2021 was a different, frenetic kind of year. We were able to return to some areas of our old lives that we had been deprived of for many months. We have gone back to our friendships and our usual activities and to some extent, we have returned to our everyday lives. It was about time, we needed it. However now that life is back to its normal pace, we find that we are also missing that slow way of life that we had experienced for a while.

Perhaps 2022 is a good time to recover part of that relaxed and easy-going lifestyle that at times we really need to reconnect with our true selves. Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol is a great exponent of this philosophy. The feverish pace of the world of work has no place in the resort, where the slow life rules supreme.

One of the pillars of this lifestyle is reading. This pastime has all the features of slow life: time for yourself, peace, silence, concentration… Will reading be one of your resolutions for 2022? We know what we think!

Cumbre del Sol: reader’s paradise

There are innumerable scenes in fiction where the main character is lying back on a lounger on their terrace with a good book. How often have you imagined yourself doing just that? At VAPF we have always wanted to make that ideal come true, and we can now safely say, job done!

Because Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol is a paradise on a par with the most exclusive cinematic scenarios. Imagine being on your terrace, with the ideal temperature and the Mediterranean sea as a backdrop while you lose yourself in the pages of a book. That’s the slowlife!

Reading and local authors

Not sure where to start? Discovering more about local culture is always a good plan. That’s why we’d like to suggest some books and authors that you are sure to enjoy.

Miguel Hernández is one of Spain’s most important writers and dramatists of the 20th century. Hernández was a native of Orihuela, and the land of his birth was a constant presence in his writing. The main theme of his poetry was the landscape and the people of the Mediterranean coast, with the sea featuring prominently, along with the river Segura and the cities of Valencia, Alicante, and Murcia. If you decide to read any of his works you will be immersing yourself in a world that will tell you more about your surroundings at Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol.

A more modern writer is Mónica Carrillo. The presenter, born in Elche, already has four novels on the market. Reading her stories in a favourite corner of your home, in Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol will transport you on a voyage to other worlds.

Finally, we would also like to recommend an author of children’s and young adult books, Elia Barceló who is from Elda, and whose work has garnered numerous awards, making her one of the best in her field. And reading is also something for the youngest members of the household! Getting into the habit from an early age is a positive step for children’s development.

Have you made a list of books to read? Just the three authors that we have mentioned will keep you going with plenty to read for a while. Spend your time reading and get more out of life!

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