Living in Cumbre del Sol Residential Resort means living with nature all around you. As well as the incredible views of the Mediterranean Sea, there are also large green areas and numerous natural parks, one of which is Granadella Natural Park.

So, if you dream of living by the sea and enjoying the Mediterranean climate in a unique location all year long, Cumbre del Sol Residential Resort will be your paradise! To make the most of the beautiful spots which surround Cumbre del Sol, we recommend going on the area’s main hiking routes. The mild autumn temperatures are also idea for exploring, so put on your comfiest shoes…and get walking!

The most famous hiking route in the area is the well-known Ruta de los acantilados or the Cliffs Route. Benitatxell boasts a 2-kilometre coastline which is full of these spectacular geographical features, some of which are more than 100 metres above sea level. This route separates Cala del Moraig from Cala Llebeig, is 4 kilometres long, normally takes an hour, and is of low to medium level difficulty. It is part of the S.L V-50 and, thanks to its geographical location, it offers some unique views of the sea as well as typical vegetation in the area and old caves which were used by fishermen in the past. The starting point for this route is the car park above Cala del Moraig.

The Ruta dels Testos is significantly shorter, though no less interesting. Its duration is only 20 minutes, of linear distance, and the starting point is the same as for the Ruta de los acantilados: the car park above Cala del Moraig. This route is of high difficulty though and is not recommended for beginners, as one of the sections requires the use of ropes. It is completed by following the course of the Barranc de l’Infern in its final section towards to the sea. Throughout the route, it’s possible to reach an area with crystal-clear waters which is only accessible from here or by sea: Cala dels Testos. Just a few metres from the end of the route, in the most difficult section, it is also possible to access the Cova dels Testos, where there is an observation point offering wonderful views which definitely make this route worth it.

Another interesting trail for hiking, which begins halfway down to Cala del Moraig, is the Falla del Moraig route. This is a fairly short trail, with a linear length of only 276 metres, whose objective is to see the Falla del Moraig, or Moraig Fault, a monument of cultural interest which gives the route its name. One of the interesting things about this path is that it offers a unique view of Cala del Moraig as well as the opportunity to see interesting formations created by erosion and the passing of time. This route is of low to medium difficulty.

If you are looking for a hiking route which is completely different to those mentioned previously, you’re sure to enjoy the Abiar-Calistros route which, as well as being circular, begins and ends in the centre of El Poble Nou de Benitatxell, in Market street. This route is 7.5 kilometres long and of low difficulty. On the way, it takes us through the Plaza del la Iglesia as well as el Portalet, where there is an observation point with wonderful views, while on the section camí de la Torreta the landscape is filled with vineyards and in the following section there is an ancient system of natural wells which provided the area with water until the 1970s. As a result, it’s a great choice for those who want to explore Benitatxell and some of the identifying features of the region.

On all of the trails mentioned here we recommend taking plenty of water to last throughout the walk, as some of the routes don’t have fountains to help you stay hydrated. We would also recommend taking a camera to capture the wonderful sea views, and if you go on the route in summer, don’t forget your swimsuit so you can take a dip in the crystal-clear water in the coves.

As well as connecting with nature while enjoying the incredible landscapes, it is our responsibility to take care of it, leaving as little trace of our presence as possible and making sure not to leave rubbish behind us. Respect the environment and discover one of the most valuable areas of environmental and scenic interest in the community of Valencia.

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