Restoration of Benitatxell church’s dome

The Town Council of Poble Nou de Benitatxell began restoration works on the dome of the church of Santa María Magdalena.

The dome of Santa María Magdalena is a must for tourists visiting the municipality and also one of the most unique architectural elements of the town’s skyline which can be seen even from other towns located kilometers away.

The dome is a monument very appreciated by the locals, reason why Grupo VAPF decided to contribute with € 24,000 –along with € 28,695 provided by the City Council- to make this piece of art recover its entire splendor.

Half of the dome is covered by brown tiles because back in 1940 a lightning struck and damaged the area, and the economic situation of the moment did not allow replacing the original blue and white –and more expensive- tiles.

The restoration that is being carried out seeks to recover the original shape, which is a task that requires meticulous and artisanal work.