Residential Resort Cumbre del Sol is a residential development located in an idyllic setting in the Marina Alta region, a region known for its gastronomy, its natural surroundings and its magnificent villages. So, to enjoy nature, there is nothing like a family outing in the area around your home. One of these must-do routes is the 8 villages route (Ruta dels 8 pobles). A curious name, isn’t it? Read on, and we’ll tell you everything you need to know.

This trail connects the 8 picturesque villages of the Vall de Gallinera, in the centre of the Marina Alta: Benirrama, Benialí, Benissivà, Benitaia, La Carroja, Llombai, Alpatró and Benissili. You can do this walk at any time of the year, but we recommend going in March when the cherry trees are in bloom and doing it in one or two trips. If you choose to walk the 15 km in a single day, you can return to the starting point by bus; another option we suggest before starting your route on foot is traveling to the end with two cars and leaving one parked, so that you can drive back once you have finished the walk. The bravest can go through the Serra Foradá on the way there and return through the 8 villages (more than 25 km). However, if you prefer to rest and do the route in 2 days, you can always stay in any of these picturesque villages. The most important one is Benialí, where the tourist office and the town hall of Vall de Gallinera are located.

As you may already know, this 15 km route passes through the valley, so you will find a rather flat and rocky terrain. For this reason, as for any other excursion, we can only recommend that you always wear appropriate footwear, protect yourself well, especially from the sun, and always carry a small backpack with water and a snack. The great advantage of this excursion is that you will find bars and restaurants in every village, as well as fountains and laundry rooms.

The charm of this route lies in the beauty of the valley and the history of its villages. It is an activity that brings you closer to nature and enriches you on a cultural level, as everything you come across takes you back in time. In fact, the Arab origin of these 8 villages is still present in their names. The whole family will be delighted with this adventurous experience.

If you have already done this route and are looking for more ideas, we remind you that this same valley is full of different trails, such as the Benissili castle trail. For more suggestions, don’t hesitate to visit our blog and follow us on Facebook and Instagram– go out and explore the world around you!

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