Costa Blanca: a cyclist’s paradise

In addition to a high quality of life and its excellent year-round climate, the Costa Blanca has so much more to offer. If we apply these qualities to sport, and focus on the area’s unique landscape, we can see that it is an ideal area for taking part in all types of cycling.

Discover the best castles close to Cumbre del Sol!

Alicante is the perfect destination for both those who are looking for a few days of relaxation, and those who want to start a new life close to the Mediterranean Sea. Beyond the beaches with crystal-clear water and the exceptional gastronomy of the Costa Blanca, the Alicante region is also known for its castles and fortresses whose incredible stories will transport you back through time. If you want to experience this adventure for yourself, the Alicante Provincial Council suggests following a Route of 100 Costa Blanca Castles on which you can discover the footprints left by different people and cultures over history.

“Fira i Porrat de Sant Antoni” 2019 in Benissa

Cumbre del Sol Residential Resort is part of the municipality of Benitatxell and boasts a perfect location in the north of the Costa Blanca, thanks to both the impressive views of the sea and the proximity to Benissa and other main cities in the area. Here, there is always an event going on! This January, you can’t miss the “Fira i Porrat de Sant Antoni” in Benissa, which has been named a local fiesta of tourist interest. It is a Valencian festival tradition whose origins are found in worshipping saints to ask for good harvests and the fertility of animals.

Lady Elizabeth School: international education in Cumbre del Sol Residential Resort

Cumbre del Sol Residential Resort is the place you have always dreamed of: luxury homes in an enviable natural environment, with incredible views of the sea. It is also the perfect place for your family to begin a new life together, as you will have a range of leisure options, services, and facilities available to you. Among these, the Lady Elizabeth School, one of the best international schools in the country, stands out.

Discover Benitatxell’s delicious dishes

Gastronomy is one of the Costa Blanca’s main attractions; enjoying the famous Mediterranean diet, which is so rich and varied when it comes to rice, meat, fish, seafood, vegetables, and fruit is a big attraction not only for tourists but also for residents of the area, including those in Cumbre del Sol Residential Resort! Join us on a tour of Benitatxell’s typical dishes.

The Three Wise Men are coming to Benitatxell!

Christmas is still in the air! And, in Benitatxell, this year it’s more noticeable than ever: in addition to the programme of events, the Reyes Association has been formed once more, aiming to fill Benitatxell’s streets and houses with magic. Something new for this year is the creation of a tent in Plaça de les Pesqueres which aims to encourage the participation of residents and will become a meeting point during this special time.

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