Last Sunday 27 August we had the opportunity to witness the 9th stage of the Vuelta Ciclista (Spanish Cycling Tour) 2017, with finish line in Cumbre del Sol, in a day in which we had a great time and we could see Cumbre del Sol full of cycling fans enjoying along the two areas where the race ran through, especially the second and final one (Puig de la Llorença), where the finish line was located.

vuelta ciclista cumbre del sol 2017

vuelta ciclista cumbre del sol 2017

From Grupo VAPF we would like to congratulate Chris Froome for his victory and all the cyclists in general for the awesome sporting event we enjoyed last Sunday.

Photos of La Vuelta 2017

We hope to have the opportunity to enjoy La Vuelta Ciclista España in town next year!

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