A greener future at Cumbre del Sol

A greener future at Cumbre del Sol

Recycling is one of the best ways to help the environment, and something in which we can all do our bit.

In the Lirios area of the Cumbre del Sol Residential Resort, a new green point has been installed next to the shopping centre. The Councillor for Benitatxell has promoted this initiative, which will both encourage recycling and facilitate the process, and it will be exclusively for the use of residents of the Cumbre del Sol Residential Resort.

A green point is a collection point for different types of waste which is managed by the Council. It enables residents to deposit their household waste in specific containers. There is one for lightweight plastic packaging, cans, and cartons; one for paper and cardboard; one for glass; one for organic material; and one for garden waste. The council has opted to close the area. To access the containers, you must present a request proving that you live in the Cumbre del Sol Residential Resort. Once it is approved, you will be given a key for personal use with which to access the enclosed area.

On the packaging of the majority of the products we buy, there is a round, green symbol which indicates that the packaging can and should have a cycle of recovery and recycling. This allows the reuse of the materials used to make it. It appears on products such as water bottles, cans of soft drink, jars of cream, milk cartons, washing powder packaging…

Residents of Cumbre del Sol are fully aware of the importance of recycling and are putting a great deal of effort into separating waste. The council has installed a sign at the entrance of the green point which offers a detailed explanation on how to use the facilities and which materials go in each container.

Furthermore, the green point in Cumbre del Sol helps to improve the urban image of the municipality. Promoting these initiatives is a positive measure which creates savings and is beneficial for the neighbours, the environment, and the municipality.

VAPF Group and the students from The Lady Elizabeth School celebrate the first Day of the Tree at Cumbre del Sol

VAPF Group and the students from The Lady Elizabeth School celebrate the first Day of the Tree at Cumbre del Sol

Last Friday, on the 27th of April, we celebrated our first Day of the Tree with students from the international Lady Elizabeth School by carrying out a reforestation Project which saw the students plant 100 pine trees. The school children repopulated a green area near to Lirios Design in the Cumbre del Sol Residential Resort, which is considered an area of high environmental value.

Day of the Tree is a good opportunity to take part in educational activities so that both adults and children learn the importance of looking after the environment and the resources given to us by nature. With this initiative, VAPF Group has worked together with the pupils at the Lady Elizabeth School with the aim of creating a greener future for the town of Benitatxell.

Year 3 students from The Lady Elizabeth School were chosen to take part in this initiative, as it fit in perfectly with the topic they are working on at school: “saving the world”. Students, parents, teachers, members of VAPF Group, and the mayor of Benitatxell spent an exciting morning that helped the pupils to learn and also to enjoy the opportunity to help the environment and do their bit towards “saving the world”.

The mayor of Benitatxell, Josep Femenia, attended this pleasant outdoor event and gave a short speech to inspire the children: “When I was younger, someone very wise once told me that there were 3 important things in life: having a child, planting a tree, and writing a book; and today you are doing one of these things: sowing new life”.

Students from The Lady Elizabeth School at Cumbre del Sol

VAPF Group sponsored the event and provided two buses to pick the students up from their school and take them to where the trees would be planted, as well as giving them the gardening materials they needed. VAPF Group made the most of the occasion and offered each child a bag, a cap, and a surprise pack of seeds to plant and look after at home, to encourage their interest in nature from a young age.

Cumbre del Sol, where both the Lady Elizabeth School and the different residential areas built by VAPF Group are situated, is a unique natural enclave surrounded by green areas and the Mediterranean Sea. The area is home to protected green areas such as Granadella Natural Park, impressive cliffs and caves, and stunning beaches and coves, which are one of the main attractions in Cumbre del Sol, and a priority for VAPF Group. At VAPF Group one of our goals is to contribute to helping the environment by promoting different initiatives that protect the planet and reduce environmental problems.

The students at The Lady Elizabeth School know how important it is to look after nature around them, and it is not the first time that they have participated in activities related to the environment. Trips to the Montgó gardens, creating a garden by planting trees in the primary playground, and school trips to viewpoints and nearby locations are just some of the activities that help to educate the students.

Day of the Tree at Cumbre del Sol

VAPF Group is currently working on the construction of a new building for secondary pupils at The Lady Elizabeth School in Cumbre del Sol, so that pupils have the opportunity to broaden their studies. The work is progressing successfully, and the new classrooms will be equipped with the latest technology including four laboratories, three IT rooms, a kitchen for food science, and a space for art, dance, and theatre. The secondary pupils will be moving into the new building in September.

The pupils at The Lady Elizabeth School will be able to go back and visit the trees they have planted in the future, to see the progress they have made and appreciate their contribution to the environment.