Playing padel at Cumbre del Sol doesn’t just mean practising sport, it is actually a genuinely sensory experience. And that’s not just because you will improve your bone and muscle health, and your resistance, but because it will also be an exercise in socialising with other members of the Cumbre del Sol community. Not only that, but you will be practising on a padel court with some of the very best views in Spain. And yes, that’s right, we’re talking about the Benitatxell padel courts.

Reasons why you should play padel at Cumbre del Sol.

Aerobic racquet sports such as padel or tennis are ideal for developing coordination skills and your flexibility and agility. Now imagine improving and perfecting all these skills while enjoying all the advantages of playing padel at Cumbre del Sol. We’ll tell you all about them!

Playing padel in incomparable surroundings.

You will be playing padel at Cumbre del Sol with fantastic views of the sea. The Mediterranean breeze will accompany every serve and the rumble of the waves will be the soundtrack to your game. If you find it hard to make the effort and get moving, playing sport in this unique setting may well help to motivate you. It’s never too late to try!

The Benitatxell padel courts on your doorstep.

The proximity to your home is another great advantage of playing padel at Cumbre del Sol. These courts are just a step away from your house and that is also pretty exclusive! You don’t need to go anywhere. The five padel courts are right on your doorstep in Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol.

However, even if you are not a resident of Cumbre del Sol you don’t have to worry. These Benitatxell padel courts are open to anyone who would like to play. There are many amateur sportsmen and women who regularly play padel at Cumbre del Sol. And that’s you included!

Padel as a link between the residents of Cumbre del Sol.

And like any team sport, playing padel in Cumbre del Sol is the ideal opportunity to socialise. Now you can get to know your neighbours better while you enjoy playing your sport…. Or when you’re watching a game!

Jugar a pádel en Cumbre del Sol

And actually, several tournaments are played and numerous events are held on the Benitatxell padel courts. It doesn’t matter if you prefer to get your fun in the stands or on the court itself. You can choose how you want to enjoy the padel experience at Cumbre del Sol! Either way it will be a great opportunity to strengthen ties and contact with your neighbours.

Having listed the entire advantages, one thing is clear, which is that the padel courts of Cumbre del Sol are a sporting benchmark in the area. Would you like a game on the Benitatxell padel courts? You can book a court by calling +34 634 35 16 71. Dialling this number is the first step towards a new way of enjoying padel. We’re here waiting for you!

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