Wrapping Up the Region of Valencia Tennis Challenge

Wrapping Up the Region of Valencia Tennis Challenge

Last weekend we hosted the Region of Valencia Tennis Challenge, a very important professional sporting event, given it was the first to take place in Spain after the state of alarm was declared in March due to the COVID-19 crisis.

Held in our Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol sports centre, four TOP 100 tennis players on the ATP circuit participated in the event: Roberto Bautista, Pablo Carreño, Alex de Miñaur and Pablo Andújar. During the two daily matches that were played, the players competed using the round-robin format in which the winner would be the best of 3 sets.

The event got underway on Friday, the 5th and it was De Miñaur who scored highest with 6-3, 6-2 over Andujar. The latter executed his plays very well and gave a good fight, but it wasn’t enough to beat De Miñaur.

During the second match, Carreño and Bautista competed in a close game in which Carreño defended his position expertly. However, in the end, it wasn’t quite enough, as Bautista obtained a 6-4, 6-4 victory.

The event continued into its second day on Saturday when Andujar and Bautista went head to head. Bautista sought his second consecutive victory after beating Carreño on Friday and achieved it in just two games with a score of 6-1, 6-1.

The match between De Miñaur and Carreño followed. The young Australian, who had already beaten Andujar on Friday, almost lost the first set, but then was able to recover during the second set with only one break. He rose to victory with a score of 7-5, 6-4.

Finally, on the third day of the event, the organization had to make the difficult decision to cancel the final matches due to heavy rain that made it impossible to finish.

At VAPF, we are proud to be able to take part in an event of this nature and this is why we are working to make Cumbre del Sol one of the benchmark residential developments on the Costa Blanca.

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Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol hosts the Region of Valencia Tennis Challenge

Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol hosts the Region of Valencia Tennis Challenge

If you live at Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol, you can say with confidence that you’re living in paradise. This isn’t a baseless sentiment, as the area boasts of nearly 365 days of sunshine, stunning beaches and coves, an unmatchable natural landscape and more. This isn’t all that captivates those who come to visit, as those who live here enjoy countless other benefits.

One of the main attractions to living here is that every service or amenity you might need is just a stone’s throw away from your home. We have one of the best international schools in Spain, The Lady Elizabeth school, as well as a supermarket, pharmacy, hairdresser’s, bars, and even Michelin star restaurants nearby.

As a resident, we’re sure you’re already familiar with our fantastic sports facilities, such as our equestrian centre and tennis and padel courts. Cumbre del Sol has always been an idyllic place to practice sports, thanks to its pleasant weather and landscape. However, due to the health crisis, we have been facing the past few weeks, the possibility to enjoy sports has been limited. Which is why VAPF has teamed up with We Are Talent to host the first professional sporting event held in Spain during the COVID-19 crisis. And, as a cherry on top, the event is being hosted from our very own sports facilities!

The Region of Valencia Tennis Challenge consists of 4 highly ranked tennis players from the ATP circuit. They’ll be playing 2 matches a day, following a round-robin format. Matches will be played as best-of-three sets and the third will be a tiebreaker if necessary. The event will begin on Friday, June 5 and end on Sunday, June 7.  All matches will be held behind closed doors to ensure compliance with current safety regulations. In addition, players live in the area and all health requirements set by the government will be strictly adhered to.

The goal is to bring people together safely to enjoy the sport while also contributing to a good cause. At the end of the event, all donations and money raised through auctioning the player’s equipment will go towards helping Spanish victims of the COVID-19 crisis. At VAPF, we have always been committed to helping the most vulnerable. The event will also be environmentally friendly, to protect our planet as we give towards those in need.

The event will be broadcasted nationally as well internationally and will also be available on different streaming platforms. There will be live commentary in both English and Spanish and the broadcast will begin the moment the players step on the court until the moment they walk out. To maximize the event’s reach,free viewing has been agreed upon for all major national and international broadcasters and digital platforms, including:

  • Spain: GOL
  • Portugal: Sport TV
  • USA: Tennis Channel
  • Australia: Australian Open, Youtube, Nine’s Wide World of Sports
  • Russia: Telesport
  • Belgium: Eleven Sports
  • Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Globally: DAZN
  • UK, Ireland: Amazon Prime Video
  • Japan: WOWTV
  • Canada, USA, North Africa, Middle East, Asia-Pacific, Turkey: Bein Sports
  • Globally: ATP Tennis TV, LaLiga Sports, Eurosports, DAZN

The players who will be playing are Roberto Bautista (No. 12 in the ATP ranking), who has won nine ATP singles titles, the most notable being his victory at the Dubai Tournament in 2018. He also reached the Wimbledon Championship semi-finals last year. Pablo Carreño Busta (No. 25 in the ATP ranking), who has four ATP singles titles and was in the top 10 after his performance at the 2017 US Open.  Alex de Minaur (No. 26 in the ATP ranking), who at just 21 has 3 singles titles, awarding him the appropriate title of “Speed Demon” on the court. Finally, there’s Pablo Andújar (No. 53 in the ATP ranking), born in Valencia and has four ATP singles titles. Last year, for he reached the fourth round of a grand slam at the US Open for the first time.

It will be a thrill to watch these seasoned and famous professionals face each other in our courts, and knowing it’s for a good cause makes it even better!

If you’re excited as we are to watch their matches, don’t forget to tune in to the broadcast and keep an eye out on our social networks to get more information as it happens.