The city of Benitatxell just released a new APP so that neighbors can communicate incidences on the public roads and streets.

This application for mobile and handheld devices allows neighbors to alert local authorities about incidents detected in public roads so they can be resolved as quickly as possible.

This is the perfect tool to communicate with the City Council, without having to go to the city hall or police station to fill in the entry records.

To have this application on your mobile you only have to access the Play Store of your mobile, write “Benitatxell” in the search engine and download the free application. The thumbnail of the application is the same image of the picture in the header of this post.

To report the incident, you only need to take a photo with your mobile and send it through this application. In addition, also through this application, you will receive information of interest about your neighbors such as, street diversions, public services contact numbers, etc.

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