Everything you need at Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol

Everything you need at Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol

Although Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol is designed as a residential resort for living all year round, summer is the high point of the year. Established residents and newcomers alike arrive at this time of year seeking a great climate, sunshine and sand. And Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol has all this and much, much more. All the services and amenities you need are at hand.

The most basic of life’s necessities, food, health and personal care are all covered thanks to the shopping centre Las Adelfas. With a large supermarket, covering a surface area of 1200m2, it has a wide range of fresh produce, and stocks both national and international products, open from Monday to Saturday all week. The mall also boasts a medical clinic, a pharmacy, a beauty clinic and companies offering maintenance and rental services for the residential homes.

Gastronomic tastes are amply catered for with several bars and restaurants in Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol.  There are up to six options to choose from where you can have a great time out as you savour the best of the Costa Blanca’s traditional cusine. For example, if you prefer a family atmosphere, try Restaurante La Cumbre, you’ll love it. For a full dining experience, the Hipica Cañada del Sol is your best choice. However, if you’re looking for a menu with plenty of variety, try a meal at Acantilados del Sol.

And if we’re talking about basic services, you will also have your children’s education ensured. The international college The Lady Elizabeth School is a private educational centre where the teaching is all in English, all year round. And VAPF has signed a collaboration agreement with VAPF offering discounts to new-build homebuyers whose children will be attending the Lady Elizabeth School.

Entertainment and leisure at Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol naturally includes sport.  With the sports facilities continuously developing and improving, there is many sporting activities available all year round. One of the most striking of these is the riding school. The Hipica Cañada del Sol offers a number of local horse-riding excursions all year round, including a visit to the Granadella Natural Park. And on top of all that, there are plenty of other horsy activities such as riding lessons, livery services and a children’s farm.

With the sea just a few metres away, diving in the waters near Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol is one of the most popular activities in the area thanks to the quality of the water and the marine depths.  Moraig beach is an example, and there you will find the “Cova dels Arcs” a cave where the subterranean Riu Blanc river flows into the sea.

And finally, there’s paddle, the sport that has really created a community at Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol. Our paddle courts are famous in the area and host tournaments all the time. The next one will be held from  5 to 8 August. With women’s, men’s and mixed doubles, it costs just 20€ to take part.

At Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol you won’t have time to be bored. In fact, you can indulge all your gastronomic, sporting or social tendencies without even having to leave our facilities. We’re here waiting for you!

One thousand and one cultural plans for this summer

One thousand and one cultural plans for this summer

In this blog we often refer to the extensive and varied range of cultural activities in and around Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol. The cultural activities on offer increase exponentially during the summer months, making the most of the extra hours of light, the warm temperatures and the greater influx of tourists and residents.

And this summer is no exception. Poble Nou de Benitatxell, the location of Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol, hosts a number of different cultural activities all summer. Following the fiestas honouring Saint Mary Magdalene at the end of July, August brings further events. On 5, 12 and 19 August you can enjoy the dramatised routes in the local Municipal Market.

If you are looking for something a little bit different, every Friday you can attend the “Moscatell Fridays“. This entails a visit the Muscat grape vineyards where you will discover how wine is produced at first hand.

Xabia is just a few kilometres from Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol and its festivals are back this summer. Entry is free, although you will need to book first, and you can rest assured that all the health and safety measures for the pandemic are in place. For music lovers, Xàbia Jazz is back again this year. The music of Juan Perro and La SedaJazz Big Band with Sole Giménez will fill the plaza de la Constitución with sound on 8 and 9 August.

Film buffs will also be catered for with festivals in Xàbia this year. On 10 and 11 September the 10th edition of the Riurau Film Festival will be held, featuring commercial cinema. And Ojos Rojos is a further image related event to be held as the summer winds to a close. This Spanish and Latin American Photography Festival will be held from 17 September to 17 October with an exhibition of snapshots taken by renowned photographers.

In nearby Benissa, the summer events programme also includes sport. Yoga classes will be available almost daily throughout August. But there is always to time to fit in some cinema and a music concert or event.

Benissa also highlights gastronomy this summer with Food Trucks which will be at la Fustera beach from 5 to 8 August. Historical and cultural matters are also to the fore, with guided visits highlighting the medieval charms of the town.

And finally, Altea which, thanks to the beauty of the area and its cultural activities is another dream destination. “Música a boqueta nit” is one of a series of concerts that the town is hosting this summer. Pete Lala (9 August), Inma Mira and Julio Awad (13 August) and Nhamirre Project (26 August) are some of the events planned for this month. If you’d prefer to stroll around and see an exhibition though, there are currently three on show in the town. Arts and crafts, Altea’s maritime history, and Balconades. This last is a traditional event where paintings by well-known or amateur artists are exhibited on the balconies of the houses in Altea’s historic centre.

This summer visit the Costa Blanca and enjoy its wide range of cultural activities.

Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol:  slow life paradise

Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol: slow life paradise

New technologies, the frenetic way of life and constant sense of immediacy have brought changes to our lifestyle. It has become a routine from which the only escape is your holidays and sometimes these can actually be a bit of a disappointment.

However, in contrast to this way of life there is a movement afoot which seeks to reverse this frantic life style, adapting instead to a gentler, more restful way of life. The slow movement arose in the nineteen eighties in the food sector, but today it has come to encompass every aspect of life. So what is the main aim? Slowing down the pace of life, and in doing so, reducing stress and everything that goes with it.

And the fact is that a frenetic lifestyle not only deprives you of your spare time and experiences but it can also be bad for your health. So here at VAPF we are promoting the slow lifestyle and in this blog post we will tell you why Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol is the ideal place for making this happen.

The thinking behind slow life is that we should learn to enjoy life. And at Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol, that lesson is pretty easy to learn. Focusing on the present is one of the keys to enjoying life in the here and now. Yoga and mindfulness are two disciplines which, among others, encourage this idea of being in the moment and putting aside thoughts of the past or the future. How about trying it? Yoga on the beach is an extraordinary experience and it is a help when you want to try living the slow life At Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol, yoga is a very popular pastime.

Closely linked to this process is the opportunity to live close to nature. There is no question that our residents live in close proximity to mountains, forests, sea, in a natural paradise. Set in the heart of the Costa Blanca, Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol is bordered by the Granadella Natural Park. The local flora includes some real treasures such as a micro orchid reserve, or the fern species Asplenium Marino, which is unique to the region. The local fauna further enhance the connection with nature, as sea birds and raptors abound, along with small mammals like wild boar and foxes.

In terms of personal relations, the slow life movement inspires and encourages a connection with the local community. At Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol, we do our best to create good relations between neighbours through community events and activities.  An example of this sense of community can be found in our paddle tournaments which create new friendships and sporting links.

Food is another factor to consider when you are moving towards a slow life style. It advocates local products, retail outlets and healthy restaurants and bars and Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol fulfils all these requirements, as local shops are family run, selling regional products and serving traditional Costa Blanca specialities.

And, finally disconnecting and silence are crucial tenets of the slow life philosophy. Our villas and apartments are designed for a tranquil, autonomous and independent lifestyle. The home interiors inspire creativity and a feeling of intimacy in our residents. The external features of the homes, often including an infinity pool and extensive chill out areas, provide a connection with nature and help to disconnect from a saturated world.

If you are thinking of changing your lifestyle and leaving behind all your accumulated stress, Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol is the place you’re looking for.  We’re here waiting for you!

This summer, Summer Camp at Lady Elizabeth School

This summer, Summer Camp at Lady Elizabeth School

What child hasn’t dreamt of summer camp? Making friends, learning new activities, not being bored at home during the three months of summer… Besides, if you work, you will know how complicated it is some weeks to find daycare for your kids. So we are here to offer a solution!

The Summer Camp of Lady Elizabeth School, at Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol is back for a new edition! From the 5th of July until the 13th of August, your children will be able to enjoy multiple activities that will make this the best summer of their lives. What’s more, all ages can attend: from 2 to 17 years old!

The location of the Lady Elizabeth School is unbeatable. It is in the heart of the Costa Blanca and with pleasant summer temperatures, perfect for enjoying the sea. And also, for outdoor activities. In addition, you can choose whether to stay with a host family or in the school’s own residence! This Summer Camp is ideal for sharing the experience with up to 25 other students from all over the world.

One of the objectives of this Summer Camp, apart from having a great time, is to learn English, and the best way to do so is to speak it all day long! That’s why, at the beginning of the course, students will have to complete a short English test. This way, they can be evaluated and the teaching organised according to their level in the language. And to make it more fun, every two weeks the Summer Camp gets a different theme. This year, these will be some of the themes: LES Circus; Science and Nature; and Mission Impossible.

In addition to the language and these themes, the programmes are adapted to each age group. The youngest children (2-4 years old) will be entertained with various activities. Dance, face painting, music and everything else a child of their age can imagine. For the 5–8-year-olds, sport is a fundamental part our programme. In addition, every Wednesday they will take the opportunity to go on an excursion where nature takes centre stage. They will visit places such as Terra Natura, the Oceanogràfic of Valencia or Mundomar, among others.

Are your children between ages 9 and 11? At the Lady Elizabeth School Summer Camp, they will be surrounded by dance, theatre, cooking and also languages! They will have four English or Spanish classes per day and another four activity classes, so they won’t have time to get bored and there will be plenty of time for fun and learning!

Finally, the older children will also enjoy their days at our Summer Camp. For them we have prepared four different programmes to choose from. These are Languages, Sustainability and Environmental Conservation, Creative Writing or Global Perspectives. And in the afternoons, they can choose from all kinds of activities: Master Chef, Performing Arts, Carpentry, Artistic Design… so they can use their imaginations to the fullest!

Would you like to know more about the Summer Camp of Lady Elizabeth School at Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol? If the answer is yes, you can find all the information here. If, on the other hand, you have already made up your mind, click on this link. Here you can register and sign up for what is sure to be the best summer ever for your children.

Don’t Wait Another Minute to Get to Know Your New Home

Don’t Wait Another Minute to Get to Know Your New Home

The last few months have been very difficult. We started by being at home one day after the next, and then continued with restrictions to what we could do. But it was and still is necessary to be responsible so that this situation can end soon, and so we can get back to enjoying every moment to the fullest.

Many lessons can be drawn from the last year. However, on a personal level, we can conclude that comfort and well-being at home are essential. And consequently, the desire for spaciousness and, if possible, an outdoor area.

That’s why our villas and apartments are everything you need to create a cosy environment. Have you had a chance to view them? We know that it is still a difficult time to travel and visit places far from our city of residence. That’s why at VAPF we offer alternatives so that you can get to know your next home without moving from where you are.

One of these options is our digital tours. Among its advantages, the most obvious is that you decide when you want to visit! After filling in our application form, one of our sales agents will contact you in your native language to arrange the day and time.  Another advantage is that you decide from where and with whom to enjoy the tour through our villas. And who knows, maybe your next home!

However, if you are unsure about a specific development, we also offer another option. We recommend you attend one of the webinars we have scheduled for the coming weeks. The first one will be held on May 27th. And thanks to it, you will learn all about the Villas Advance: Lirios Design, Magnolias Sunset, Magnolias Pure Design… they will grab your attention!

In June, we also have two days of webinars on the calendar. On the 10th, you will learn more about what it’s like to live in Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol. We will talk about how to live here and also about taxes. We know it may be less attractive than getting to know one of our villas by the sea, however, it is essential information for future residents! Besides, the webinar on the 24th makes up for everything. The reason being that during the “La Sella experience” you will get to know apartments where both nature and the sea are the main protagonists.

With all this information, you will be able to decide on your next home before you even visit it. Furthermore, if you decide to start your new life with us, during the process you will be able to access services such as an extranet. Here you can check the status of your home and receive personalised attention in your own language, among other things.

For your first in person visit, we have also built-in exclusive services for your maximum comfort. You will have a free one-night hotel stay the day before handing over the keys, which will be personalised. We will explain to you how the facilities work. In addition, to make it easier for you, we will take care of some of the formalities, such as arranging direct debit for the utilities for your new home if you need it.

So, there’s no excuse! Getting to know your new home from your current location is possible. Moreover, you can do it with all the guarantees and knowing that, already during your first visit, everything will be ready. If you want to see more about our properties and promotions, you can follow us on our blog, Instagram and Facebook. We look forward to meeting you!