Family plans in Benitachell

Family plans in Benitachell

When we talk about Benitachell, the best sunsets on the Costa Blanca quickly come to mind. From the most secluded coves to the large, well-known beaches that are visited every year by thousands of tourists. And the residents of Cumbre del Sol are lucky enough to enjoy it all year round. As well as its cuisine and wide variety of plans that can be as relaxing or as daring as you like.

But there is so much more. If you don’t know what to do over the coming weekends and you feel like spending time with your loved ones, using International Family Day as an excuse, we’ll tell you how you can make the most of your free time in the Benitachell area.

Viewpoints and nature

Benitachell is full of contrasts: hills and valleys, coast and inland, beaches and high cliffs… Nature has taken root all the way along the Costa Blanca, creating an environment worthy of admiration. We find all kinds of natural features such as the Falla del Moraig and the Vasenilla depression. And also, the cliffs of La Marina are a spectacular place to go on a trip with the family. Another good plan is to climb Puig Llorença, from where you can see as far as the island of Ibiza. Or descending down to the underground river of Moraig is also an attractive plan.

The municipality has several locations from where you can ponder beautiful scenery. The viewpoints are distributed throughout the town centre and along the coast. They thus offer film-like views with the Mediterranean as the protagonist at all times. Cantal de Gener, Mirador del Poble, del Portalet, dels Testos, Morro del Bou, Racó de l’Illot… There is a wide range on offer and you won’t be able to visit them all in one day. So, take it easy and enjoy each one of them in your own time.

Beaches: a classic

What could be better than a day at the beach with the family? In just two kilometres, you can enjoy amazing coves with crystal clear waters and underwater caves.

  • Cala dels Testos. One of the main attractions of this cove is its exclusivity due how difficult it is to access. You have to descend down a ravine with a rope or enter by boat (or other craft) along the coastline. This is activity is not suitable for young children, but it is undoubtedly a very special route for the more adventurous.
  • Cala de Llebeig. Llebeig cove is an unspoilt cove, with no tourist services, it still has a special charm. Some of its caves were used to store fishing gear in the past.
  • Cala del Moraig. Aguas de azul intenso, acantilados y cuevas marinas. ¿Te suena la Cova dels Arcs? Deep blue waters, cliffs and sea caves. Are you familiar with the Cova dels Arcs? You’ve probably seen it on many Instagram posts. Well, it’s in this cove and seeing it is an experience you have to live. And here’s a little secret: there is a beautiful route, known as the Cliffs Route (Ruta de los Acantilados), which connects Cala Moraig with Cala Llebeig.

For the little ones: Les Fonts Park

A different kind of playpark, in tune with the surrounding area. Here, children will not only find fun challenges but also “big” ones. The playpark includes different games that stimulate children’s motor development and balance. As well as being fun, they enrich them as people. The entire playground is almost made up of wood and rope. In addition, close to the playpark is a large grassy area, an ideal place for picnics and relaxation. A good place to keep an eye on the children, as you can see the whole park from there.

Leisure, sport… and literature!

How about something that combines leisure and sport? Benitachell is also known for its cycling routes which are suitable for all levels. From the Calistros-Abiar route that starts in the town centre or for the most demanding cyclists, the route along Puig Llorença.

Around Cumbre del Sol are several picnic areas where you can enjoy a family day out. You can find them in the Garsivá and Testos recreational areas.

The importance of having access to culture, education, and thought is also very important in Benitachell. In fact, one of its town missions is to make its library known as a cultural vehicle. You also need to have time to relax, and what better than to disconnect by reading a good book!

In this article, we’ve given you different plans to enjoy your next family weekend. Stay tuned for our next posts. Because, as you know, summer is coming and it will surely be full of special activities on the Costa Blanca North.

New Year’s Resolutions at Cumbre del Sol (V): Fun family time

New Year’s Resolutions at Cumbre del Sol (V): Fun family time

There are many resolutions we make, write down on paper on the 31 December and then stay there without nothing much done. Instead, there’s another type of resolution that won’t make you waste your ink, but you will have to invest time in.

Wanting to spend more time with loved ones is something that won’t fit on paper. However, spending more time with family should always be a resolution as it’s never enough! That’s why this 2022 will be your year to enjoy thousands of family plan near Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol. Here are the most interesting ones!

Family Amusement Parks

If you have young children at home, these plans are perfect and are guaranteed to make them very happy. There are many different theme parks scattered all over the Costa Blanca, but when it comes down to it, Benidorm is the king. Terra Natura is a park very focused on fauna and flora. It is a theme park and zoo where the little ones can see their favourite animals up close.

Near Benidorm, in Callosa d’en Sarrià, you have another chance to spend the day with family. DinoPark is an educational theme park with dozens of life-size robotic and static dinosaurs with sounds. It also has different play areas, a paleontological playground, a 3D cinema and a botanical cactus garden.

Visit charming towns with family

If we had to make a list of beautiful and picturesque villages near Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol, we would never finish this article! That’s why we have chosen two that we think are worth a family visit for a different kind of day out.

Guadalest is an hour’s drive away from Cumbre del Sol. Guadalest is a medieval village, and has been named one of the most beautiful towns in Spain. With 208 inhabitants, the Castell de Guadalest is its main attraction and gives a glimpse to that time period where the remnants of it can still be seen. Furthermore, It is surrounded by nature, as Guadalest is situated in the valley between Sierra de Xortà and Serrella, Sierra de Aitana and Sierra de Bernia.

A little closer to Cumbre del Sol, 50 minutes by car, is Callosa d’En Sarrià. This village is divided by two rivers: the Algar and the Guadalest, a perfect place for spending time with family! This town also has a lot of history: the archpriestly church of San Juan Bautista or the Castle Walls are proof of this.

Enjoy nature with family

Last but not least, family plans in the heart of nature have to be included, because Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol is surrounded by it! The Pego-Oliva Marshes are the perfect place to start these family-friendly routes. This natural park is one of the largest areas for biodiversity in the Mediterranean. It is formed by the water of the rivers Bullent-Vedat and Racons-Molinell, and the aquifers of Mostalla and Segària. A mixture that undoubtedly leaves you with incomparable views and a family day out that you will remember for the rest of the year.

Another close-by natural park to Cumbre del Sol is Serra Gelada. Located between the coast of Benidorm and the cost of Albir, it covers more than 5,600 hectares. Its cliffs are the perfect backdrop to see the Mediterranean from another point of view. Moreover, this family-friendly walk is not only a sport, but also fun!

As you can see, this resolution is easy to achieve. Because spending time with family is really a gift, and in a place like Cumbre del Sol, everything is there for it to happen.