Our Customers: Our Most Important Cover Letter

Our Customers: Our Most Important Cover Letter

The quality, the service, the leisure activities, the climate… if you want to find a reason to choose Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol, there are plenty of them! There are many factors that will lead you choose one of our villas or flats.

From the very first moment, our clients are our top priority. That is why we offer personalised attention in your native language throughout the whole process. As well as guarantees such as access to an extranet to follow the work progress on your new home. And if that’s not enough, we also help you with utility set-up and keep a key to your home on hand if you wish.

As Anne, one of the residents of Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol says, we involve the client in the entire process. “I had a lot of feedback, and I felt comfortable to share it; I knew that when I asked for something, they would do their best to make it happen.” This is what Anne shared about the construction of what has been her home for the last ten years.

Anne and her husband Bob had been looking for a second home in a European country such as France or Italy for some time. However, “we always found something we were hesitant about, and finally, at Cumbre del Sol, there were no hesitations. It was a ‘yes’,” she says.

Something similar happened to another of our neighbours, Kenny Belaey, at Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol. With different goals than those of Anne and Bob, he was looking for a place to practice his favourite sport: trial cycling, a very common sport in Spain. At first, he had Barcelona, Valencia or Torrevieja in mind as cities to relocate and buy a new home. But it was a friend’s recommendation that eventually led him to Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol. He told him about the wonderful views, the mountains and the surroundings. This place became home for him nine years ago now.

Our clients have always been content with the amenities and services in the surrounding areas. Mr. Wim chose one of our apartments in the Montecala Gardens development at Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol. He specifically says he chose it because of its “top quality.” Now, he values the space he has in his home so that he can have guests and still preserve his privacy.

The residents at Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol also appreciate the range of activities that their surroundings offer. “The days here are very short,” says Anne, who can’t even count the numerous plans she and her husband have already made at Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol: “We like to snorkel, scuba dive… we have many good friends here with whom we have barbecues as well.”

Mr. Wim also values the nature that surrounds his apartment. It allows him to have a greater connection with it, be it through hiking trails or swimming. From a more youthful perspective, Kenny is clear: “You can do everything. You can relax, eat good food, in the summer go to good parties….” Various ages, hobbies, tastes… there’s something for everyone!

You too can create a new community and have barbecues like Anne and Bob or visit the sea every day like Mr. Wim! At Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol, we have considered every last detail for you. Are you ready to experience it?

Our Residents Explain Why Cumbre del Sol and VAPF Are the Best Options to Begin a New Life

Our Residents Explain Why Cumbre del Sol and VAPF Are the Best Options to Begin a New Life

Do you dream of spending your days happily in Spain in a top-quality apartment or villa overlooking the sea and surrounded by an inclusive international community? At VAPF, we have over 55 years of experience building luxury properties on the Costa Blanca and, if you choose us, we guarantee that you will find the home you have always dreamt of and you won’t lack a thing. From the beginning, we will guide you through the process and you will be the one who decides how to view your future home. If you can’t travel, we offer a virtual tour and what’s more, in your native language. The idea is to purchase a home but accompanied by a team of professionals (real estate agents, customer service, architects, interior decorators…) and to meet all your expectations.

To offer you first-hand accounts, we’ll turn the floor over to our Cumbre del Sol residents so that you can see that this place is a true melting pot where you will have no problem integrating. Furthermore, as they indicate, you will have all the services you could possibly need at your disposal: tennis and paddle courts, restaurants, beaches, a beauty salon, equestrian centre and even a renowned international school so that your children receive the best education possible.

In addition to the services, the mild climate also plays a major role in the charm of the area, as well as the surrounding sea and mountain landscapes. All our residents back this by saying that it is a peaceful place with an extraordinary quality of life. Likewise, Paul and Béatrice, both from Brittany, are experiencing “a second youth full of happiness”. They also recognise that this villa, acquired as a holiday home, has ended up being their main residence. They don’t regret their choice and emphasise that, should any problems arise, VAPF is always available.

Igor and Anna also reiterate this, as a couple who used to spend their vacation time in Spain and, upon arriving at the Costa Blanca and visiting our Blue Infinity apartments, could not resist. These apartments are modern, come perfectly equipped, and their exceptional common areas include swimming pools, wellness space and fitness room. They are “very happy here and enjoy living in paradise”.

Felice and Tina are also very happy to have a villa at Cumbre del Sol and to be able to enjoy the good weather and “wonderful views, the tranquillity of the surroundings and the comfort of having all the necessary services close by.” For them, VAPF’s quality customer service was a determining factor and, in particular, they are grateful that VAPF “assisted from the beginning to the end of the construction process and that language is not a problem thanks to the multilingual service.” Friends, activities, gastronomy, culture, history… The endless options were enticing and they recognise that “they are never bored here.”

Finally, all our residents stress that you must visit Cumbre del Sol in person to appreciate all its beauty and, if that’s not possible, you can also contact us through this form and take a virtual tour as a family without having to leave home. In addition, some of the models are finished and ready to receive you and your family. Don’t forget to read our blog regularly so you don’t miss anything and follow us on Facebook and Instagram to discover all our news. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Opting for a Life at Cumbre del Sol: A Wonderful Decision for Felice and Tina

Opting for a Life at Cumbre del Sol: A Wonderful Decision for Felice and Tina

At VAPF, we believe that our homeowners are the ones that know our developments best and for this reason, are the most suitable to describe how content they are with their lives at Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol. Today, we would like to introduce our French-speaking neighbours Felice and Tina.

At the time of this interview, they had already been enjoying this wonderful life on the Costa Blanca for three years. Besides the fact that Tina is Spanish, they decided to buy a house in Spain because of its kind residents and the laid-back lifestyle, but why did they choose Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol? “Because we like to enjoy these wonderful views, the tranquillity of this place, and the fact that we are close to everything. Plus, the people are very friendly”. It is also worth noting that the climate is perfect, as February is the only month in which you can really feel the cold and the sun shines almost every day. You can enjoy these natural surroundings at any time of the year, which is a real luxury.

As for VAPF, they consider it a unique opportunity as they were impressed by what was offered and by the trust that VAPF conveyed in launching this project. They have no regrets as this house is not just a summer home. They come here often, and as they’ve stated: “it’s much better than we had expected. We knew that the views were impressive, but we actually have so much more than that. We feel at home and get to watch a beautiful nature show unfold every day before our eyes: the sunrise, the sunset and the moon reflecting on the sea. It’s pure emotion and it’s extraordinary.” The house is perfect and VAPF offers unconditional support. Tine and Felice know that whatever they need is right at their fingertips. Their workers are very friendly, they react very quickly to help us, and its notable that “they offer on-going support from the beginning to the end of the construction process, and even afterwards. Language is also not a problem because of the multilingual service they offer.”

It’s not just about VAPF and its luxurious homes at Cumbre del Sol Residential Resort, but also about the natural surroundings and the history of the region. “We have gotten to know wonderful people and been introduced to a delicious gastronomy and a variety of activities. We never get bored.” The trails that we have at Cumbre del Sol and also those that are inland stand out. These paths allow you to walk along the coast and enjoy impressive views, but if you go a little further into the mountains, the landscape is completely different and just as beautiful. Tina loves both culture and history and she emphasises that this province is perfect for discovering Spain’s Arab-Muslim past as it is still very present. “The names are a good example: Benissa, Benitatxell, Benidorm and there are also traces of Spanish culture from past centuries, which is very interesting”.

Land activities are not the only options, as the Mediterranean Sea is another one of the area’s main attractions. At Cumbre del Sol, there are some wonderful coves that offer crystal-clear blue waters with nice temperatures all year round. You can also ride a jet ski or even a boat. One doesn’t have to go very far enjoy these activities and “we never get bored”.

To conclude, they explain that “you shouldn’t be hesitant about starting this new life on the Costa Blanca as VAPF looks after everything and takes care of every detail. They are very well organised and have a lot of experience.” The natural surroundings, the sea views and the house models meant that they couldn’t resist, but the final determining factor was VAPF. “To be able to enjoy this well-balanced life is priceless and if we had to do it all over again, we are sure we wouldn’t change a thing.”

If our resident testimonials have made you curious and you’re interested in discovering our luxury apartments and housing developments at Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol, then come and see for yourself! Just fill out this form to make an appointment and don’t forget to follow us on our social media networks to attend our events and keep up-to-date with all our news.

This is what your life can be like at Cumbre del Sol

This is what your life can be like at Cumbre del Sol

Living in paradise is now a reality within reach thanks to Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol, an idyllic enclave on the Costa Blanca, more specifically in the Benitachell municipality in Alicante. Our luxury villas and apartments are equipped with the latest technologies and designed according to the latest trends to offer homeowners maximum comfort. But Cumbre del Sol is much more than a residential area, and this is proven by all the services it offers: a supermarket, restaurants, bars, equestrian centre and a prestigious British private school.

If you are thinking about forming part of our great family, whom better to finish convincing you than the homeowners? We’ve interviewed some of our clients so that you can learn firsthand about what life is like in Cumbre del Sol. What was it that made them decide? Are they happy? What was the process of buying like? Alain and Martine Planard, and Igor and Anna Grytsenyuk will tell you all about their new life at Cumbre del Sol.

“The views at Cumbre del Sol left us breathless, that’s why we didn’t hesitate and asked: Do you have any apartments left on sale?”, Igor.

Igor and Anna Grytenyuk were left fascinated by the incredible views and, even though the Blue Infinity luxury apartments were still under construction, they didn’t wait and the next day they had theirs. This is no wonder as the location is unsurpassable and our team of experts, who will assist you in your native language, adapt themselves to your needs and advise you throughout the entire purchasing process.

“The apartment is well designed and built, everything made using good materials. Also, it’s a smart house and not many houses in Spain match up to this one. When we compare it to our friends’ houses, our house is always the best!” Igor.

During all our years of experience, we have sought excellence and quality in our homes. We also want to offer our clients the latest technological advances and the newest architecture and design materials and trends. This is why home automation couldn’t be left out of our buildings. Thanks to a simple smart system based on the international KNX standard, you will be able to control four different areas from an app on your phone: comfort, energy-saving, technical and personal security, and communication.

“It’s a delightful place with great weather, restaurants and endless cultural possibilities. We’re never bored!”, Alain.

Alain and Martine couldn’t have summed it up better: it’s impossible to get bored. In Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol you’ll enjoy all the services and amenities without having to give up the privacy and calm of a natural environment, as you’ll find yourself just minutes away from such privileged places as Grandaella Natural Park and Cala Moraig. And you’re in luck if you’re a sports’ lover as we have first-rate sports facilities where you can play tennis or go horse riding. Furthermore, at VAPF we’re a community that’s full of life and we love to celebrate cultural events and social activities where our neighbours, of all nationalities, can make new friendships.

“We eat on the terrace every day. Our terrace is superbly situated, with views towards the sea and the mountain and it’s in the sun all day.”, Martine.

Our properties are designed to make the most of the views and the Mediterranean climate, a mild climate where there is sunshine almost 365 days a year. This is why we include a terrace and a pool in all of our properties. If you also want to eat out in the fresh air every day, what are you waiting for to do it in an unmatchable enclave?

“Don’t settle for watching the videos, come and discover for yourselves the quality of life we have here. There are all kinds of properties and activities for everyone.”, Alain.

Alain and Martine have found happiness at Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol and they want you to also find yours. Their advice? That you start heading towards Cumbre del Sol and see it for yourself. As Alain says, there are all kinds of properties, so surely you’ll find the one that best adapts to your needs amongst our luxury villas and apartments with incredible sea views.

To watch the complete interviews with the homeowners, you can click on this link and you’ll see Igor and Anna’s experience, and if you click this one, you’ll find Alain and Martine’s story.

If you’ve already decided, don’t wait any longer! Contact us by filling out this form or through our social networks and fall in love with your new home.

Our homeowners tell us all about their lives in Cumbre del Sol

Our homeowners tell us all about their lives in Cumbre del Sol

Cumbre del Sol Residential Resort is the perfect place to live and enjoy the Costa Blanca any time of the year and this is something that our homeowners can attest to. In this exclusive residential complex, you will find homes with the best Mediterranean views, as Cumbre del Sol sits in a natural enclave that is surrounded by both mountains and sea. Waking up to sea views, creating special memories by your terrace with its infinity pool and contemplating the sunset…all of this is priceless and, in our homes, you can live the life you’ve always dreamed of. Are you ready to turn that dream into a reality? Among our homes, you will find different apartments and luxury villa models that will suit your specific tastes and needs.

If you’ve always dreamt of living seaside but haven’t made the final decision, we invite you to take the time to watch our homeowners’ testimonials and find out firsthand what life is like at Cumbre del Sol Residential Resort, what made our owners decide to start a life here, and how they fell in love with this natural paradise located in the Costa Blanca. Don’t miss it!

For Igor and Anna Grytsenyuk, discovering Cumbre del Sol was love at first sight. The couple had been coming to Spain as tourists for many years. When they arrived on the Costa Blanca and saw our Blue Infinity luxury apartments, which were still under construction, they were speechless. They immediately asked if there were any for sale and in just one day, they were happy homeowners. Igor assures us that it was one of their best decisions and states: “We are very happy here in a new country, discovering what Spain has to offer. We have great neighbors, and this is practically paradise.”

And what is it that most attracts our homeowners? Without a doubt, the surroundings. After living in Paris for so many years, Alain and Martine Planard were looking for peace and tranquility. After enjoying their holidays on the Costa Blanca, they couldn’t resist living in an area with so much to offer and taking advantage of their retirement, opted for a change of scenery and started a new adventure in Spain. Now they are able to enjoy nature in its purest form with the crystal-clear waters of the surrounding coves and beaches and the endless number of cultural and outdoor activities without sacrificing their comfort. As you’ll soon come to find out, Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol has all the necessary services close by: restaurants, sports facilities, supermarkets, beauty salons, etc. Your home offers both an abundance of privacy and a safe haven, but if you are also looking for a livelier lifestyle, then Cumbre del Sol is the place for you.

Furthermore, our homeowners also highlight the fact that living in Cumbre del Sol means forming part of a large international family. Alain and Martine have been living in their Jardines de Montecala apartment for two years and they never get bored. They, as well as Igor and Anna, stress that it is very easy to integrate into the community and make friends with people from all over the world. Our international community is made up of French, Belgian, English, Russian, and Chinese families. Furthermore, VAPF organises various events throughout the year and as such, makes it easy for you to get to know all the other residents.

In addition to its privileged location and large international community that can be found at Cumbre del Sol Residential Resort, at VAPF, our clients are our main priority and as such, we look after every detail of their new home by offering quality building with luxury finishes and an exclusive design. Alain and Martine highlight the distribution and finishes of their home in which they are able to enjoy large spaces and have everything at hand, in addition to being able to enjoy the Mediterranean sun from their terrace with views of the mountains and sea. Alain and Martine also highlight the sales agents’ service describing them as “excellent professionals who do their job very seriously and make it easy for you by helping you through the purchasing process from start to finish until the final signing. On the other hand, Igor and Anna are proud to say that, “Without a doubt, our house is the best.” They live in a smart apartment equipped with the latest technology, with modern designs, luxury finishes, and stunning sea views.

A few last words to leave off. Igor and Anna couldn’t make it any clearer: “Don’t just trust the images you see on your phone! Book a flight, organise a visit with VAPF, discover the surroundings, and you will understand that VAPF offers the best homes in the area. By visiting, you will know why we’re here and why you’ll love living here too.” Everyone agrees: If they were to do it all over again, they would make the same decision to buy their home with VAPF because it’s the perfect place to live.

Head towards the Costa Blanca and discover for yourself what it is like to live at Cumbre del Sol Residential Resort: modern villas and luxury apartments with incredible sea views and a warm Mediterranean climate, an excellent quality of life, all the services and amenities you could need, an endless amount of activities, and much more!

Furthermore, we are right by your side throughout the entire buying process in order to make your life easier with the paperwork and the administrative part. All you have to do is choose your new home and we will help you with the rest!

Don’t wait any longer and turn your dreams into a reality! Feel free to contact us through our website by filling out the contact form or through our social media accounts and let yourself get swept away by all the charms of Cumbre del Sol Residential Resort.