Moors and Christians in Jávea

Moors and Christians in Jávea

This month Xàbia celebrates the Moors and Christians Festival in honor of San Jaime, so from 20 to 25 July you will enjoy parades, music and firecrackers in every street of the town.


Wednesday 20 July

09:30 h.: Charity food collection in several supermarkets in town

19:00 h.:  Musketry shot at Virgen de Loreto and Antoni Llidó St.

20:45 h.: Offering of Flowers

23:00 h.: Dinner at Sevilla St. and the musical show

Thursday 21 July

21:00 h.: Departure of the Christian troops from the castle and taking positions on La Grava beach. 21:30 h.: Landing of the Moor troops and shot of musketry.

22:00 h.: Embassy and surrender of the castle at Jaume I Promenade

23:30 h.: Motivation Sound Experience with Christian Blond at Manuel Bordes Valls St.

00:00 h.: Batukada show

Friday 22 July

21:00 h.: Musketry battle at La Grava beach.

21:30 h.: Embassy and reconquest of the castle at Jaime I Promenade

23:30 h.: Performance by Toni “El Poblero” at Manuel Bordes Valls St.

00:00 h.: Street music show and Foam Party at  Dr. Fleming St.

Saturday 23 July

11:00 h.: Parade by Capitan brotherhood, visiting Kabilas and barracks.

19:30 h.: Marching band parade

20:30 h.: Gala Parade

23:30 h.: Street music show at Sevilla St.

00:30 h.: Fireworks war.

Sunday 24 July

10:00 h.: Water games and chocolate for kids

19:00 h.: Marching band parade and later, Band meeting at Jaime I Promenade

20:00 h.: Gala Parade

Monday 25 July

19:00 h.: Mass