Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol offers an unparalleled location nestled between the sea and the mountains, giving you the opportunity to enjoy nature year-round. Now that the temperatures have dropped a little and the weather is still good, it’s the perfect season for hiking. We’ve already mentioned some of the most famous routes on the coast, but this time, we’re ready to conquer the mountains. We remind you to always consider your level of experience, take necessary precautions and carry all the necessary equipment (hiking shoes, water, sunscreen, etc.) Are you ready? Here we go!

The Montgó Natural Park, shaped like an elephant with its trunk extended towards the sea, is a symbol of Denia’s surroundings. It offers 6 trekking routes, of varying lengths and intensity, and is the perfect place for you to conquer mountains alongside your family. Most of the trails allow you to reach the top and enjoy impressive views. We recommend the Cova de l’Aigua and Racó del Bou route as it is circular and of medium difficulty. It is 5.5 kilometers long and you’ll need about 3 ½ hours to return to your starting point. The route begins at the hermitage that was built in the 80s, next to the Pare Pere hut. This route allows you to see the cave where water was stored and takes you through the shady area of Montgó, declared a micro-reserve.

Another option is to go to Altea and leave your car at the Casas de Bèrnia, a small village in the town of Xaló. The Serra de Bèrnia circular route, also called El Forat de Bèrnia route, is a medium level hike and is known to be the most interesting and complete in the province of Alicante. This route is a little longer than the previous one, as it is 9 km long and takes 4-5 hours. It offers amazing landscapes, and multiple natural attractions, such as El Forat (a natural tunnel allowing you will cross the mountain range), as well as heritage sites such as El Fort de Bèrnia. Don’t forget to take a flashlight to be able to cross the tunnel!

If you’re at expert hiker, we can offer two challenges: The Barranc de l’Infern and the Puig Campana ascent. These two routes require a lot of training, so we recommend you to walk carefully and opt out if you don’t have the right level.

The Barranc de L’Infern, also referred to as the ‘catedral del senderismo,’ is one of the most unique and popular circular routes in the province of Alicante. It requires great physical strength as it has 6,800 stone steps that lead you to stunning landscapes and a great cultural heritage. The starting point is located in Fleix and from there, you’ll have to follow the PR-CV 147 trail marks (after the Fleix washhouse). The route is winding and takes you across the Barranc de l’Infern twice. Keep in mind that after heavy rains it is very likely that you won’t be able to cross the ravine, so we recommend you wait a few days.

We’re sure this mountain has caught your attention several times. The Puig Campana is the second highest peak in the province of Alicante, with an altitude of 1,408 meters, and one of the most demanding routes. You can climb to the top (15 km) or take the circular route (12 km). To start your climb, you’ll need to go towards the Font del Molí in Finestrat and follow the PR-CV 289 (Volta al Puig Campana) route in an anticlockwise direction as the path is more irregular and it is preferable to do it uphill. You can follow this trail until the end if you’re only interested in the circular route, or change course at the Coll del Pouet crossing to climb to the top. There is also a more strenuous path that passes by the south slope, that’s to say by the quarry, and is known as the “Vertical Kilometer”.

Finally, if you like to go trekking and camping in the mountains, you can climb a section of the Gran Ruta Costa Blanca Interior (GR-330) that passes near your home: Denia-Gata de Gorgos and Gata de Gorgos-Parcent. Hiking is a great activity as you can get exercise and connect with nature. Don’t forget your equipment, check the weather and remember that we must take care of the environment and leave the least no footprint behind. Respect the environment and conquer the heights of one of the most impressive mountains in the Valencian Community.

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