Route to Pla de Petracos

Route to Pla de Petracos

The Active Holiday program of Vall del Pop, Benissa and Teulada, presents the Castell de Castells hiking trail: afternoon at Pla de Petracos. The route will be walked on July 14 and August 11. It aims to understand and interpret the paintings.

This sanctuary is considered a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, and is a truly cultural gem and a particular landscape.

“In the days when the cave paintings were a sanctuary, (Pla de Petracos) was a meeting place for people linked by deeply held beliefs, in which fertility, the agricultural cycle and family ties had a special role.”

The cave paintings at Pla de Petrarcos located on Barranc de Malafi cliff, som 500 m high, were discovered in 1980 by members of the “Centre d’Estudis Contestans” from Cocentaina (Alicante). This beautiful landscape reportedly holds the most valuable pieces of the so called “Macroschematic Art”, characterized by large paintings made ​​in a dark red, easily visible from a long distance.

The route has a distance of 1 km which takes approximately 3 hours and is considered of low difficulty, making it suitable for people from all levels of fitness, even for children 5 to 12 years.  The departure is scheduled at 19:30 hours from the Benigembla-Castell de Castells road, next to the house at the entrance to the path of Pla de Petracos. The price to join the hike is €6.  Those interested in participating can request more information at NATURADORA, +34 96 579 70 94.