spread across its coastline. It’s only natural to instantly daydream of enjoying crystalline waters during the beautiful sunny days that Alicante always has to offer. However, we’re here to tell you that you can also find a large variety of outdoor activities near your home in Cumbre del Sol! The Marina Alta has a wealth of tourist destinations and natural parks that are the ideal way to spend a day out in the fresh air.

We’ll start our tour of the Marina Alta in Javea, which is just a 20-minute drive away from Cumbre del Sol. This coastal town has over a dozen observation decks where you can take in the Mediterranean Sea and its stunning natural surroundings like never before. Start your tour at the Mirador de Els Molins, an old watchtower that overlooks the town as well as the blue waters. Make sure to also visit famous observation decks such as the Mirador del Cap Negre, considered to have the best view in all of Javea, and Mirador de La Falzia, with the most impressive panoramic views of the coastline and Portitxol Island.

A little further north is Montgo Mountain, between Javea and Denia. The mountain and its natural park are considered emblems of not just the Marina Alta, but Alicante and the Valencian region itself. Affectionately known as ‘The Elephant’ by locals, this beast might be a little difficult for some to conquer as parts of its hiking route are harder to cross. However, we recommend you give it a try just to visit caves like the Cova de L’aigua and Cova del Gamell. With unforgettable interiors and beautiful views to the rest of the mountain and area, we’re sure you won’t regret the visit!

South of Cumbre del Sol is Calpe, home of the impressive Peñón de Ifach. This imposing rock formation has a natural park at the top with views all the way to Ibiza. It also has an observation deck at the outskirts of the town, the Mirador Monte Toix. We’re sure the views of Calpe’s skyline with Peñón de Ifach at a distance will leave you absolutely breathless. Near the town centre, you’ll also find salt flats, a pocket of nature among the buildings where you can spot flocks of flamingos.

The interior of the Marina Alta also offers some authentic gems that every nature-lover should make sure to visit. La Vall d’Alcalà is a truly remarkable valley that’s rich in history. Within it, you’ll find famous caves such as the subterranean Cueva del Rull, which looks like a fantasy movie come to life. If you’re interested in the prehistoric, we recommend visiting the Sanctuary of Pla de Petracos, which has many cave paintings within its walls.

Nearby, there’s the Barranc de l’Encantada where you can go on an enchanting route full of ponds, waterfalls and unmatchable views of the most beautiful natural landscapes. There’s no better place to spend a hot summer day than Gorg del Salt. It has cool waters all year round thanks to the waterfall that also makes for a cinematic backdrop to your swim.

Other two very different options are the Cave of Skulls (Cueva de Las Calaveras) and the Marjal Pego-Olivia Natural Park. The first is a subterranean wonder, with impressively high walls that are full of rich Paleolithic history. The second is one of the most picturesque ways to enjoy everything the outdoors has to offer. Take a scenic walk through rice paddies, wetlands and rivers with the mountain as your backdrop and a wide variety of flora and fauna to marvel at along the way.

These are just some of the best outdoor destinations you can visit near your home at Cumbre del Sol. To keep up to date with all the activities, events and destinations in and near Cumbre del Sol, make sure to follow us on social media and check out our blog regularly.